DIY electric stove repair

Let's look at the Neva 1 Soviet electric stove. With a double helix heater, 1 kW - a classic example of solutions for summer cottages, bachelor apartments, household utility rooms. We do not think that all modern electric stoves are very different from those taken specifically. It's funny to look at a sample of antiquity: the device is about thirty years old. It works, although the power cord began to crack at the bend - old age, the inner conductors look rusty, in some places the cambric tears, exposing the wire. Repair of the electric stove itself was not needed during the period of operation.

Single-hob electric stove device Neva 1

The double helix is ​​bent by the cochlea, the bed is hanging in the air - not fixed. It looks as if a degree of freedom has been specifically left to simplify cleaning. The steel bowl is spiked to the table. Folding connection. The fixture becomes damaged - becomes one-time. The spiral is loosely wound on the wire - you can crawl under it, clean the bowl. In the beginning they said: the Neva-1 electric stove did not know the repair - perhaps a slight exaggeration was exerted. Maybe, at the beginning of operation, the self-taught master climbed inside: what happened is indicated by the presence of one screw with a cross head among the remaining slotted ones.

Spirals are combined with a steel grate, pots and pans are placed on top. Everything is joined by a three-pointed star of metal tape. The construction has an advantage: the first heater burns, the second one will continue to heat. A power of 1 kW is indicated immediately for both spirals: cooking will take a little longer.

Plate consists of a body, two side legs. The bottom of the steel sheet profiled on the edges is held by plastic sidewalls, equipped with protrusions in the lower part; an electric stove stands on top. The double leg is attached with two screws with natural spiral thread. Rate the convenience of the solution! The screw enters the steel slot of the inner frame, has a standard thread pitch. A self-taught master replaced fasteners with a cross - nothing has changed. Slot stochitsya from permanent assemblies, showdown - you should take a screw thicker, again, the design will work. Plus, the Soviet designers for thoughtfulness regarding the maintainability of the electric stove.

The legs with small teeth on the side of the bottom - the place of occurrence of the steel plate. If the docking turns out to be inaccurate, the electric stove continues to regularly help the owner. The essence of the Soviet industry: the laziness to customize the details - will still work.

The Neva 1 double leg electric stove rests on two screws. Turn off, remove the bottom - look inside the home appliance:

  1. The cord comes in a double block: flimsy in appearance, small. Surprised by the duration of the work. Four screws fix the wire - the worst way to install. The washers are not visible, the wire is threaded on each side inward, drawn in sliding contacts. If you do not tin the wire, the connection breaks easily. The power cord dangles to the side, not fixed - minus the design. There are no fuses.
  2. From the pads, two wires - ground, phase - go to the programmer. The temperature control knob sits on the shaft: equipped with 5 cam sections. When rotating, they close, open in the desired sequence 5 relay contacts. One is working on a light bulb, two are turning on the power supply to the heating element through one of the wires, one contact is neutral, one relay is hanging in the air. There are 4 modes on the handle, not counting the attendant( the light on the front panel is on - the heating elements are switched off).They thought how to get four temperature regimes on two or three heating elements - nothing was invented. The readers guessed: there are only three working temperatures in the Neva 1 electric stove( both heating elements, the first heating element, the second heating element).If there were three spirals - four modes will not cover the options. Designers provided for the presence of the trinity. Four modes would mean alternate, separate inclusion of each section, plus teamwork. One relay hangs in the air, you can use the contact at the discretion of the master. Look at this detail more closely. The cams on the shaft are made of durable, smooth plastic of solid width. We approve: the electric stove is maintainable. If the cam is wiped off, build up with the help of Titan glue or welding strips of plastic. Plus the Soviet designers.
  3. Minus: a non-standard light bulb. You can easily change the product to a copy of the set of lighting kitchen hoods. There are LED, halogen bulbs. The purpose of the element in the indication of the presence of power. Carrying out repair of the electric stove independently, exclude a detail at all.
  4. The attention is drawn to the spiral. Double, in the place of electrical contact is a box of heat-resistant ceramics( or plastic).Protects the terminals with screws - it looks solid. If the electric stove loses detail - do not worry. It was supposed that the soup could run away, get inside, past the dangling pad of the helix, a closure would occur. So it will happen: TENY from the ends are not insulated. Just pieces of tubular heaters, curved as needed - plus products. Buy on the market pieces of heating elements or ready-made elements, bend as necessary, dismantle the old elements from the block, put new ones. The design will give plus modern instruments. One end of the heating elements is double, the second is fed separately - it receives three wires. The device of the electric stove is thought out.

How to modify the electric stove Neva 1

The lack of the product in the absence of grounding.

We recommend when repairing an electric cooker yourself:

  • to buy in a store a typical cord of the desired length of three wires and forks with ground lobes;
  • drill a hole under the screw near the pad - we will use Soviet methods;
  • to tin the ground wire( it is located by a dial with a tester or by color);
  • solder the terminal to it;
  • screw this screw to the body;
  • connect according to modern standards to the euro outlet with a grounding lobe.

The device will be safer. Otherwise, if the soup runs - there is a chance to get an electric shock. The consequences are different. The electric stove repairman will confirm this: an appliance with electrical safety class 0 is not the best solution for a home.

Plus the construction of the Neva 1 electric cooker in simplicity. It is easy to understand what is broken: even a schoolboy will master the troubleshooting. Independent repair of electric stoves will perform each. Where to get the heater - said. Tubes roll on special machines. The powder is rammed denser as the future product passes through the increasingly narrow hole of the shaft. Go to the factory, ask for a cut of heating elements. The entrepreneur agrees to sell the product( direct, unbending) at a reasonable price. Do not forget to check the insulation, do in the wet. By placing all the heating elements with the exception of contacts in the water. Ohmmeter will show 20 million( Chinese tester - infinity, you will find a 500 V generator - a flag in hand).

The old Soviet "Neva 1" is reliable. What can break in a device consisting of a single insulated spiral? TEN checked - the chance of problems during long years of operation is zero. The Neva 1 electric stove is an example of old-designed technologies; the product was originally designed for the human factor. Not always good is difficult!

Induction models demonstrate greater efficiency - the next round of technological progress is easy to predict.

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