How to iron tulle from different types of fabric

Light, patterned, transparent or translucent tulle curtains are a real decoration of the windows of the house. Tulle is used to decorate the windows in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall, in those rooms where you want to give the interior affection and romanticism. In this article we will describe how to gently and properly pat the tulle, consider the types of ironing for tulle from different fabrics.

Tulle from synthetic

Products made of synthetic materials are by far the most common due to their lightness, originality and airiness. Synthetic tulle curtains after washing are subject to ironing only with an iron. It is not necessary to hang the product for straightening on the eaves. This will not lead to the desired result - unnatural fibers will smooth out only when exposed to temperature. Here are some tips on how to iron tulle from artificial fabrics.

  • A synthetic product should be ironed immediately after washing, when the fabric is still wet. Dry tulle is much harder to iron, and moistening with a spray can leave stains on delicate material.
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  • Start ironing from a small inconspicuous area on the product. If everything is in order and the mode came up, you can continue.
  • The optimal temperature for ironing is 120 degrees( 1-2 points).
  • Do not touch the fabric directly with the soleplate so as not to leave marks. Use the iron nozzle, or iron through a damp cotton cloth. Materials such as polyester, silk, can be ironed through plain white paper sheet.
  • Synthetic tulle products can be smoothed with an iron only on the reverse side. If ironed from the outside, the fibers may become yellow.

Cotton Tulle

A special approach is needed for tulle curtains made of organic cotton. Machine-washed cotton curtains must be pressed at minimum speed, otherwise ironing will cost a lot of work. In relation to this type of material, there are two optimal ways to smooth out crumpled tulle fabric:

Without ironing

The easiest way to straighten crumpled cotton tulle is to hang the curtains immediately after washing on the eaves. The fabric should be only slightly wrung out, wet. Be sure to lay something on the floor to absorb the moisture flowing from the curtains. It will take time to dry, but the material dried in this way is perfectly smoothed. Under the weight of its own weight, the fabric gradually straightens and looks like freshly ironed.

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Using the iron in the minimum temperature mode

If after washing the tulle cotton curtain was strongly wrung out and almost dried, then in this case you should iron the product with the iron. Set the heating mode to no more than 100 degrees( 1 point).Prepare a gauze napkin, moisten it. Smooth the cotton material from the wrong side through gauze. This is painstaking work, especially if you want to iron a large curtain, but only in this way can you smooth out this delicate fabric without damaging its structure.

Organza Tulle

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Organza tulle curtains are very fastidious and require immaculate and delicate ironing. Organza is a thin transparent fabric that is made by twisting fibers. It can be made of polyester, viscose, or silk. Consider several ways to iron your organza items.

Ironing with iron

It is rather difficult to iron organza curtains with iron. Organza - a material that is long smoothed. To make your efforts not in vain, when ironing with iron, observe the following requirements as much as possible:

  • fabric is absolutely dry;
  • iron sole smooth, without burnt particles, clean;
  • ironing only through tissue paper( or silk);
  • in horizontal position do not use steam mode - the product will be covered with small "waves".

Hanging on the eaves

Wet tulle after washing should be carefully hung on the eaves. Do not hang the curtain in half in the bathroom, or on the balcony - in order for the organza to be beautiful and even, you need to hang it exactly in height, without creating faults on the material. If the product has had time to dry before you hang it out - moisten the material with water over all surfaces using a spray gun. Straightening will take 1-2 days.


The ideal way to smooth organza tissue is to use a vertical steamer or steam generator. Hang the curtain on the eaves and go hot steam through the entire product from top to bottom. If you fail to steam the entire surface the first time, repeat the procedure twice. This is the most pleasant way to smooth the "capricious" fabric, without additional effort and hassle.

Tip: Finally, to make the organza easier to iron, rinse the product in salted water after washing. For 10 liters of water, 50 g of salt is required. After such a rinse, you will notice that it became easier and easier to iron the curtains of this delicate fabric, the material is smoothed faster, the iron does not “try” to stick.

We hope that in our article you have found answers to the question of how to iron the tulle correctly. Clean and perfectly ironed tulle will delight you with its beautiful view, and your efforts will be rewarded with a pleasant atmosphere in the home interior.

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