How to choose an iron with a steam generator

Iron with steam generator and iron board allows much faster. Steam, surpasses 200 grams per minute, permeates the fabric, folded layers. Experienced housewives say that the fold sheets in 8 times. Couple movements transforms the product into a crumpled ironed. We talk about how to choose an iron with a steam generator, to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Selection: steam or steamer

The steam generator is not designed for vertical ironing, although capable of such action. Utyuzhok at the device too bulky, weighing 2 kg or more. Compare the steam can not. Sole steam generator, complete the design, not very different from a simple iron, a container of water is moved to the stand. Remember massive connecting cord comprising insulated hose for steam and an electric wire feeding device.

The collection of leaves cumbersome steam generator is not designed for vertical ironing. Its purpose - to speed up work in tandem with the board. If you add up the clothes in advance as necessary, will be able to get the two movements the desired result. Otparivatel perfect ironing clothes weight, the device is equipped with a special counter, which hang clothes.

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The steam generator and iron

Thus, the steam generator, rather, is designed for bed linen, tablecloths, it is permissible to iron and fold. About steamer say just the opposite: to cope with curtains and a wardrobe, even the furniture will refresh soft, but the sheets and pillowcases will be in difficulty.

How are devices:

  • The steam generator consists of two parts, a fixed stand and ironing resembling typical iron connected with a thick cord. Power steam is regulated within wide limits setting dock soles temperature is selected on the movable part by means of a rotating knob or lever directly below the handle. Under the thumb of a standard is key for steam blow in option mode, the instrument will show their own strength. Modes steam somewhat, often present Eco, not suitable for thick tissue and the vapor pressure too low power consumption therein. To turn off the steam, there is a special button on the underside of the ironing knob. It is convenient - you take the device in hand, begins to produce steam. Thus, the steam generator - is slightly clothed iron with docking station, steam is generated and the flow through the hose to the soleplate.

Iron 2 in 1 with a steam generator

  • Steamer differs fundamentally. If desired, the permissible stroke sheets, but not too accurately. It looks device as an ordinary vacuum cleaner. In case there is a steam generator, through a thick insulated hose stream is fed into the brush bristles with or without (depending on the design). The device will not "compress" thing on the ironing board, it works only at a distance. Brush a light, despite the hose. Work in vertical ironing - pleasure. Housewives will appreciate the possibility of using hot steam anywhere in the apartment, remember that for cleaning purposes, including toilets, set up a special device - a steam cleaner. Shock device to cope with any dirt release and manual models. At present steamer rack for clothes, from professional models - in addition, foot control, do not have to bend down.

There is no notion - iron with built-in steam generator. Model simply called steam, it is difficult today to find appliances with no holes in the soles.

Features steam generators

Steam generator iron is a little different from the usual. In particular, the Tefal two varieties of soles:

  1. UltraGliss.
  2. Autoclean Catalys.

Iron steam

First made of cermet exhibits a respectable number of holes and slides easily, the second characterized - made from solid steel plated with palladium, making possible the function Auto Clear. Iron is not spoiled. Of course, the second option is more expensive due to the special design of its weight is not much different from the ceramics. The shape of the sole as a standard iron.

Pay attention to the docking station. Happens, the water tank is removed, it is convenient not to keep on hand a canister with water. It celebrated a special spout through which filling is carried out directly during the operation if necessary. Not all steam generators show water purification function of the scale. It is not so much about filters, how about a special rod for collection of hard salts: need to periodically wash. Without such a device would have to buy distilled water or to accept that sometimes things will start to appear dirty divorce.

When selecting emphasizes the power generating steam. Without the device is not as effective. Sole steam iron colder than usual. The main functions of ironing does a jet stream. Sole only remains the top pin. Of course, the temperature not lower than 100 ° C, or on the fabric will form streaks as a result of condensation of water vapor.

Sole of the steam generator in this respect is far from a conventional iron, which is heated to 200 ° C and above. It becomes possible ironing delicate fabrics. Today, however, this is not news: Tefal FreeMove wireless irons are characterized by high power steam generation, able to iron any fabric adapts flexibly to the type of material (Autosteam Control), on the settings may not worry.

Hostess, definitely worth a buy a good iron to the steam generator due to ease of use. After ironing special snap closure device secured to a docking station and easily retracted into the cabinet. Not permissible pre-cooling. danger factor is simply removed from sight. Buy Tefal steam generator iron is not cheap, but the choice of models of firm shocks. Tefal conceals, whether steam generators are able to adapt to the material things, but five settings for different types of fabrics available, all ironed.

The only negative we call lack of quality networking instructions on the product. How to use the iron and the steam generator without basic documentation? Mentioned functions Autosteam Control wireless irons FreeMove. But on the official website of the company the possibility of its own instrument not described! We would like to say that the choice of the iron to the steam generator is easier to do, read the instructions. The document sets out the full specifications of the product, and it is better if all the information is available at the official website. Third-party sites often make clever trick:

  • Instruction takes place rewrite. Taken and rewritten the parent page.

The action of the steam generator

Recently I had a chance to look at the instruction with a similar resource on OLED TV cost a quarter of a million rubles. It is a description of the stand fee. Well written, but the catch is that the stand is at the model purchased non-removable, there are built of sheet-type column, the device firmly glued. Can you imagine the surprise of people who spent 250,000 rubles, guided by such instruction?

Perhaps Tefal produces the best iron to the steam generator, but I want to see a detailed description, not to get an unexpected purchase or buy a device with a limited number of functions. The equipment costs about 18,000 rubles, which is more expensive than iron with a steam generator Taurus.

The choice of the steam generator

If you compare prices, cordless irons Tefal have a good power generating steam, are cheaper, but heavier. Plus constantly have to refill the water tank. Of course, the hot sole, but for 6000 rubles is possible to purchase the device, able self-adjust to the type of fabric, and in the steam generators of the firm such a possibility we do not see.

Individuals criticized wireless irons for being unable to deliver on the ironing board vertically, but on the dock hoisting devices, without looking. Recommended steam generators to people with a bunch of stuff for ironing, otherwise the wireless irons look a lot more interesting.

Do not look for irons with built-in steam generator. Instead dial into a search engine just "steam iron"!

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