Iron Tefal without cord

Consider the cordless iron. Within a minimum of electronics, spiral, and the water tank. Outsole completes the design and not too different from what is seen in typical irons. In the presence of very low weight, so that the iron is easier - the hand is not so tired. The capacity of a quarter liter add 250 grams, when the iron is filled, there is a function of the steam blow. Iron Tefal cordless manoeuvrable and ergonomic, housewives complain only on a horizontal support.

The operating principle of the cordless iron

Say a few words, how the cordless iron. It is believed that all the devices are able to generate a stream of hot, instantly straightens any creases. All models are fitted seen Steam boost capacity of about 170 grams per minute. iron body is not much different from the normal models, but the design provides a long heat retention. The above is particularly true of the sole.

Unfortunately, the authors failed to find out how to get a cordless iron steam. Judging by the fact that a container of water to freely removed from the model Panasonic NI - WL600, may judge that the action takes place in the area of ​​the sole. Possibly, the water gets there already preheated decent temperature and under the action of heat is converted into steam.

Iron and Base

Any cordless iron implements the principle of intelligent electronics. The device is charged from the dock and is heated there. Then allowed to remove the iron for a certain time, pat thing. Then need to return the unit back to the dock, where the charging is done. This is the principle of work. To sustain the exact cycles in operation run by timers (judging by the description), but it certainly can not be said.

For powering the electronic controls is a small built-in battery. Without it, the lamp does not light up. It remains a secret that will trigger all the switches, but the mechanism works like a clock.

A container of water often finds additional protection from scale (for example, a special rod). It is allowed to fill from the tap, but it is desirable to filter the liquid. Hardly the best tools to deal with scum save things from elementary rust.

Separately possible to adjust the temperature of the soleplate and the steam power (however, it is permissible to turn off). As a rule, it is worth two buttons. First for steam pin, a second for the standard mode. Periodically wetting function provides laundry area located straight ahead.

Tefal thinks of us

For authors it remains a mystery why the Russian market is dominated by a cordless iron Tefal Freemove (freedom movements), because the West has long been successfully used by other models, not only European or US. Brothers in mind from the East to work hard on their own offspring, each cordless iron carries a couple of surprises to surprise the host.

Iron without the cord

Tefal today is ready to present two models:

  • FV 9920;
  • FV 9915.

The principle of operation remains a mystery, go directly to the performance. Both models operate on a cycle developed by the specialists. In the course of practical studies have shown that the average time of ironing is 9 seconds (maximum 23 seconds) at intervals 4 - 23 seconds. For a basis of iron works taken minimum pause in ironing. While the mistress straightens his shirt, a cordless iron is again ready for battle.

This regime is designed to not annoy the user needs continuous iron charge. Housewives in chat rooms and forums complaining about the mentioned features. Just aim and was going to iron thing, as the red light starts to blink, showing that the heat is already on the wane. Iron is allowed, but a positive result by the manufacturer is no longer guaranteed.

Convenient cordless iron

As we are assured in the Tefal, iron without wire is able to work without topping up for 25 seconds. Thus solving the problem of ironing cycles. 4 sec Rest - 25 seconds work.

To make it clear when to start ironing, a cordless iron is provided with three light bulbs:

  1. The first green color indicates a steady burning, that it is already possible. If there is flashing, it is worth a little wait. This charging process. As is clear from the above, it lasts 4 seconds between ironing. The initial phase after the first turn last longer.
  2. The red light illuminates when stroked, to announce that the time has expired, it is necessary to return the cordless iron on the dock. This phenomenon occurs in 25 seconds after the removal. Unfortunately, Tefal experts did not report how the iron understands that it's time to recharge the device, whether the occurrence of an event depends on the ambient temperature. can not tell, it always maintained promised by 25 seconds.
  3. The third indicator is in the center, and signals that will soon come automatically turn off wireless iron. This occurs when the dock for 8 minutes does not fix the user's activity.

Application Tefal iron

Both models are equipped with different types of soles:

  1. In 9920 FV self-cleaning outsole coated with palladium.
  2. In 9915 FV easily sliding enamelled Ultra Gliss with an air bag.

Probably better than the first, because the more expensive model. The difference between components, in addition to the sole, is to power the steam blow - 170 vs. 150 grams per minute. Both iron show a self-cleaning function, which consists in a sharp drain through the holes of the sole water-flooded. We suggest to use the operating instructions for resolving the issue of the need to add vinegar to remove scale formed.

Special attention should be convenient docking station. Special magnet cordless iron, resulting in the device exactly matches the contacts. Heat-resistant sliding balls easily withstand the heat of the sole and not slow movements. Everything is done for quick ironing, to a cordless iron allowed to join, without looking at the dock.

The equipment is intended for skilled housewives. The official website does not indicate how much a cordless iron Tefal, the authors found in the spaces of the Internet - from 5000 to 6000 rubles.

Ideas for life

Panasonic is renowned for having ceased production of plasma TVs, plus, in addition, produces the best solutions for life in September 2013. Wireless Iron NI - WL600 affects your soles. It is symmetrical. company officials say that it is permitted to slide in both directions, no matter. Recall that Tefal Ultra Gliss technology tail of soles slightly rounded to reduce resistance to movement in the opposite direction. As you can see, the Japanese went ahead and finally leveled the difference.

Unlike Tefal docking station where a cordless iron is placed horizontally in said plant model assumes 45 degrees, which greatly simplifies docking. To outsole easily slipped inside are several wheels. Glimpse the idea that the unit is easy to put on backwards. The sole is symmetrical and the handle of this form, you need to first look, then wield. Offer guided on the buttons located at the front.

Cord described cordless iron is wound into a docking station, but to make use of more convenient, there is a special transparent cover. It covers an iron and a docking station. Then a set of easy to carry. This makes it convenient relocation process and is considered an unquestionable advantage.

Radically different cycle of the Japanese Iron. Resting on the dock it 8 seconds, hold the heat for half a minute. In the cycle shown thoroughness engineers from Japan.

Conveniently, the iron can be filled from the tap, plus additional capacity to shoot clear plastic to go to the water. When ironing it is not heated. On the official Russian website about studiously silent wonder. But in the online shop is easy to buy. Slightly cheaper than the model from Tefal - 4400 rubles.

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