How to choose a good iron

Today, the country is the assertion that the steam iron is provided with necessary minimum of 50 holes. After a short time ago between the companies producing really were a real war for the number, but it soon became clear that the important and other indicators. In Bork I601 very little holes and the price of 8990 rubles! How to choose a good irons - to assume the desired properties. For example, the steam supply. Then choose from the available variety. There are three classes of devices: steam irons, steam generators, and steamers. Each shows, except for the price, its own destiny. Do not think that, having given 20,000 rubles for the steam generator Philips GC 9040, acquiring the device, able to do everything.

Steam iron Bork I601 to record small number of holes

Let's talk about the beginning of the article mentioned in the expensive model. Today, the steam generator will buy half the price, and then holes in the soles of 7 Magnesium. Bork about their products very different opinions. The sole of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, durable, lightweight and well conducts heat. At the cheaper models is very different. Soles counted holes 7 from each trough extends along a smooth sole to which steam reaches any point. All holes centered on the spout, which is extremely important to have steam (Steam Tip).

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Iron Housing

The vapor begins to form only at the touch of the pen. This ensures intelligent control of the internal steam generator. The option is called Touch Intelligent. Touch control system creates an eye-catching design - in the absence of protruding angles. Protection from scale present in a polymer filter, iron suitable for ironing wool. Doing work pairs, and sole temperature is relatively low. The company has earned a special certificate confirming the quality of the above - Woolmark Institute.

The steam generator, part of the housing, thus saving energy and provide steam of low temperature. Passing through the hose, spray begins to produce condensate. This allows couples definitely lower temperature. Bork positioned internal steam as a virtue, the authors tend to think it is a controversial statement. Especially when it comes to ironing vertical steam iron. Container with water adds weight. The man did not notice the difference, but fragile girls think twice whether cost involved.

reliable iron

The lack of hard thick hose as a typical steam generator, a positive quality, but wearing the device becomes difficult. Said iron goes bad for vertical ironing. Plus pattern - there is no need to buy distilled water, the polymeric pass filter during the lifetime, but the weight would be restricted, although slight sole of magnesium and aluminum. The ability to quickly turn off the steam iron, if you press the steam button and hold for 3 seconds. Automatic shut-off of the steam iron occurs after three minutes of complete inactivity. The reverse inclusion is made simple by taking the handle.

It remains unclear how, without looking, to run steam, if the handle is completely smooth. touch control! It turns out that the instrument need to get used to at first. But is there a lock mode. If you accidentally get a hold of his hand in a reserved place, terrible will happen. The lock is activated by holding for three seconds the temperature setting buttons. On the mode screen, indicated by a red key. Steam as such, no. Just three modes:

  1. Without steam.
  2. Moderate steam.
  3. Maximum steam supply.

stylish iron

The inlet opening for water tank convenient closed a door, the power of the steam iron is 2400 watts. Noting that the stock is about to end for easy flashing icon on the screen. In addition, vibration disappear integrated pump of the steam iron. It's hard not to notice. There are four programs that are not inscribed on the case. First for delicate fabrics, then on the rise. Automatic detection of material things there. It is a pity that for a steam iron operating manual does not contain information about the time of provisioning.

Compared with the product Bork I601 wireless FreeMove from Tefal looks like a cheap iron. The undoubted advantage is the fact of Bork: Company puts all of the instructions. Tefal so does probably busy... thinking of us!

Steam generator - also iron

Elevated stage of evolution believe steam generators. When the device proper boiler placed in a separate housing dock, iron connected thereto through a thick hose extends inside the additional electrical wire heating sole.

Decent iron with vertical steam will never replace a steam generator, the more special steamer.

The steam generator is different from an ordinary iron lightweight utjuzhkom. In the device is offline boiler, a container of water, and part of the mechanisms is moved to a docking station. There will be on sale for 4000 rubles model. Consider an analog competitor advised above cordless iron Tefal. Philips steam generators are able to determine the type of tissue, the option is called OptimalTemp. About adjustment may forget to iron after jeans silk nightgown. Bad will happen.

We called steam generators that are sometimes called steam stations. In fact voiced established terminology. Irons with built-in steam generators simply called steam. Terms Get short and succinct. Under steam stations now understood the whole complex, which additionally includes ironing board. Do not believe me - look at the Philips website!

Iron unusual

Our today's hero steam PerfectCareExpert GC9241 / 07 with OptimalTemp technology. The optimum temperature is set intelligent electronics automatically. Stem from scale reflects the state of a special display docking station. That will signal when it is time to clean the element. Of course, charging the water from the tap, which allows to save much. Water Level Indicator - a transparent insert on the tank, like a kettle. Easy to follow, whether stocks came to an end.

If we compare the described steam iron, a noticeable difference. Iron longer suitable for bedding and clothing, bed easily on the ironing board. Curtains iron namuchalas. Everywhere will have to carry the dock. About upholstered furniture is better to keep silent.

Steamers for ironing and upholstered furniture

Told how to choose the right iron. Now on to the assistants in ironed upholstered furniture. To create a device, easily able to iron curtains and clothes in the air, to clean up the furniture. This steamer. Like a vacuum cleaner, but it does not suck, but rather emits a jet of hot steam. At the same time kills germs are destroyed mites, allergens are deactivated. Grease stains simply dissolve.

Before cleaning require little vacuum sofas, then it will work steamer. The brush is comfortable and easy, often comes bundled telescopic tube, through which the curtains possible stroke, without lifting the feet off the floor. Clothing sweep steam, suspended on a rack mounted to the body. It is not too expensive, how to buy a decent iron. For the same 8990 rubles will be able to take, for example, Rowenta MASTER VALET IS6300D1, monster dirt, germs and folds. Just look at the powerful stance to understand it. By the way, cleaning the house, do not necessarily carry it behind him. Rack may fold or detach, so as not to interfere with the body roll.

Whether readers are given now ask, what good iron to buy, or have already bowed to the steam generator or stripper ?!

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