How to connect LED strip

Re LEDs operate from 220 V. Development in this direction is underway, but on the counter we see something similar to http: // samsung-ac-220v-led-c-220.html. It looks cool, it says that the power supply is 220 V, in fact, there are two chains inside each row in each branch of the included LEDs. Each channel operates on its own half-wave of supply voltage. The amplitude is divided into the mass of elementary units, according to the number of branch LEDs. Products on 12 V are familiar, it turns out, 10 pieces are required. Work branches will alternately. Let's see how to connect the LED strip.

LEDs as lighting devices


Semiconductor devices provide truly extensive characteristics. It is enough to connect the LED strip to the battery to get the backlight. We will recommend the same to motorists. Shops are flooded with LED lights. The peculiarity of the instruments is that the result of work is measured not by power, but by the flow of light, measured in lm. The efficiency of LEDs is still relatively small, but due to the narrow spectrum it is possible to achieve excellent performance. To obscure the negative points and emphasize the positive, use this method of evaluation. As a result, the parameters are given:

  1. LED efficiency is measured in lm / W.Indicates how much light is generated per unit of power consumed. Often the parameter is silenced, it is permissible to calculate from the other two given in the instructions.
  2. Total luminosity is expressed in lumens. Do LEDs in comparison with incandescent bulbs a big advantage. With equal power consumption, the flow is 6-7 times higher. It becomes possible to save when replacing incandescent bulbs with equivalent lumens LED.
  3. The color temperature conveys shade. The higher the setting, the colder the light. Within the limits of up to 3000 K, warm tones are located, contributing to the pacification and calm state of mind.

In the case of a 220 V photodiode, a similar picture( see the transition by reference).A flow of 350-450 lm is given, a power consumption of 4.5 W and a color temperature of 5000 K. This is a cold shade, and the device is characterized by excellent efficiency due to the lack of need for a power source. For comparison, similar bulbs from the store consume 6-6.5 watts. The benefit is obvious. But the decorative qualities of the LED set suffer.

Connecting 220 V LEDs

Connection Principle

We learn to handle and analyze semiconductor devices.

In the case of the example diode array, the elements are recruited sequentially. Each branch works only during its own half-period of the wave, included by positive or negative voltage. Due to this, managed to get rid of the power source. People will exclaim: how to change the power of the glow? It is not difficult. In a food processor( as well as a coffee grinder and a juicer, a washing machine) there is a thyristor voltage cutoff circuit. If desired, it is permissible to remove it from the old device or solder it according to a sample in order to get a chance to change the effective value, determining directly the dependence of luminosity.

Then pick up two strings of 10-15 LEDs in series and turn them off, as shown in the figure. The scheme is quite working. The diode serves to limit the current and determine the actual power of the system. In the forward direction, a voltage drops to 0.5 V.More precisely, it will be necessary to select empirically, depending on the operating voltages and currents of the LED.During the breakdown of a protective resistor will not allow the chain to burn.

And now look! The controller on the LED tape costs 2000 - 15000 thousand rubles. Depending on the configuration. With consoles is relatively cheap, and interacting via Wi-Fi has a great price tag. We believe that in the latter case, the driver will be able to provide more flexible options for controlling the LED strip. For example, to make the backlight work synchronously played music. Not the fact that the software of the device will allow to make, but the concept is quite realizable.

Connection sequence

Any controller uses radio waves or electromagnetic radiation from another band to communicate. For example, from the infrared spectrum. In the latter case, the control is possible only in a straight line, which is not always convenient. But the main thing is the price! For the chance to manage the tape, bought for half a thousand, you will need to pay 10-20 times more expensive. People are concerned not so much with the connection of the LED strip, as with the desire to do it rationally. Radio elements from the voltage control circuit cost a penny, the main merit in the functionality rests on microcontrollers. Drawing up a program for a crystal does not take a lot of time, but the price increases. This is a business in the scale of the enterprise and the whole country.

Connecting to 220V allows you to exclude from the circuit a number of unnecessary devices, raising efficiency. Note, LED tapes for the house use parallel connection, direct power supply is used in series. Then 220 V is evenly divided into attached elements. If necessary, the current may additionally be straightened in each branch by power diodes. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to ensure uniformity on one's own, the branches will start working alternately. To avoid blinking, the LEDs should be located nearby for mutual compensation.

If you remember, in the subject of light bulbs for lighting they said, the “butterfly effect” is worse. Permanent flicker adversely affects the general state of health, performance and health. The nervous system suffers predominantly. Smoother ripple is much more beneficial. It is allowed to use passive chains, for example, put a capacitor at the input and close it to the ground. For the conceived, it is permissible to remove the filter from the washing machine or to buy separately. The current consumption is clearly not exceeded, the system element is permissible to use for its intended purpose( as part of a washing machine).Any chain will do.

The composition of the LED ribbon control system

The scheme may seem difficult to people ignorant. The store offers:

Control system from a computer

  • A 12 V power supply unit that supplies power to a ribbon or controller.
  • Connectors allow you to put all the pieces together.
  • Controller is required to connect the LED RGB tape. Need to flexibly regulate current. The efficiency of LEDs in different colors is different. In the English-language domain Wikipedia presents the necessary data. It turns out that the efficiency of blue LEDs is 2.5 times lower than green ones. The red is 72 lm / W.These are the highest numbers in the category, the reality is different. In the review of the LED bulbs showed that the numbers are not taken from the ceiling. Of interest is the fact that you need to compensate for the difference to get the desired color. In the RGB system, each shade is obtained from the addition of three basic. Any one is characterized by its own intensity, depending on the input voltage. Each branch of the present RGB controller is controlled independently, but under common control. This data is useful for those who want to get, for example, orange color. A person supplies voltage in proportion to the intensity calculated on the RGB base calculator and does not understand why the result is different. Mite contributes efficiency, consider. In accordance with this, four wires depart from the RGB LED ribbon controller: green, blue, red and black. Three become voltage phases for bases, the latter serves as a schematic ground.
  • The controller control panel allows you to set the brightness. For RGB LED strip, color is also adjustable. Allowed to put white.
  • If the chain is long, you will need an amplifier. Only in the ideal case in a physics lesson with parallel switching of the LEDs in the tape is the voltage constant. In life, if the current consumption increases greatly, the power will collapse. An uneven glow appears in different parts of the tape, the color scheme is broken. For this reason, the power supply must be strengthened.

Wi-Fi controller differs intelligence. It is allowed to connect the LED strip to the computer and get ample opportunities. If the driver allows, create a light music, control your voice or on a schedule with your own illumination. The device is digital with its consequences. If we take the technical characteristics, the transmission power should not exceed the statutory. This phrase is for those who want to use the access point of computer networks in the process.

Not wanting to pay a high price, go to the nearest workshop and get the power supply from a personal computer. There are several yellow wires inside; these are +12 V. The grounding is marked with black insulation. Given that the consumption per meter of LED strip is 12-15 W, the power supply from a personal computer will cope with a whole mountain of similar good. If there are several colors, you will need to find a powerful controller, this is not always possible, or the cost will be prohibitive.

It's time to tell on the fingers how to determine the maximum length of the LED strip in a particular case. On the power supply unit is set the output current( next to the voltage + 12V).LED tape is sold in meters with specific consumption in watts. We use a typical formula from physics: P = UI, where U = 12 V. We take the current from the case of the power supply, and add the power by meters according to the price of the LED strips. As a result, inequality arises. The power is always less than the product of the current by 12.

In the presence of an amplifier, the output parameters are taken. Moreover, 12 watts per meter means that each branch consumes on average 4 watts( red, green, blue).Accordingly, the power of the amplifier is given either in sum or differentially. Similarly, let's say about the RGB adapter, through which the LED strip is connected to the power supply. Collecting a set of their own, you will need to navigate in such things.

If you are not sure that you will be able to connect the 220 V LED strip correctly, dial the ready-made blocks.

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