Repair and replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment and a house

Repair and replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment house and will require the finish to crack and rough finish. We'll have to cut Stroebe and identify cables bedding in advance. Even if the channels are molded together with a stove. The second option - to use the cable channels. Consider how to perform quality repairs hidden wiring.

Home wiring

Home wiring

How to run the wiring

Initially, it seems unclear as to lay the wiring. The hidden and open wiring laid so as to be easily changed. But in practice, this condition is often not fulfilled. In particular, nothing prevents the electric wire in the monolith cast with concrete. In many cases, the gate of the installation is embedded mortars. To replace the cable will have to be guided by the advice of an electrician:

  1. The first option is to Stroebe walls around the track. Perhaps at this point the solution was inferior to the surrounding wall strength. Need to re-do some of the roughing and finishing the lion's share, but instead of a bad track can put good. For major repairs of wiring buy corrugation. If the wall is concrete, suitable plastic corrugation. His fullness of the cross-section shall be 35%. You need to select the specific conditions. If a durable solution, you have to use the wall chaser to create the desired shape of the groove.
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  2. The second option is the laying of cable channels. They can be interpreted as a box with a removable lid. In this case, the percentage of occupied space increased to 40. The channel must lie so that the inside does not accumulate moisture. These conditions are for the flute, because is difficult to imagine a situation in which water can get inside the wall. Is that flooded neighbors. Note that according to the rules on the combustible material is not allowed to put plastic cable channels. In the case of wooden walls will have to come up with another option.

Fire safety requirements for wiring,

You have already understood that the replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment requires a knowledge of the rules. Combustible material must coexist with fireproof. conditions of the room must be taken into account. We read about it in the beginning of the PES 6, which in the form of tables and text provide information. For readers to make a brief sample of how the wiring is carried out.

burns base

laying option on combustible bases (for example, a wooden wall) provides scenarios:

  • Open wiring:
  1. Rollerblading or similar kinds of insulators. A distance of at least 10 millimeters, otherwise envisage the presence of a fireproof lining. And if you hang on the wall paper wallpaper, on a concrete base act with great caution. After combustion can spread over a larger area. And when working on a wooden wall and does need to be especially careful. As the fireproof lining plaster is allowed to use, for example, lime-cement or a similar. Suitable and metal siding, for example, aluminum. In the latter case, the liner is connected to zaschitnomuzanuleniyu having access to mains earth (underground).
    open wiring

    open wiring

  2. Directly on the wall is permitted to replace old wiring open way. The cable insulation must be fireproof. For example, VVGng. Electric wire with the prefix "ng" - a non-combustible. Such permissible to lay on a wooden wall without any additional protection.
  3. Tubes and boxes from incombustible materials can be, for example, steel. The housing is grounded on a mandatory basis through the local vanishing system. In wet areas to apply a similar solution can not be, it is forbidden. Let Table 2.1.2 SEP 6, which in this case will take. It follows that the plastic cable channels in the huts is prohibited to use, by definition. The only option - plastered walls, or cover them with non-combustible material.
  • Hidden wiring:
  1. Any type of cable is laid directly on the wall with fence condition from combustible structures using pads and plasters of all kinds. Fire resistance in hours look separately at different occasions. A good example of an insulating layer of modern materials will Penofol. Foil is necessary to put it to the side electrical wires. Simultaneously, heat insulation, which can improve or impair the cooling conditions of the wiring depending on the conditions. More better to use steel sheet or nonflammable polymer coating. Suit and plaster. Often, a complete replacement of electrical wiring hidden in the arrangement provides Stroebe. As a result, the ideal option would be to use aluminum corrugation. And on top is acceptable to cover plaster (a mixture of other construction). Simultaneously, provided the requirements for electrical shielding by grounding the metal part. This largely improve the situation in the house.
    Posting a gated

    Posting a gated

  2. Is permissible to put the cable into the wall itself, if it is fireproof jacket. It is clear that in the future will be the replacement of complicated. The exception to this rule is considered laying of cables under the lining. For example, PVC or siding panel. In the latter case, the track must be laid to the account of requirements. Electrical wires, tend to go across the sheathing through the holes. It is not recommended to put them at an angle, and along the nail on the crate.
  3. Acceptable to use plastic and ribbed, including nonflammable. To protect the surrounding wall lining. It must be of non-combustible materials. Such an option is quite difficult to implement. And if the construction is required to pass the selection committee, the various options should be required to justify.

fireproof wall

Options for laying wiring in the walls of non-flammable materials:

  • Outdoor wiring. Any type of the electric wire is allowed to lay in the shell or without means available.
  • Hidden wiring:
  1. Directly permissible to put the wiring inside. But lost can be replaced. The exception to the rule becomes the installation under the lining. Siding choose fireproof, but it is problematic. Definitely not suitable lining, PVC. With a stretch apply drywall. Check it for flammability. Plasterboard according to GOST 30244 refers to the group G1. That is not self-extinguishing. It remains erect crate made of aluminum and is allowed to put any type of electric wire, a suitable data power conditions.
    Secure the wiring in the fireproof wall

    Secure the wiring in the fireproof wall

  2. Any type of boxes or corrugated allowed to plug in a fireproof wall, for example, of concrete. During the construction of prefabricated homes often pour plates with channels. Wiring is laid immediately or later placed inside with the help of pulling. The same thing can do, and after construction. We add that the corrugation is often used on winding distances. In other cases, HDPE pipe looks attractive for a simple reason - amazing smoothness of the inner surface. In this case, do not broach stuck. The complexity arises only at the corners. HDPE pipe bend will have been established adapter too small radius. That in the future more difficult to work by drawing.

Bending tube easier with a special tool. Depending on the design, faster or slower, it will help to achieve the desired. Devices called benders. There are mechanical and electrical. Many designs of large loads fail. As a result of the process difficult. Artisans, e.g., plastic pipe bend arms. This is especially true half-inch. In this case, you need to think about the existence of the requirements for filling baskets, existing in PUE.

We can not exactly say whether it is transferred to the pipe, but there is reason to believe that the cross-sectional area should not be filled to more than 35%. Sanitary half inch pipe may be too thin. Masters recommend to use template. Can make it out of wood, provide the contour of metal rods, and then used as a formulation. Well, for bending pipes, hands do not need to make sharp corners: the product will break, and the broaching work will be difficult.

to repair requirements

But the repair wiring in pipes becomes a simple matter. You just need to pull the old cable and put a new one. If you happen to short-circuit on the line, then after the electric wire insulation melts pipe. And the balance will be different. Perhaps pipe burned through, and at this point would be problematic to conduct broach. We recommend observing the requirements of some of them:

  1. Electrical connection of cables must be available for repairs. This is not a whim of officials. Just place the electrical connection of cables is that heats when current flows. Just put these in the nodes in the distribution boxes. In such a case, and a nuisance notice in time, and the replacement of difficulties does not represent. Particularly if used in place of a simple junction box podrozetnik for 5 rubles. Please note that it is not at all allowed for high-power devices electrical connections of cables: cable extends to the shield, where the first part of the tire is put to zero (if such exists), and the second (phase) - on the machine (RCD).
  2. Take wire, known withstand a greater load than can occur. This means that the heat does not reach the extent when it begins to melt the insulation. To ensure the exceeding of the nominal current, it is recommended for the same reasons and put the RCD. On the body are often specified nominal parameters. This means that the machine will run at a similar current for a long time. Disabling occurs in a couple of hours, if the denomination exceeded 15 percent, and at-half hour value. These facts need to be clearly understood when the circuit breaker is selected.
  3. Putting better copper wiring, since the conductivity veins above. This means that the total cross-section is smaller in one tube fits more.

We hope that the cycle of reviews will help repair the installation wiring in the apartment. Do not forget to properly dilute phase: it enters the switch, not the cartridge, there is traditionally on the left wall socket.

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