Secrets of the choice of glass-ceramic hob

Glass ceramics is one of the most popular materials in modern household appliances, today it is widely used in the production of kitchen appliances. We will talk about what kind of glass-ceramic cooktops are, list their main functions and give tips on how to choose the best option for your kitchen.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the glass ceramic hob
  • Varieties ceramic hob
  • Useful functions
  • care ceramic hob
  • Prices for glass-ceramic cooktops

Advantages and disadvantages of the glass ceramic hob

Before choosing a ceramic hob, check with its advantages andminuses.


  1. Low inertia. The surface heats up quickly and slowly cools, this property allows you to significantly save electricity( for electric stoves).
  2. Spectacular appearance. Ceramic plates look stylish, modern and easily fit into the kitchen interior of different styles.
  3. Low thermal conductivity. Ceramics heats up, not horizontally, but vertically, which better protects against the possibility of burns on the edge of the slab.
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  5. Fast cooking. Energy is consumed only for heating dishes, and not the entire area.
  6. High strength. Ceramics can withstand perceptible loads, commensurate with falling pans weighing 2 kilograms from half a meter height. However, do not load the stove with dishes with a total weight of more than 15 kg over the entire surface or 5 kg per burner.


  1. Glass-ceramic hob is vulnerable to pinpoints. For example, the fall of a metal blade or knife can cause chipping and cracking.
  2. A smooth glass-ceramic coating does not trap spilled liquid, it spreads both on the slab and on the countertop into which it is embedded. To remove this flaw, it is better to enclose the panel in a frame.
  3. For a glass-ceramic stove, you need to take special dishes with a completely flat bottom. Aluminum or copper dishes can leave marks and scratches. Best suited stainless steel with a thick bottom. Before you put a pan or a frying pan on the stove, you must make sure that there are no embossed chips or soot on its bottom, any irregularities reduce the heating efficiency, and can also damage the ceramics.
  4. Ceramics is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so you can’t put cold dishes on a hot burner, as this can lead to material damage over time. For the same reason, it is dangerous to spill cold liquid on a hot burner.
  5. The high cost of buying and repairing compared to traditional electric and gas hobs.

Varieties of the glass-ceramic hob

Glass-ceramic hobs are divided into dependent and independent. The addicts are combined with the oven - this is a classic version of cookers. Many people prefer to take independent panels: they significantly save space in the kitchen and allow you to choose an oven cabinet and built-in surfaces from different manufacturers, but this option will cost more.

The choice of a gas or electric cooktop will depend on the availability of gas in the house. Gas is divided into "gas on glass", where the burners are located above the cooking surface, and "gas under glass" - the burners are closed with a working surface. The second option is better to take, he wins both in safety and in appearance. The gas ceramic hob combines all the usual qualities of a gas stove and modern features, stylish design and practical care. Among the electrical types, the following types can be distinguished:

  • standard - with electric coil,
  • hi-light - with tape heating elements made of high-resistance alloy,
  • halogen - with ring-shaped halogen lamps,
  • induction - with induction coil as a heating element.

Only halogen and induction panels can make up competition among gas panels for heating rate among electrical ones, the rest are irrelevant, they should not be taken.

In terms of shape and size among the built-in hobs - a huge variety, the eyes diverge: which one to choose. They can be classic square or rectangles, elongated in a line, as well as in the form of polygons, rounded like a boomerang, angular for embedding in the corner of the kitchen. The number of burners can also be different, as well as their shape( round, oval, with or without expansion zones).The decision on which to take built-in appliances is determined only by the dimensions and features of your kitchen.

Design also provides a wide range of choices. The glass ceramic panel can be black, white, colored, or even patterned. Dirt and chips are more noticeable on a black and white background, but creative design options are more expensive, which surface to choose depends on your taste and budget.

The control panel can be electromechanical( using knobs) or touch. It is better to choose the touch: it is easier to maintain, takes up less space relative to the entire working surface, it is easier to wash. Modern models are often equipped with an interactive color display, which displays detailed information on each burner.

Useful functions

When choosing a glass-ceramic hob, pay attention to its capabilities, it will be correct to choose a model only with the functions you need and not to overpay for unnecessary "bells and whistles".

  • "Stop" - allows you to turn off the device for a while( for example, if you need to move away from the plate).
  • "Automatic boiling" - maximizes power to reduce the heating rate, and then the power is reduced to operating values, which prevents boiling.
  • Residual Heat Indication - will show the degree of cooling to a safe value.
  • The electric touch panel lock or removable mechanical control knobs are relevant if there are young children or animals in the house who may accidentally turn on the stove.
  • Determining the presence of dishes - protects the glass-ceramic panel from idle operation without dishes or with an empty pan( its weight is determined).
  • Timer - allows you to set the required cooking time: after this time, the panel will inform you about the readiness of the dish, and automatically turn off.
  • "Record in memory" - the panel remembers the cooking modes of different dishes.
  • Additional heating zone - for cooking in a wide or oversized pot, for example, in a duck sake.
  • Gas Control for a gas hob automatically shuts off gas to the burner if the flame goes out and the temperature drops below a certain value.
  • A similar function for the electric cooker - “Fault control” - automatic shutdown in case of liquid ingress to the control panel or the detection of other malfunctions in the device operation.
  • Defrosting, fast warming up, maintaining heat - these functions extend the capabilities of the cooker.

Care for the glass-ceramic hob

The glass-ceramic hob needs careful care. It is preferable to take only special cleaners( although they are more expensive than universal household chemicals) and soft scrapers, which are usually included in the kit. Never use hard metal wool or cloths with dried crumbs on a glass-ceramic material. Cleaner after application is not washed off, and wiped with a clean cloth. Silicone components will protect glass ceramics from microdamages and impurities. An electric or gas hob made of glass-ceramic is much easier and easier to clean than an enamelled surface: it’s enough to remember how much effort is required to clean burnt food at the base of pancakes.

If you accidentally spilled sugar syrup, it must be wiped off immediately, otherwise it can be removed after solidification, only by stripping the top layer from the glass-ceramic. To protect ceramics from damage and prolong its life, it is worth taking special films and gels. If you follow these tips and just properly care for your kitchen assistant, he will serve you for many years.

Prices on glass ceramic hobs

The cost directly depends on the prestige of its brand, variety of characteristics, novelty, design exclusivity. To take a simple model of a known brand or a steeper analogue of an unfamiliar manufacturer is a moot point, it is better to ask for feedback. For every taste and wallet there is plenty to choose from.

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