What is the multicooker function in the multicooker?

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The multi-cooker a few years ago passed from the status of a new-fashioned miracle of technology to indispensable helpers in the kitchen. Many manufacturers offer multicookers for every taste: cheap and expensive, small, designed for one person, and voluminous - for a large family, with a small set of basic functions and with dozens of built-in programs. Which one to choose depends on the specific wishes of this kitchen appliance. In the description of the multivarcs, you can find such an item as a multi-pair function. What this mode means, and whether this program is exactly what you need - let's look at it in more detail.

. The function of the multi-cook.

. The answer to the question of what is a multi-cook in a multicooker is extremely simple: it means manual cooking. In all multivarks there is a standard set of programs( somewhere there are more, somewhere less).With their help, you can cook dishes from the collection of recipes, which usually comes bundled with a slow cooker. It is worth trying to make some changes to the recipe - it’s no longer a fact that the dish will turn out well. For these purposes, and created such a mode as a multi-cook in a slow cooker.

Using the manual mode, you can independently set the temperature from 40 to 180 degrees( this range may vary depending on the model of the device) and the cooking time with an accuracy of a minute or 5 minutes( also depends on the multicooker model).

There is a more advanced version of the multi-pair - “Multi-pair plus”.It allows you to set different parameters for different stages of cooking. For example, for the first 5 minutes, boil the cereal at a high temperature, and then stew for half an hour on low heat. Or you can torment the meat, gradually reducing the temperature by 10 degrees every hour - then after 8 hours you get the most tender meat, similar in taste to that cooked in a traditional Russian oven.

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When can you need a multi cooker?

  • If you do not like any quality food prepared according to the standard program. For example, the porridge turned out too boiled to your taste, or the meat is slightly roasted. Parameters of standard programs are calculated averaged, and depending on the specific source products, the final result may vary greatly. Multi-cook in a slow cooker allows you to achieve the desired qualities of the dish by selecting the optimal values ​​of temperature and cooking time.
  • If you find a recipe that shows the temperature and cooking time( for example, a pie), but you are not sure if it will be prepared as it should be in the standard Baking mode. With multi-cook you can cook for any recipe, and not just adapted specifically for multi-cooker.
  • If you like to experiment, invent your own dishes. For experienced users of multi-cooker standard modes and recipes from the standard collection is not enough, I want more space for imagination. The multi-cook function allows you to expand the capabilities of your multicooker almost to infinity: cooking, frying, deep-frying, stewing, baking, steaming - any mode can be adjusted individually for each specific dish.

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Do you need a multi-cook?

Multivarki with multi-cook and without seriously differ in price. Therefore, before buying, decide: do you want to use it only, for example, for cooking porridges, or are you planning to replace many kitchen units with one device: a hob, oven, steamer, fryer, convection oven, etc. In the first case, the simplest model will be enough for you, in the latter case - you cannot do without a multi-pair. By the way, some housewives prefer to have two multicookers in their kitchen at once to cook two dishes in parallel. In this case, the ideal solution would be to buy one “fancy”, and the second is simple.

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