How to choose the right juicer for vegetables and fruits

Juicer is a very useful device in the kitchen if you prefer freshly squeezed natural juice. In stores you can now find a wide variety of different models of these devices. How to determine which juice squeezer for vegetables and other products will suit you?

Criteria for the use of

Juicers can vary among themselves in terms of operation, purpose, capacity, design and other characteristics. In order to choose the right one for you, you need to answer a few questions:

  • Which products do you intend to process using a juicer? These can be hard, soft vegetables and fruits, berries, citrus fruits, etc.
  • What type of drink do you want to get?(Transparent drink or juice with the presence of pulp).
  • In what quantities do you plan to get drinks?(one or two glasses a day or much more).
  • What type of device is best for you - manual, mechanical or electric.

When you define criteria for use, it will be easier for you to choose the right equipment for squeezing juice.

Juicers designed for processing fruits such as vegetables and fruits can be divided into three types:

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  • citrus processing equipment;
  • screw type devices;
  • universal( also called centrifugal) juicers.

They all have their own functional features, as well as pros and cons.

Citrus Juicers

If orange juice is your favorite, then the best technique is a device for squeezing citrus juice. This is a separate category of juicers. They are intended only for the processing of citrus fruits. For other fruits, they are not suitable. You can get juices from lemon, orange, grapefruit and similar fruits if they are of this type.

These devices are manual, mechanical and electrical. All of them are a fairly simple device. In the center of a special container for collecting juice there is a nozzle of a conical shape. You need to cut the fruit into two parts and put half of the pulp down on the nozzle. Next, by rotating the juice is squeezed out of the fruit pulp.

In the manual version, you scroll the product yourself, the mechanical one is actuated by a lever, the electrical works from the electrical grid. Basically, these devices are very compact and have a small bowl volume. Electric juicers are equipped with a reverse function. In this case, the mechanism rotates in different directions, carrying out a more thorough squeezing of juice.

In addition, such a device can be equipped with nozzles for different sizes of citrus. There may also be a system for regulating the content of pulp in the beverage.

Universal Devices

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Centrifugal Juicer is considered a universal device. It is designed to produce liquid from various types of fruits and vegetables, both soft and hard. The only thing that this device cannot handle is bones. Therefore, before processing, you will need to remove them from the fruit.

The device is an electrical device that operates at high power. Products are ground inside the tank using a circular grater, which grinds the fruit into porridge. Next, the ground mixture is taken by a centrifuge, where the separation into the finished product and the cake. Then the purified drink is poured into a glass to collect the juice.

Such a juicer for hard vegetables, as well as fruits, gives an excellent clear juice. If you prefer a drink with pulp, then this device will not suit you. This device has the following advantages:

  • drink is produced in a short time, due to the fact that the device operates at high speed;
  • data device have a low cost;
  • they are mainly equipped with convenient wide trays that allow you to hold a large number of fruits.

The disadvantages include:

  • during the process, the liquid is heated and oxidized, due to which some of the valuable substances contained in natural products disappear;
  • more fruit consumption than other types of devices;
  • in the process of processing on the juice foam is formed, which falls into the glass.

If you decide that this device suits you, pay attention to some important parameters. To choose the right type of juicer, find out which separator it has. Separators( centrifuges) are of two types: cylindrical and conical.

In the first, the yield of the useful product is greater, but it accumulates inside the waste, which must be periodically removed manually. Conical are equipped with the removal of oil from the tank, but they give less juice than the first.

Also check that the mesh through which the ground mass passes is made of durable stainless steel. It is better if the device will have several speeds to obtain different thickness of the drink.

Screw-type models

Screw-type juicers work with a variety of fruits. They can successfully grind hard and soft vegetables and fruits, including those containing bones, as well as berries. The peculiarity of these devices is that the process produces a drink containing a large amount of pulp. Softer fruits, such as peaches or plums, turn into a pureed mixture.

The design of these devices resembles a meat grinder. Fruits are crushed with the help of a rotating shaft with cutting( auger), then the mass passes through a sieve and the resulting drink is poured into a glass. The cake is removed in a special container.

Auger juice extractors get the juice from the fruit by cold pressing, which allows you to save all the valuable qualities in the prepared beverage.

These devices can be manual, mechanical and electrical. By type of construction, they are horizontal and vertical shafts. The horizontal ones are equipped with one or two augers that can rotate in different directions( reverse function).

Manual and mechanical devices can work in conditions where there are problems with the supply of electricity( at the cottage).But a minus them that the processing of a large number of fruits requires much more time, as well as physical strength.

Electric devices can work for a long time and do an excellent job with all kinds of products. If you are satisfied with juices with pulp, and you like vegetables and fruits puree - you need to choose auger model.

The advantages of screw devices:

  • due to the cold-pressing method, the useful qualities of the drink are preserved;
  • these devices give a high percentage of useful product, leaving small waste;
  • juices have a thick, rich flavor;
  • copes with fruits that have grains;
  • low noise during operation.

The disadvantages include the fact that the fruits of high softness are processed into porridge. If you want to get juice from them, you will have to repeat the spin operation several times. Also, vertical screw machines do worse at processing stones. For example, they are not recommended for use in obtaining tomato juice.

. To choose the screw juicer correctly, pay attention to such factors as capacity, tray size and body strength.

If you want to get more beverage at a time, you need to choose a device with a large capacity. In the event that you have enough of one glass of drink per day, you can choose a smaller device.

The case of the device must be made of durable materials and stand securely on the surface. Choose the right cup size for feeding fruit. If you plan to process a large amount of vegetables and fruits, you need large roomy trays. An indicator such as power in auger juicers does not affect the quality of the juice.

Before you begin to select the appropriate device for squeezing the juice, make a list of the fruits from which you want to get drinks. This will help you make the right choice and decide which juicer is the best of all kinds. Also consider other important criteria.

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