What is the convection mode in the oven and why is it needed?

Many housewives know what kind of breakdown an unevenly baked cake or a pizza that burned from one side knows. This happens if the convection mode does not work in the oven. What is this mysterious convection, and what is it for?

Convection Phenomenon

Convection is the transfer of heat by air streams. This is a Latin word that means “transference”.In simple terms, convection is that the warm and cold air swap places, the warm one rises, and the cold one descends. In the end, all the layers are mixed and the temperature becomes the same everywhere.

Perhaps someone remembers the old ovens, in which the baking sheet had to first be placed on the lower level, and then raised higher, so that the bottom of the food would not be burnt. So, in the ovens with convection such manipulations are not necessary. Heat will be evenly distributed immediately after heating, and delicious cakes will not burn. They will bake in the middle and lightly browned on top, will not be wet or overcooked.

Moreover, in one oven you can put two or three baking trays at the same time and even cook several dishes at once. Truly, this is the dream of every hostess. You save time, energy and everything has time to do.

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How it works

In the oven, convection mode is possible due to the installation of a fan. It is the fan that overtakes and mixes air layers. Such mixing ensures the same temperature throughout the whole volume, as a result of which the dish is baked or roasted evenly.

Most often, the fan is installed on the back wall of the oven. He rides the air, evenly distributing heat. When the desired inside temperature is reached, the fan turns off. They produce models of ovens in which an additional heating circuit is installed around the fan. Due to this, the efficiency of the oven is further increased.

In electric ovens with convection, there are dozens of functions that allow you to cook different dishes, defrost foods, grill, combine modes.

You can choose the desired mode for the dish, depending on what the recipe requires and what result you want to get.

After reading the instructions, it is very easy to understand the control system. You can adjust the temperature, set the cooking time and the direction of convection flow. An icon has been developed for each function. So, cooking using convection with the upper and lower heating turned on is referred to as a stylized screw between two horizontal stripes.

Advantages of an oven with convection

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Many people ask why you need a convection mode, if even without it, meat is perfectly baked in the oven? Why include it and what dishes to cook with it? The answer to this question was partially given in the previous section. The oven with convection has several advantages: the

  • dish is baked evenly;
  • can cook food on several trays at once;
  • can do without the hob;
  • lower consumption of electricity or gas;
  • lower oil consumption;
  • expands the range of dishes that you can cook in the oven.

In the oven, with a stream of hot air, meat and fish are thawed, dried herbs and herbs are dried, nuts and lemon zest are dried. In the oven are excellent meringue and various pastries from the dough. If convection is not needed, then the mode is simply not included.

Features of gas ovens

Gas ovens with a fan produce less, and their price is usually higher. But the savings in the operation of such devices is obvious. You can use gas, which is cheaper, plus convection mode allows you to further reduce costs. Among the companies that produce gas ovens with the function of mixing air, can be identified Zanussi, Kaiser, Korting OGG.

The peculiarity of gas ovens with convection is that it is necessary to observe security measures. The design of the device must be such that when blowing out the flame the gas is turned off. Manufacturing companies have taken care of security, so you can safely buy household appliances.

Use of wet convection

Those who adhere to a healthy diet will be interested to know that in some models of ovens there is a mode of wet convection. What is it for?

This mode allows you to cook food for a couple, while retaining useful substances. Hot steam is served in the oven, so food is not overcooked. It remains juicy and soft inside. The most well-known brands that offer such equipment are Electrolux, Miele, Smeg, Hansa.

In order for the wet convection mode to work in the oven, it is necessary to pour water into a special container on the door or on the back wall. After turning on the water enters the steam generator, and after a few minutes it will fill the oven. It is important that the steam jet can be directed in different ways:

  • is distributed throughout the volume of the oven;
  • gets into the pot;
  • is sent directly to the products.

Steam jet time can be controlled. In the wet convection mode, fish and vegetables are baked very tasty, you can make a layer cake with a golden crust, heat up dishes, sterilize jars and baby food bottles.

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