How to descale the kettle using vinegar

When boiling hard water with a high content of mineral salts and trace elements on the walls of the kettle limescale is formed. And this happens regardless of the material from which it is made. Scale gives the water a specific taste, increases its boiling time, leads to burnout of heaters in electric kettles. Therefore, it must be cleaned in a timely manner.

Cleaning with Vinegar

In a very short time, you can remove the limescale with special chemicals purchased from the store. But given their comparative insecurity for health, many hostesses prefer to use the time-tested method and clean the kettle with vinegar.

For cleaning use ready-made 9% table vinegar, but you can dilute the essence to the desired concentration yourself. Heated solution, interacting with hardened mineral deposits, destroys its structure. After that, loose and soft scale can be easily cleaned with an ordinary sponge.

Descaling in metal kettles

Clean them easily with pure vinegar. And in this dish with a metal body has an undoubted advantage over the enamelled kettle and electric plastic. To clean limescale:

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  • pour half a glass of table 9% acid or 1 tablespoon of essence;
  • fill not less than 2/3 of the volume with cold water;
  • is heated, after which the solution must be boiled for about 30 minutes;
  • after this time the solution is poured.

If the procedure does not give the desired result, some housewives do not drain the solution, but offer to stand for 5 minutes and boil another 30 minutes. And so you can clean up to three times.

If the plaque is very large, the solution can be left overnight. After that, release the dishes and wash well.

The harder the water, the more salt is deposited when it is boiled and the harder it is to remove it.

Cleaning with a mixture of vinegar and soda

This is another way to remove scale from the container. To do this, first pour half a glass of 9% acid and add a tablespoon of soda. The reaction will begin, at the end of which water is poured and put on the fire for boiling for 30 minutes. This method allows you to clean not only scale, but also rust.

As you can speed up the descaling of

At home, cleaning will be faster if you additionally alkaline in soda solution. For this you can use baking soda.

Phased cleaning:

  1. Alkalization. It is necessary to boil water and add 3 tablespoons of ordinary soda to boiling water. In half an hour, after the soda solution has cooled down a little, it must be boiled again.
  2. Flushing. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  3. Acid treatment. The tank should be filled with hot water, adding to it 1-2 tsp of essence. Boil, and after 30 minutes, pour.
  4. After washing with water, cleaning is carried out. The structure of limescale will already become loose, and it will be easy to clean it with a sponge.

Cleaned with vinegar and soda can be neglected dirt with a thick layer of scale. After it can be removed with thin plates.

How to clean the electric kettle

If the case is plastic, the use of pure acid can cause its damage. Therefore, to clean the electric kettle with a non-metallic casing at home is better than citric acid with soda. You can replace the acid table 9% vinegar.

  • It is necessary to boil water in dishes, after adding to it 5 tablespoons of acetic or citric acid.
  • 10–15 minutes after the automatic shutdown, turn on again.
  • It is enough to do this procedure 3-4 times. After that, you can clean it with detergent.
  • To remove the pungent odor, boil clean water by changing it 2-3 times.

Lime deposits can be prevented

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Lime deposits can be prevented. To do this, each hostess must follow simple rules:

  • boil water once, replace each time with fresh;
  • use distilled water, after the filter or bottled;
  • do not be lazy to rinse and rinse white cereal container before each use;
  • monthly prophylaxis by boiling water with 1 tablespoon of citric acid.

Each hostess can remove lime on the dishes with vinegar. This is one of the easiest and safest ways used in everyday life.

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