Repair of electric kettles with their own hands

Repair kettle is simple - each handle. Inside stands a spiral Rolled in the bottom control thermostat button. The construction of a power supply of 230 volts, a thermal fuse protects against overheating. The most common wire - should be changed. Cheap models lack the subtleties of protection.

Repair kettle own hands sometimes becomes entertaining activity, especially if the lid handle plus cast, undock from the kettle does not work. Cause: The screws are located under the edge of the door. I think inevitably, as the Chinese have managed to assemble a miracle of technology.

Repair of electric kettles in China

Guangdong Province Products are widely known. China is rich in economic and other interesting areas, giving tax, some other manufacturers favors. US-heartedly looks at conflict with the successors of communism, which Nietzsche predicted the fate of a couple of centuries ago. Today, let's see how to repair China kettle made to the standard design for the company, not seeking uncover the true origin, with a probability of 95% is a representative of Eastern Europe, mb, Russian Federation. Let's see what pet compatriots - the best specimens of the global home appliances are Guangdong hands of the workers.

China's GDP is the second place of honor. Japan - the third. Not bad, considering the state of the rising sun, emerging from World War II. Feudal Japan was the world's largest electronics manufacturer.

Body side panel in the repair of electric kettle

Here are the photos, allowing personally enjoy the views of the details of the simplest designs. According to the text, images will be links. Do you want to - look, do not want - scroll blindly. Disassembly begins lid. Skipping a step, you can not remove the side panel that hides the LED plus switch. With clad side panel collum difficult to remove. Dilemma. Do the contrary, if you are looking difficulties, the cover can then do not shoot!

Electric without cover

Cap. Holds two ears, two pins. Plastic monolith torment dismantling, installation of more complicated. Pins perfectly shows the first photo. On each side of the two screws immediately unscrew, remove a side panel. All neatly inside - plus models often find a whole mess of wires. We turn to the Donets.

Around the connector, wherein the ground terminal is provided (the construction is in the air), three screws. Turn off, we see: Donets slow to act. Along the perimeter are six plastic teeth belonging to six hull openings. To avoid accidentally collapsed umotala operation, on the sides of each tooth guide. Alternately teeth have otschelknut screwdriver separately (see photo below), break - break a basal plate, removing. Take a picture of each tooth, illustrating said. Lay off the dismantled parts aside, look at the switch.

Screwdriver to hook edge

Switch, temperature sensor: view repairman kettle

Photo shows from the lower position. Shiny circle with a cut - a mechanical sensor. Due to the bimetallic plate, seizing the moment, electric off. Water boils, it begins to stand an increased amount of vapor. It extends a small hole body disposed under the circuit breaker, covered with a loose circular plastic plug (see. Photo). The plate is mounted from above the pair of gates. It begins to boil, the temperature increases. After a moment, you can hear a click. The tongue plate, a pair composed of metal, sharp bends upward. It looks like a bimetallic relay.

plastic cover

Now switch. Not so simple. Detail devoid of visible joints, excluding metal bracket shown a photo from the side. For it is attached the upper movable part. When the kettle include, spout switch tongue abuts the circular plate with a cutout, bracket compressed. Due to the design, the details remain indefinitely starting position. Click! The slightest tug releases the bracket, the switch returns to its original position.

Donets examine the case. Here it is:

  • Circular connector;
  • Rolled spiral;
  • resistor divider denomination LED 14 ohms.

While the switch is dormant, the LED glows blue. Attached full voltage of 230 volts. Photos available shows that the resistor burned, the contacts are inserted into the terminal posts, one could not stand examination. I had to solder. The resistor divider is connected in parallel with crimped heater. Electric is included - is replaced by the glow orange. Dual LED (schoolteachers silent?), In contrast to the typical use two shades operate simultaneously until the water boils. Addition of electromagnetic waves of different colors gives orange. It is difficult to enumerate shades, forming a superposition (repairman deeply care).

The mechanism of switching on and off of the electric kettle

Will remove the resistor, or burn - nothing bad will happen. Just change the shade of the LED will stop tracking changes the switch position. Color bezotnositelen to water temperature. It is easy to notice - no thermal fuse. We believe that protection simply does not exist. Those interested can equip piece metal housing near the annular connector. Provide protection against empty inclusion. This tea can cause a fire, devoid of protection. Recommended device to complement a thermal fuse. Not to put somewhere in the center of the perimeter of the heating element, increasing reliability.

capacity value on the teapot

The resistance heating element is 30 ohms. Photography shows capacity values ​​through fraction on a metal surface 220 and 240 V. Enough to understand what can go wrong. The device is a simple kettle, repair pull even tea, but... it just remove the cover and settle back! We hope readers will decide the issue on their own, find it difficult to answer. Instead, show you how to disassemble switch wishing to clean the contacts. Scanty distance interval, steam in the air. Just look at the two screws from the image: rust, although the kettle was not maintained properly.

We believe, six months later, you will need to refresh contacts. Let us switch:

  1. Put your finger on the plastic ear studs switch to the chassis.
  2. Use your thumb to push the button on the opposite side.
  3. Squeeze gently fingers fly retaining bracket. Forest guard the apple of the eye, or kettle will only throw.

Assembling is carried out in the reverse sequence. Hook the front of the bracket button Abut into the ground gently, without any extra effort will plant detail in place. Bimetallic strip is removed with a knife, screwdriver without problems. Independent repair of electric kettles consist of such details, or long break cover, clothing! Contacts are made of bronze, can be seen in the photo. Pure alcohol, gasoline can not be located next to the plastic. Believe, will have to get hold of acetic acid, the switch waits for the queue.

Contact kettle

We'll have to disconnect the terminals. The model in question is not easy Saturn. Photography shows little hole terminals, which corresponds to the second stud halves. If you click to awl, understands the connection without problems. Otherwise... I can not pull out one from the other. The process is exacerbated by: the articulation reserved shrinking tube, which is badly warmed hairdryer. It is easy to crumble, just barely holds, but... is not removed. Therefore, cut if necessary disassemble node. Screw terminals disposable. Wire resistor jumped, compress back did not work, it is not convenient. I had to solder.

Plastic weld soldering iron. Incidentally using appropriate additives (polyethylene). Choose a material that is compatible with the food industry. Adhesive use a heat-resistant, harmless to humans.

Conclusion repair kettle

As to the reader, it is one of the cheapest models of Chinese teapots, made by order of a certain company. Maintainability of the product is zero. Difficult to understand, even more difficult to collect. Picking, it is easy to spoil the presentation, functionality. Donets dressed simply, with considerable force, threatening clicks. The cover has caused great difficulties. Skillful use of the dryer - help. With only a screwdriver for disassembly will be in difficulty.

We recommend still in the store to evaluate the assembly. How hard is to disassemble the unit to carry out repairs of electric kettles with their own hands. If the product is a one-off, it is not too happy, but if in addition dangerous... no comment.

Hopefully, after this detailed review of the readers will be under the power and repair Tefal electric kettles, electric kettle and repair Scarlet. In the end, most of the products manufactured by China. We want to say goodbye, see pictures, evaluate, study. If the bimetallic plate inserted in the wrong direction, stop off kettle to boil! Although click is heard.

The main surprise

Boiled water causes allergic reactions. It is difficult to name the percentage of people exposed to the disease. Kashpirovskiy half the planet classifies exacerbations reaction. Treats applied practically 100%. Some (brash) sends back. Let will test local hospitals.

immune system regulation is poorly understood science. The sane man who knew angioedema, poosterezhetsya reject the slightest possibility of a cure.

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