Which is better to buy an electric kettle

The difference in cost in terms of two identical electric kettles may be 10 times. Cheaper brands are made from plastic, and after tea may display symptoms of allergy. In kettles expensive housing made of thin metal or glass. Plastic is not, in principle, the material useful to humans, yet scientists do not take control of the depolymerization process in the kettle. More attractive look glass, steel and ceramics. These materials traditionally prepared dishes for cooking food.

Electric kettle

Electric kettle

Choosing an electric kettle

It is convenient to look at electric Yandex Market. Swept aside model, where there is the inclusion of plastic. glass and steel electric costs from 1000 rubles and above. Bork has a model for 21,000. Better to take a purely steel tea or a glass side panel - the bottom is made of metal. This choice stems from the fact that the coefficients of thermal expansion of dissimilar materials, likely kettle starts to flow through the joints. Please note that the seams are glued and additional polymers inside harmful.

We believe that the issue of depleted material. Can, for example, to buy a electric kettle in stainless steel. Not all devices are thoroughly similar. EXAMPLE hybrid device Tefal Magic Tea. Using a special pump - as they say - electric pumps hot water through a strainer, located in the vicinity of the filler neck. The process can be observed through the glass. splashed water trickles through a sieve brewing kettle bottom. Cleaning the meter is carried out in two ways:

  1. Pour into 0.5 liters of an 8% vinegar and wait for a while. Then empty the kettle.
  2. Suitable citric acid was filled in an amount of 25 grams per pint.
Kettle Tefal Magic Tea

Kettle Tefal Magic Tea

Kettle Tefal Magic Tea in the average cost of one and a half thousand rubles. The capacity is 1 liter kettle, but we believe that if we get a clean screen size welding, if necessary.

Selection of power is not justified, but for general information note that the half liter of water effervesce when electric consumption of 2 kW for approximately 4.5 minutes. And what about the Tefal Magic Tea would like to note that today are sold devices with a ceramic body. Like electric kettles better to keep warm. Who drank from ceramic mugs, understand what it was about. The thick walls keep the kettle heat transferred to them initially. If lesh into boiling water, after a short time already inside tea suitable temperature for drinking. Ceramic functions as a heat accumulator, and although the glass is also made from the earth minerals, those characteristics do not.

On Pollution mentioned reason. After welding is brown coating on the glass, and the experts say that in the stomach.

Speaking of health, Hiromi Shinya and all claims that the drink is harmful. A coffee breaks calcium metabolism, and the first to suffer teeth. Probably the luminaries of medicine can not be mistaken. Far better to brew herbs. Or add them to tea. According to legend, in this way removed thirst for even the gods. This refers to the pagan pantheon.

If the kettle transparent glass wall, visible plaque. And that's good, no wonder we are taught the rules of hygiene, it is necessary to keep a clean household items. Worst of dirt visible in the brown ceramic electric kettle. If it matters, then choose a color in accordance with their own considerations. Brown well radiates heat. This means that, when heated to a high temperature of tea, it will give the room warmth. Perhaps that is why most of the teapots are made of white plastic.

Prices for electric kettles

Probably not by chance that in the price range up to 1000 rubles are not represented well-known manufacturers of electric kettles. There is a model Scarlet. It inspires confidence in a well-known brand. It is known that the British company's products does not fail in difficult times. As for the little-known brands, they often are aggressive and fight for the lower price segment. Motto often looks like this:

  • Quickly make to Chinese factories and consumer goods to sell its masses.
plastic kettle

plastic kettle

We believe not the best approach, but high-profile stories in Russia is not present, and the quality is not struggling. Public opinion - the engine of the quality policy. As long as the consumer has not heard about the high-profile trial, he will acquire and bad technique. In the West, it is a common rule, when people want to know how products affect the body. Known process of the people against DuPont, as a result the company had to revise the policy of production of Teflon, and researcher process against a European state, in the course of it they recognized that microwave ovens are harmful to health, and the country has paid a moral scientist compensation.

modes kettles

Different beverage brewing different temperatures. This applies to white, green, black tea and coffee. A number of models of electric kettles can accurately set the parameters of the water to get the perfect result. We believe that the true lovers will appreciate the thermal conditions, and changing the LED color depending on the temperature, it quite interesting to see.

Metal housing kettle

Metal housing kettle

There are digital displays, where the temperature is shown to a degree. In Bork mentioned above for 21 thousand. rubles setting is on the stairs, but all 5 modes are in the range of 80 - 100 degrees. If you recall Vitek, then housing for welding of white tea contains a much lower temperature. However, the water from the tap in Russia should be boiled. It turns out that the benefits of electric kettles contestable. If the energy value taken, the natural gas is less expensive, moreover, that the efficiency of the burners does not exceed 60%. Disadvantages of electric kettles come to an end and the positive qualities begin.

If you take Bork model for 21 thousand. rubles, it has a function to maintain the heat: the device turns into a Thermo. Doubt that it is energetically favorable simmer unit for a long time, but within 45 minutes while going to work, it is possible to drink hot teas. Kettle itself is able to obtain the desired pre-programmed fortress. We believe that such a gift would be a good businessman, but for the ordinary citizens of its possibilities would be a bit much, but the price can make a dent in the family budget. However, Bork owners manual is distinguished that produces a good and expensive equipment. Rather, for offices, homes rather than simple, ordinary people.

Finally, kettle Bork has a delayed start function. How useful will depend on the cycle time. We believe that 5 minutes - not the time, but 10 already decently. It is clear that to buy a cheap kettle from Bork fail.

Parts availability for kettle

Last but not least you need to look at how difficult it is to buy spare parts for electric kettles. Often break cover, burn fuses, switches require replacement. In complex electric kettles are located inside the sophistical enough modules to collect their own hands is not possible. Try to calculate, to service workshops were located nearby, and then decide what is best to buy an electric kettle. It will save your nerves and money in the future in the event of breakage. Do not forget that the guarantee is of two kinds: the store and from the manufacturer. Possible to use both. Try to properly complete documents.

Overview is now coming to an end. We hope that helped select a good kettle, rather than what is being sold cheaply. Do not seek to save money on this thing, because health is more expensive. And, be sure to buy an electric road to and in a way to feel at home.

Which is better to buy an electric kettle

Which is better to buy an electric kettleKettles

The difference in cost in terms of two identical electric kettles may be 10 times. Cheaper brands are made from plastic, and after tea may display symptoms of allergy. In kettles expensive housing ...

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