Tips for preparing a working solution based on fertilizer Baikal EM-1: how to dilute the drug?

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I have long wanted to try Baikal EM-1 in my garden. An acquaintance uses it in his greenhouse, and every year boasts a harvest. Advise how to properly breed fertilizer Baikal EM-1?

Baikal EM-1 is a complex fertilizer and contains a large number of different bacteria designed to nourish the soil. The drug is available on the market in the form of:

  • aqueous concentrated solution;
  • uterine concentrate with sleeping bacteria, which is used for the preparation of concentrate.

If you need to quickly treat a small area of ​​the site or a limited number of plants, the finished solution will do. For mass use it is more convenient and more affordable from the financial side to use the uterine concentrate.

Before using the drug( including water concentrate), it must be diluted with water. Tips and recommendations on the proportions in which the Baikal EM-1 fertilizer should be diluted depend on its field of application. So, fertilizer is effective in:

  • soaking seeds;
  • handling of the container in which the seedlings are grown;
  • foliar application of young seedlings;
  • root dressing;
  • composting.
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How to dilute the finished water concentrate?

Concentrated Baikal EM-1 solution already contains the necessary environment for the development of organisms, so before using it is enough to simply dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 1000:

  1. For seed treatment .Add 1 ml of solution to a liter of water and keep the seeds in it for about an hour.
  2. For spring / autumn soil preparation .In a bucket of water, dilute 10 ml of the drug. Spill the plot a week before planting or after harvesting.
  3. For root or extra-root feeding of adult plants .In a bucket of water dissolve 10 ml of solution. Water or spray crops twice a month.
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For leaf feeding of seedlings, 5 ml of an aqueous solution should be diluted in a bucket of water( 1: 2000) and spray the seedlings no more than once every two weeks.
A more concentrated working solution from Baikal EM-1 in the proportion of 1: 100 is used when tilling the soil in the greenhouse during its preparation for planting plants. In 10 liters of water dilute 100 ml of fertilizer and shed the soil. The same concentration should be applied when laying the compost heap, pouring layers of the solution.

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How to dilute uterine concentrate?

Uterine concentrate will need to be diluted 2 times. It contains dormant organisms, which must first be activated with fast carbohydrates. To do this, pour boiled cooled water into a three-liter bottle and add 3 tablespoons of honey or liquid sweet jam. Stir and enter the uterine concentrate( whole bottle).

It must be ensured that the container is filled with water under the lid.

Put the workpiece in a warm place to ripen, covered with a lid. On the third day, the lid must be slightly opened to release the gas. The solution will be ready when it emanates a pleasant sour smell. Further dilution of the working solution on the basis of uterine concentrate is similar to water concentrate.

Preparation of the working solution from Baikal EM-1 - video

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