Combined watering system in the country

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You can equip the combined irrigation in the summer cottage. To do this, it is necessary to stretch plastic hoses over each bed. The combined irrigation system is connected to the central water supply system or to an autonomous water source. In the first case, it is not necessary to build a filtration system in the irrigation control unit.

If you connect the combined irrigation to the well or well, then it can be automated. For automation, an electronic system for opening water valves is installed on the irrigation control unit. The pump is adjusted so that it is turned on at the time the shut-off valves open.

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You can install a system of combined irrigation and without automation. In this case, connect the system to any water source, both autonomous and centralized.

Combined Irrigation

Combined Irrigation is a system of connectors and hoses. A coarse filter per 100 microns and several pipes with stopcocks are installed in the irrigation system. Install the gearbox to reduce the water pressure in the drip irrigation hoses. The control unit is ready. After the control unit, a distributor is connected to the pipe using a compression coupling. It allows you to supply water independently to each hose, which makes it possible, with low water pressure in the main pipeline, to redirect water to each bed. Combined watering is the simultaneous use of drip and mounted watering.

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Setting drip irrigation

First, make drip irrigation. Each hose is drilled and laid near the plants. The combined irrigation system is filled with water before adjusting and checking the mounted irrigation, as a sharply increased pressure can break the drip irrigation hoses when it is first started. Next, adjust the pressure using the distributor. When drip irrigation works, you can customize mounted.

Suspended irrigation

For hanging irrigation near the beds, you need to install supports. Surface mounted watering hoses must be at least inch in diameter. On the hose you need to make cuts on both sides of 2 cm each. The distance between the slits should be at least 10 cm. With a water pressure of 3 atmospheres, each hose will cover a bed width of 70 cm. A system of mounted irrigation is carried out to provide water for long, but narrow beds.

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