How to choose an electric gun

Technical characteristics of electric spray gun is not as varied, to get lost. We discuss and describe, in contrast than air. Even cheap Chinese pistol is allowed to use for its intended purpose in the presence of certain knowledge. Let's see how to select an electric gun.

Electric gun, unlike a pneumatic

Spray guns are suitable and not suitable for the selected type of work. Cheap is not too convenient, and often referred to as electrical stations suitable paint.



Short and sweet - electric gun device is considered fully serviceable. Unlike pneumatic cardinal - the presence in the finished compressor. Spray can not overload, and this is a big plus. misuse case is not covered by warranty. Happy owners own compressors recommend to buy a pneumatic gun, consisting of a single gun. The pressure can be easily installed on the gauge, it should be measured, taking into account a number of features:

  1. Readings are taken from the receiver output. The compressor can be operated at a different frequency (speed). Of course, it is permissible to use the pre-pumped air. To do this in advance is required reserve to the pressure specified in the instructions to gun for. Happens, the value is too fast a rate falls. Then the pressure gauge is placed directly at the inlet of the gun (screwed down), inlet air pressure value is continuously monitored.
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  2. Note adjustment is conducted with an open supply. Trigger gun shows two fixed positions. During the first shutter is in use for air supply without working the mixture. Further pressing on the spray gun output operation. By opening the air supply, it is necessary to expose the working pressure. If the dealer does not report it, but in case it is not written, if can not find a similar model with these characteristics, it is recommended to cancel the purchase.

Gradually, the pressure receiver decreases. The larger the tank, the less noticeable effect. Manometer for regulation can not hurt. Electric gun favorably with the presence of its own pneumatic compressor.

stationary unit

stationary unit

How does an electric gun

The composition of any gun present gun, using a torch nozzle forming due to the mixing of two components:

  1. The basis becomes the air entering into the high pressure. The source is a compressor (or receiver).
  2. The working mixture is a paint, primer or varnish. Any construction mixture suitable for use in a spray gun according to viscosity requirements.

Inside the air gun is divided into two streams. The first goes around the periphery and through a series of holes reaches the perimeter of the nozzle. Typically paint covers access to the pincers on two sides, feed rate may adjust the width of the oval. If you remove the pressure from the side jets, will form a circle. Then the density of ink placement is so great that develop streaks. Normally the balance respected. Any gun carries a minimum of three controls:

  • The total air flow allows you to set the balance between the amount of ink and form filed at the selected speed (movement of the hand along the surface). Let's not supposed to great expense - camouflage the crane. As a result, manage to slightly slow down the movement and get the job done accurately. Remember, the pressure can not exceed the above instructions (see. above).
  • Pressure jet nozzles at the periphery is regulated by a separate screw and determines the shape of the jet. The more air is supplied here, the narrower and longer than the perimeter. Of circle shape is convertible to a line.
  • The amount of air passing through the center determines the paint consumption. If the figure is floating on the surface, slightly close the tap. Similar actions are performed while reducing the speed of operation (see. the first item in the list).
painting surfaces

painting surfaces

In total, three air settings (general and on sleeves) allow you to specify the desired quality of the work. With too low or high pressure paint begins spitting, falls spots, irregular shape, etc.. It is important to carry out the correct setting. Cranes are arranged depending on the model, but more often there are two schemes:

  1. Crane spot width adjustment is on the sidewall of the gun. For paint supply being responsible where the standard PM is blown. This is the back part of the trunk, above the handle. Just below is a common air supply valve.
  2. In the second scheme, the ink supply remains in place, the other valves are displaced. Overall control is at the end of handle, in the inlet pipe. Crane jet width setting takes its place.

Already in appearance about we manage to judge the methods of adjustment. Accordingly, the stager always cope with the tool without difficulty. Note container for the paint is made of different sizes and is often at different locations. Often from above, on the border of the front third of the "trunk". This improves the suction conditions. And feeding method indicated two types:

  1. Gravity paint flows under its own weight. In this case, difficult to control the flow, depending on the section of the output capacitance.
  2. Much more often the effect is applied vacuum, called the name of Bernoulli. Rapidly moving stream of air creates negative pressure under capacity. Paint leak occurs, it is often used in practice. jet velocity changing faucet.

Please note that depending on the conditions of the spray gun changes the scheme of work. For example, a condition protrudes tank capacity. With the first gun (Aquarita) works the same pattern with a second different manner. Expenditure mixture flows into or under its own weight, or absorbed. Moment is important to understand how to keep the gun. Obviously, in terms of absorption under its own weight can not apply bank product. This is not recommended in both cases, the Bernoulli effect will not work go down the drain.

The volume of the tank varies from model to model. Need to choose such that the sets of operating conditions. When infinite volume (the fence, like Tom Sawyer), it is desirable that the capacity was high. In contrast, in painstaking ordering a small volume, which is important accuracy, extra weight will prevent the gun to perform quality work. Moment is determined by the characteristics of the gun, which indicates the water flow and ink for each mode. Knowing (of instructions on the use of caramel), but leaves per square meter, it is easy to determine the necessary parameters of the purchased products.

How to use a spray gun, the main characteristics of

In addition to the operating pressure of each air gun characterized consumption. From the compressor stability depends on the success of the event. Here it is shown the main advantage of the electric spray guns. Having a built-in compressor work relatively stably. Consumption of ink and air depends on the diameter of the nozzle (nozzles). Moreover, for each section selected specific viscosity of the solution.

Comes the main point: a serious manufacturer in the package puts the measuring cup. The efficiency of the gun depends on the quality of the prepared mixture. Often, the polymer (latex) paint must be diluted, they are sold in the form of callers. For the right action using measuring cup. Meaning:

  1. Need to scoop a bowl of cooked paint. Let's color scheme, the master knows the approximate ratio (what and how much is required). At the bottom there is an opening, and the ink flows.
  2. The viscosity determined by the time during which there is a continuous stream before the droplets.
A small bowl complete

A small bowl complete

Sometimes it is written that the viscosity of the latex paint is 35-40 seconds, other dissolved to a lesser thickness - 20 - 25 seconds. In each case, a relevant solvent. For latex paint - water. Sometimes used acetone and so on. Read more on the packaging. Dissolution is carried out until the paint begins to match the requirements of the equipment manufacturer. Under viscous taken nozzle of larger diameter. In this sense, the spray guns globally are divided into two types:

  • First allow the replacement of the nozzle to suit the existing ink viscosity. In this case, the diameter of each hole are requirements. This rational approach, the paint manufacturers impose restrictions violate the guidelines is not recommended.
  • In the second case the nozzle of the same diameter, the mixture must be customized. If, after diluting the paint turned out too thin, it is necessary to add pure color to rectify the situation. The operation continues until a positive result.

It is better to choose an electric gun in favor of the first group of devices. It will cost more. At low requirements for surface quality should save. The nozzles are supplied or sold separately. Inquire.

Manufacturers of electric spray guns enter into service contracts with the companies and private entrepreneurs. It is desirable that the service center is not far. And to repair required less often, after each use clean the acquisition of fresh paint. Applicable desired type solvent, in the simplest case - water. The purification process described in the manual. For example, it is recommended to lower the air before the new stroke, pulling the trigger to the first position.

There are other indications. For example, the spray gun is not recommended in the operating mode with an empty tank. This leads to accelerated wear mechanisms that reduce the TBO gun.

Device efficiency differs characterize its electrical consumption wrong because not talking about capacity. Instead, look for paint consumption specifications. This allows you to choose the right device without regard to consumption. In most cases, the customer pay for electricity, it is the normal costs of construction and other types of work.

We add that the masters are advised not to puzzle over what to buy electric gun when will the first purchase. Take the cheapest and begin to fill the hand. Never wizard does not start painting right away. Pre tool is tried on any smooth area, even on paper. Then the device is determined by the fitness of the selected types of work carried out setting regulating valves. it is recommended to check before purchase remember the electric gun that ink container should not be empty, clean water to pour.

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