Top dressing of indoor plants with liquid fertilizers: what and how to fertilize

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Tell me, which liquid mineral fertilizers for indoor plants is better to use? I love flowers very much, I have a lot of them, but I don’t have enough free time to prepare various tinctures. And I so want my pets to be healthy and bloom magnificently.

All plants, including indoor flowers, need additional fertilization. First of all, it helps them maintain a healthy look and resist diseases and pests. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the flowers take food from the soil, the volume of which is limited to the volume of the pot and therefore the plants will quickly use up their available supply of nutrients.

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It is extremely important to feed the flowers in time, introducing various dressings. One of the most optimal fertilizer options are liquid mineral preparations.

Benefits of liquid fertilizers

For home cultivation of indoor plants, fertilizers in liquid form are used most often. They are the most convenient because:

  • have a balanced composition of trace elements;
  • allows you to quickly and easily prepare a working solution with the necessary concentration of useful substances;
  • is better absorbed by plants.

It should be borne in mind that it is necessary to apply liquid fertilizer only after watering the flowers. If it gets into dry soil, the root system will burn.

Popular brands of liquid fertilizers

It is very difficult to unequivocally answer the question which liquid mineral fertilizers for indoor plants should be used. In the shops there is a huge selection of such products and each florist must decide for himself what he needs, taking into account also what kind his flowers belong to - whether they are decorative or blooming.
But you can still mark some of the best brands whose reputation has been proven in practice. These include:

  1. Dr. Folly .It is used for spraying on the sheet as an addition to the main feeding.
  2. Gilea .Used for root dressings. There are preparations for decorative and hardwood and for flowering plants.
  3. Florovit .Concentrated fertilizer for all types of indoor plants.
  4. Agregol .Complex fertilizer for various types of flowers.
  5. Mr. Color .Drug with extended spectrum of action.
  6. Biopon .Universal fertilizer with a balanced mineral composition.
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