Cherry Care Tips

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Cherry adapts to any climatic conditions. It is a cold-resistant culture, and it also tolerates drought well. Unlike other fruit trees, cherries are demanding to feed, it should be fertilized two or three times per season.

During the period of spring frosts, it is necessary to delay the flowering of the cherry so as not to lose the crop. It is also necessary to pay attention to the cherry before budding.

Digging the soil

In the fall, organic fertilizers should be applied under the tree trunk circle: humus or compost. Next, dig up the soil. Digging is done after the spring frosts in order to break up the soil crust.

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Cherry fertilizer

Mineral substances are necessary for abundant fruiting of cherries. Fertilize the soil three times per season. During the melting of the snow as a top dressing use nitroammofosku. For each tree make 50-60 grams of fertilizer.

Then the cherries are fed during the flowering period.18 grams of potash and nitrogen fertilizers are introduced per 1m2 of the area around the trunk circle.

The third dressing is made after the flowering is completed.18 grams of potash and 18 grams of phosphate fertilizer are also added. Minerals are sprinkled dry. When it rains, the roots of the tree absorb nutrients. During the growing season, cow manure infusion is added to the soil with the addition of wood ash.

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Two ways to protect cherries from frost

Spring frosts can adversely affect the crop. In order for the cherry to endure frost without harming the fruit buds, it is necessary to delay the flowering of the tree. In the spring rake snow to the trunk of the cherry. Under it, the soil will stay cold longer, and flowering will linger for about a week.

The second way to delay the flowering of the cherry until the spring frosts pass - smoke of the tree. On the perimeter of the circle of the trunk circle, it is necessary to decompose wet straw or sawdust, then they need to be set on fire. Dissolving of leafy and flower buds will linger for three to four days.

Attracting insect pollinators

In order to increase the yield of berries, you need to attract insect pollinators. To do this, prepare a sweet solution of honey or sugar and spray them with cherry flowers. It is necessary to dilute one tablespoon of honey or two tablespoons of sugar in warm water. Cherry is sprayed with this solution twice a week throughout the entire flowering period.

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Watering a Cherry

After flowering, up to 10 liters of water is poured under each tree. Drink plenty of cherries need in the summer. In the hot summer cherries are watered once a month, pouring one bucket of water into a tree circle.

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