The use of organic and mineral fertilizers for blackberries

Blackberry requires constant care. This culture fructifies in the second year after planting. Bareless blackberry varieties tolerate frost worse, but such bushes are easier to care for. Blackberries are harvested in the summer, depending on the variety, from mid-July to late August. To get the maximum yield, blackberries need to be fertilized. The shrub responds well to organic and mineral supplements. Young saplings of fruit shrub mulch and fertilize with green manure. Mustard and barley are used as green fertilizer. They are sown in summer and mowed during flowering. Siderates additionally perform the function of mulching. The blackberry sheltered by them will spend the winter better, and in the spring, after turning over the green manure, the shrub will get additional nutrients. In addition to mulching, blackberry loves and organic fertilizers.

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are the result of the preparation of organic fertilizers

For blackberries, you need to prepare a solution of organic fertilizers. You can feed a blackberry bush with a solution of cow dung, but tincture of horse manure is best suited. Horse manure can be purchased at garden stores. It is diluted in hot water and left to infuse for exactly 7 days.250 g of manure are added per liter of water. Blackberry bushes are watered in this autumn.

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In the summer period, the infusion concentration can be reduced. One liter of this organic fertilizer is dissolved in 10 liters of water. The nitrogen content in this fertilizer is sufficient to stimulate the formation of new shoots, but when nitrogen is abundant, blackberry fruiting will decrease.

If you feed blackberry bushes with chicken manure, do not overdo it, otherwise there is a risk to burn the roots of young shrubs.

Near each bush it is necessary to make a small hole and pour a solution of organic fertilizers into it. So the solution will go to the roots faster.

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Fertilizing with mineral fertilizers

Potassium salt and urea can be used as mineral fertilizers. In addition, you should pay attention to the complex mineral fertilizers. For blackberries need to use universal fertilizers or fertilizers for fruit crops. It is not necessary to treat blackberries against pests and diseases with insecticides and fungicides. Pests do not affect the blackberry, and the shoots of this plant have a natural immunity to fungal diseases.

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