Tips for choosing a shaver for a man

  • Grid or rotary - which one to choose?
  • How to choose the right shaver
  • Other functions

How to choose the right shaver? After all, for every man, shaving is an important process in life. Care for the condition of the skin on the face is not only the privilege of the female half, men also care for their face. However, the preferences and needs of the body are different for each, so there are many devices and equipment for shaving. This article will discuss how to choose an electric shaver for a man in 2017-2018 in terms of parameters and characteristics.

Grid or rotor - which one to choose?

Men rarely get their own electric shaver, most shave with simple disposable razors, or the device gives them a spouse or friends. Electric shavers for men are divided into two types: net and rotary. According to these two parameters, most often they choose this device. Let's write out their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

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The executive body is made in the form of rotating blades protected from external influence by a metal grid. The principle of operation is simple: hair getting through the mesh holes are cut off by the blades, regardless of the length and stiffness. Such devices are most suitable for teenagers and men with sensitive skin. Not rarely they are used by women. Popular manufacturers of these electric razors are Braun and Panasonic.


It got its name because of the presence in the form of an actuator of one or more rotors, having the form of round legs, which rotate at high speed. Each rotor has its own head and provides the best shave. Thanks to the rotors, you can shave all hard-to-reach places, at any angle and regardless of the direction of hair growth. The very first and most popular manufacturer of such devices was Philips. However, despite its quality and convenience, this device is not recommended for men with sensitive skin, also for teenagers, as they do not have enough experience in shaving and can harm themselves. In such matters it is better to consult a specialist or your doctor.

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How to choose the right shaver

When choosing a shaving device, you should pay attention to every small detail. For example, rotary razors, have in the executive body 1-3 heads, like net ones. However, the cutting edges can be both moving and static. What are the electric shavers to pay attention to? Of course, it would be logical to choose a device with a larger number of heads, since they cover a large area and shave hard-to-reach places more carefully. Rotors provide high-quality, fast and thorough shaving.

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Depending on the "tricked" electric shaver for men, its price will be different. Dear ones always serve faithfully, but require careful operation and maintenance. However, not everyone can afford an expensive razor. If the men's razor is cheap, it does not always mean that it is of poor quality. Just pay attention to your needs, for which you need a razor. Dear have many functions that the average man in the street never come in handy. Therefore, when choosing a device, pay much attention to this.

Wet Shaving

The useful features of some models of electric razors include wet shaving. This is especially convenient for people with sensitive skin, since most of the devices have only the function of dry shaving, and in some men this causes terrible irritation. Therefore, there are models for wet shaving. Statistics have shown that most middle-aged men are accustomed to wet shaving. The price of these devices is slightly higher than usual.

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Other features

Many models have trimmers for mustache and beard trimming. It is like the executive body of a hair clipper and can be located on the side of your shaving device.

Other features include:

  • optimization for mains voltage;
  • self cleaning function or clogging control;
  • power control;
  • fluid supply function;

Concerning the power of the electric shaver, there are devices that are powered only from the mains, battery and mixed devices. Naturally the price they have is different. However, you choose, because in different situations a certain function may be useful. Mixed razors are popular as they can be used everywhere. Naturally they are the most expensive, but convenience costs money.

Also choose the right electric razor, you can be helped by an intelligent sales assistant in the store. Do not make hasty conclusions, so as not to buy products of poor quality. We hope that this article helped you in the question of how to choose an electric razor for a man in 2017-2018.

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