Multivarki with the function of yogurt maker

Are there skillful hands, remarkable patience? Then the yogurt maker option is useless. The Yoghurt program maintains a temperature of 40 ºС inside the bowl during the breeding period of bacteria in the original milk. Recipe peculiar, differs in time. One button puts the program Yogurt, the other on the timer dials the right time. The product will be made correctly, in time!

How to cook yogurt in a multicooker

Cooking yogurt is simple. The recipe is inscribed on leaven( or attached).Storage is a problem. Save difficult ready-made yogurt, diluted sourdough. The product will begin to taste bitter, rot, followed by unpleasant effects. Leaven can be propagated. Rules are written on packages. Ready yogurt is obtained 4 times more. The main thing is not to overdo it. Technologists, pharmacologists better than mere mortals are aware of how to make yogurt.

It is better to take sourdough at the pharmacy, it is known that they sell Prostokvashino sourdough, other domestic, imported brands( Danone).A leaven does not always look like a powder( bacterial spores, excipient) that must be carefully diluted in milk. In the pharmacy, the drug is distributed in test tubes for a reason. Pour a little warm milk, close, shake. It turned out a solution with a strain of bacteria, which is easy to dose on the right number of cans. Some people complicate the process: they take a mayonnaise jar of milk, pour in a beaker. It turns out more strain.

Banks are put in heat for 7 hours. Comfortable conditions are created in multi-cookers with the function of a yogurt maker. Yogurt does not like light. The drink is kept corked, closed, in the refrigerator, so as not to disturb the air anaerobic bacteria. Sourdough put open. It is suitable for a couple of days, check on the packaging, the forum.

Program Yogurt is not the only way to get a delicious dessert. Ready yogurt is seasoned with vanilla powder, fruit pieces, berries, and other goodies. Danon manages to wrap up the grain.

Special multicooker functions are not necessary. Observant hostesses have noticed: the heating function in most appliances corresponds to the set temperature. It means that it is not necessary to pay for a special function. Of course, you need to follow the dish. Do not bring to a temperature above 45 degrees Celsius, at 63 for half an hour all bacteria, even useful ones, die. The process is called pasteurization.

In many models, time is set as a timer. What is the difference between the yogurt maker and the slow cooker:

  • the yogurt maker does not know how to cook;
  • in yogurt maker constant low temperature;
  • instead of a bowl with a transparent lid for cans;
  • power consumption of yogurt maker varies within 40 watts.

The device is one-sided and comfortable. If food is being cooked in a slow cooker, you should not take the device for a long time. If in the morning you want porridge, it is better to cook on a timer, pouring the ingredients the day before. But there lies yogurt, left overnight.

The cost of yogurt makers is low. Small cost 800 rubles, the price tag rarely exceeds 2000 rubles. For this money it is difficult to take a slow cooker with a separate function Yogurt. Redmond RMC-M10 costs about 2,300 rubles. We get a full-fledged device that can maintain heat and cook food.

Can prepare yogurt and owners of expensive devices. We use the function more flexible than heating. We set the time, temperature. This ensures compliance with the recipe. They produce multicookers for which the chef draws up programs. The owners of the devices can try if they like home cooking, then, if necessary, buy a separate yogurt maker. There are many options.

Multicooker options with the

yogurt maker. What options are important for making yogurt? Redmond released a novelty. A good slow cooker, but a feature is noticed - the inability to set the temperature. Heating mode is sure to automatically turn on when the program ends. Such a multi-cooker is not suitable for making yoghurt.

How to take a bowl cover? For yogurt does not matter, try to avoid only silver. If you throw out the old multicooker, leave the bowl, it is useful - to cook yogurt. Banks are solid, can teflon or ceramic scratch. Owners of nanodiamond coating have nothing to fear. The solid element cuts glass easily. Diamond coating hard. Marble not far behind.

It does not matter for making yoghurt the power of the device. It takes 20 - 40 watts to maintain the desired temperature. Mechanical or touch control types are suitable. Touch control does not like voltage surges. Connect home cooker with the function of yogurt maker through a surge protector."Rat" for the computer will fit. The process will be disrupted if power is interrupted. The idea is to turn on the device through the UPS.The yogurt needs 8 hours of stability, with a power up to 40 W will not rob a normal uninterruptible power supply.

Try to find out in the store whether it is possible to set the heating time. The program turns on after the end of the cooking cycle, turns off automatically. Then the device is unsuitable for getting a tasty drink. It is permissible to cook yogurt in a bread maker, if the dough proofing mode can be prolonged for 8 hours, and the oar should be made to stand still. A slow cooker that can lay down dough can make yogurt on this option. It takes 8 hours( 6 - 9) at a stable temperature of 38-40 ºС.

Figures are given for orientation. The exact recipe is given in the review about kefir, yogurt, sour cream, ryazhenka, other dairy products in a slow cooker and similar devices.

The main thing is to maintain constant conditions for 8 hours. Cover the non-working device with a pillow( it is forbidden to use it during operation), put it in a warm place so that it cools more slowly. The finished product is kept tightly sealed at a positive temperature of 3 - 4 ºС.

Yogurt is difficult to cook without appliances. The desired temperature is kept for hours, otherwise the process cycle is broken. Bacteria reproduction conditions will be violated, the product will deteriorate. The simplest are active in the temperature range of 5-45 degrees. Above 60 die.



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