How beautiful and unusual hang tulle on the window

The look and comfort of any room depends on the little things. First of all, from the cleanliness, furniture and properly selected tulle. After the curtains are chosen, the housewives ask themselves “how beautiful to hang the tulle”, and often do not notice the little things that create the overall look of the room.

Tulle Accessories

The room itself plays an important role, where you are going to choose curtains. In the kitchen, in the hall, in the bedroom there will be completely different options. Color, material, accessories and even form play a large role in the appearance of tulle, since it is on windows that special attention always falls.

Before you hang the tulle, it is necessary to make measurements, select the fabric, consider the color, shape, additional accessories. In order to hang the curtains, a cornice is needed, the dimensions of which depend on the size of the curtains.

If you choose bright, colored curtains, then they do not require additional accessories, since an abundance of color will look very pretentious. Also, under the bright wallpaper with a pattern it is better not to pick up the tulle of the same color.

There are 3 types of curtain rods:

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  • Tubular curtain rods are very reliable and versatile. They fit almost every interior, do not make the overall appearance heavier, can be used with rings, grommets.
  • String cornices are designed for light curtains, they are almost not visible on the walls and thanks to this they are perfectly combined with light fabrics.
  • Profile eaves are quite massive, they can consist of clothespins, clips and hooks. Often they can be seen in large halls with heavy tulle.

When choosing curtains in the store, do not completely trust the color on the packaging photo, it may be different live due to lighting and even the size of the room.

How to fix the tulle

There are many ways to fix the curtains on the cornice, you can choose one of them based on the interior, the size of the tulle and the window. Please note that for some methods additional attachments may be needed.

For the bedroom, it is better to choose thick fabrics that will completely prevent the ingress of sunlight; it is better to fix such curtains on ordinary rings.

How to hang the tulle so that the design is reliable and easy to remove from the fasteners? Consider the following options:

  • Eyelets. At the top of the fabric you need to make holes through which then you will insert the grommets, then through them you need to pierce the eaves.
  • One of the very popular ways is to hang curtains on rings and hooks. To do this, you must fasten the hooks at the top of the fabric; the hooks must be transparent or of the same color as the fabric. Then you need to attach the rings, which are put on hooks. Rings should also be in tone fabrics.
  • Tulle can be hung on clips as in the photo in the catalog of curtains. This option is very simple and convenient to use, usually used in the kitchen, quickly removed and does not cause any inconvenience, they do not damage the fabric and securely hold it. For a more beautiful effect, you can collect the fabric and form soft lines.
  • You can also hang tulle in the bedroom, for example, on the loop. They can be made of ribbons or braid. This method looks very attractive and easy.

How to make a tulle

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After you have chosen the tulle and fixed it on the cornice, you can think about its design. It should be understood that the use of more than one type of add-on looks too elaborate. Even the colored curtains on the curtain gum sometimes look tasteless and not original. It is often possible to see when the tulle is folded in such a way that it forms beautiful curves and lines, but this technique requires an appropriate light type of fabric. Also an important detail is that if the room is made in a certain style, for example, aristocratic, then the usual, pastel colors of the curtains will look inappropriate. In this case, it is better to look at expensive fabrics with patterns, ruffles.

Special attention should be paid to the curtain tape. This is a great option to hide hooks, fastenings behind a beautiful pattern. The stores have plenty of options for every taste, so you can choose anything. On the curtain tape, you can attach various accessories that complement the image of your interior. Also sold curtains, which immediately go on the curtain tape.

  • Often used asymmetric options that look good with bright colored fabrics. They do not require a curtain base on top.
  • Two tulle can be used simultaneously on one window, one is thinner, the other is thicker( top).Colors may be different, preferably not screaming. Mostly successful shades will be red, purple, blue.
  • Plain matte tulle will always look great in any room, because it is a classic version. You can choose as bright colors and pastel, and even dark.
  • If the room is large, then the usual choice will be plain white tulle, which will accentuate the spaciousness, distribute the light correctly and evenly, and accentuate the colors of the furniture. But if this is a photo studio or a restaurant, then such curtains will look very bright in the photo, so it is important to pay attention to the lighting level.
  • If the fabric is monochromatic, then patterns with a metallic tint will look great, in the evening the fabric will cast a beautiful unusual shade in the light.
  • To beautifully assemble the lower part of the fabric, you can buy plain tapes that are attached with buttons and hold the shape of tulle. In such cases, you can often find fasteners hidden behind a curtain tape.

The successful design of the window space provides a stylish interior in the room, since it is the window that is the main source of light in the room and creates a mood. Often, along the curtains even garlands of the same color are attached: white, pale blue, beige, in the evening they create a special warm atmosphere. Such garlands should not be flickering, the light from them should come evenly and permanently, they can be fixed on a ribbon or a thin chain.

Your imagination and desire to improve your home will be the main components in a successful result. Even because of the usual change of curtains, the room is transformed and acquires a new look, you want to return to it more and more and feel the new atmosphere. The main rule is to monitor the cleanliness of the curtains, to prevent the appearance of dust and to wash them as they become soiled, since with a long absence of washing they begin to produce an unpleasant smell of dust.

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