A device for making meatballs from China

Meatballs are a simple and tasty dish that is enjoyed by both adults and children. However, its preparation takes too much time. That is why many housewives prefer to cook an ordinary soup with pieces of meat or just fry it.

However, not so long ago a special device for forming meatballs appeared on the market. It greatly facilitates the formation of meatballs. Includes spatula and groove. The paddle can be used on the one hand and on the other. Only one side is slightly smaller than the other. Thus, it is possible to create meatballs of different sizes.

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engines? It’s quite easy to use a meatball making machine. First you need to fill the groove with minced meat. Then set the spatula at such a distance from the edge, so that a small meatball will result. After that, you need to gently move the meatball with a spatula in boiling water or sauce. That's all, meatballs are ready.

The advantages of a meatball cooking device:

  1. Simplicity. Now you do not need to manually form meatballs.
  2. Speed. In just a few minutes, you can process almost a kilogram of minced meat.
  3. Clean. Both the paddle and the groove are quickly washed in running water.
  4. Compact. The device takes up very little space in the kitchen.
  5. Versatility. The blade allows you to make both small and large meatballs.
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A device for cooking meatballs should be in every hostess. But there is one important question: how much does it cost? In the online stores of Russia and Ukraine, such a device costs 354 rubles. Pretty inexpensive.

But on Aliexpress site, this same product is sold for only 61 rubles. For the price really worth buying this device. After all, it can be used to make meatballs at least every day.

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The characteristics of the device for making meatballs:

  • material - plastic;
  • groove length - 24 cm;
  • groove width - 3.5 cm;
  • scapula length - 22 cm;
  • the width of the large side of the scapula - 3.7 cm;
  • the length of the small side of the scapula - 2.7 cm;
  • color - white.

As you can see, the device for cooking meatballs is best ordered on the website Aliexpress. After all, the Chinese manufacturer offers to buy this product for a much lower price, unlike the domestic manufacturer.

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