Best home freezers according to customer reviews

  • What are the advantages of a separate freezer?
  • Types of freezers
  • Criteria for choosing the best model
  • Top 7 best models of freezers for the home

Why buy a separate freezer if there is a sub-freezer in the modern refrigerator? The answer is simple: the freezer is a more spacious and powerful appliance. And if you want to make supplies of fresh-frozen vegetables or meat, then we will tell you how to choose a freezer for your house in the 2017-2018 year and at the most attractive price.

What are the advantages of a separate freezer?

In 2018, freestanding freezers are gaining in popularity. Such a household appliance will allow you to make stocks for the winter - to freeze an impressive amount of berries and vegetables, or meat and fish. Frozen products for a long time retain their nutritional properties and after defrosting will delight you with unchanged taste and aroma, as well as all the vitamins and trace elements that they contained in fresh form. With the constant increase in food prices and the rise in prices before the winter holidays - the decision to buy a freezer is a reasonable investment. And if you still do not have a freezer for the house, we advise you to think about purchasing this useful unit.

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And so you came to the store or opened an Internet site and realized that there is a huge number of companies and models of this technology in front of you. Which freezer is better to choose? After all, they are not only different in price. And even reading customer reviews is not always possible to figure out - for which praise or criticize this or that model. Well, let's see - which freezer is better.

Types of freezers

Structurally, freezers are divided into two types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

The first ones resemble an ordinary refrigerator, but instead of shelves - containers or individual compartments. This model is better to choose if you plan to freeze products that are incompatible by smell - fish, fruits, raw meat with vegetables, etc.

Horizontal freezers are the second name - chest. Remind the fridge-chest. As a rule, in such devices there are no sealed separate compartments for different products, but it is possible to freeze huge chunks of meat carcass or weighty fish, without cutting it into small pieces.

Also, you should make the choice of a freezer based on several technical characteristics that not only determine the price of the device, but also make using the device simpler or more productive. And we want to help buy an optimal and high-quality freezer.

Criteria for choosing the best model

Banal advice, but still - give preference to proven and well-known manufacturers. Then you can count on warranty service and availability of spare parts for repair in the free market. We are already silent about the build quality of the freezer itself. What brand is considered authoritative and reliable - we will tell a little later, and now we will move on to the technical characteristics of freezers.

  1. Freezing capacity. Freezers can accommodate from 100 to 500 liters. A little advice - do not buy a freezer with a large "reserve" capacity. This will lead to an increase in the cost of paying for electricity, and the freezer itself will not be extremely full. For an ordinary family of 3-4 people, a freezer of 150 to 250 liters is enough.
  2. Power. As for the freezers, in this case, the power is measured in kilograms of freezing per day. The range is from 5 to 25 kg / day. But the average option for an ordinary family of three - 6-10 kg / day.
  3. Power Consumption. When choosing a device, remember - the freezer will work almost constantly, so you should pay close attention to the class of energy consumption or energy efficiency. There are models A, B, C, D, and E-class. It would be superfluous to tell you that you should give preference to models A and even A + and A ++ classes.
  4. Frost class. This criterion indicates to what minimum temperature your appliance can cool and freeze food. Marked with stars and one star - it's 6 ° frost. It is good, when on a household freezer 3 - 4 such asterisks flaunts.
  5. Additional functionality. This includes the most common possibilities of freezers:
  • climate class - the temperature of the environment in which the unit will operate;
  • defrost or system no frost;
  • function "extra freezing";
  • automatic temperature preservation inside the device during a power outage.

Online shoppers reviews are full of references to these options of different models. Some praise manufacturers for a good idea and high quality of execution, others argue that these are useless functions that only increase the price of a product. What criterion will affect your choice - we don’t know, but we’re sure that now you won’t let a nosy sales assistant confuse you and make a really suitable choice of the best freezer for your home.

In addition to the important nuances that will help you choose the optimal model of the freezer, we have prepared a rating of freezers. In it you will find different models for price, quality, manufacturer, as well as other indicators that we discussed above.

Top 7 best freezer models for home

Best freezer - what is it? Roomy or built-in? Expensive or cheap? Productive or economical? We analyzed customer reviews and selected the best and most popular models in several “nominations”.

ATLANT M 7184-003

The first line of our rating will help to choose the best inexpensive model of the freezer .Presented here is the Belarusian freezer ATLANT M 7184-003.240 l volume, fast freezing mode, low noise. This model is praised for low price, but high build quality, neat design, "comfortable" dimensions.

Indesit MFZ 16 F

Successful Freezer with System No Frost .Freezer volume - 210 liters, low power consumption - A +, high power work - 20 kg / day. This brand has always taken care of the durability and ease of control in its appliances and the MFZ 16 F freezer “on electrician” is a model of reliability and convenience.

Samsung RZ-32 M7110SA

Best freezer with ice maker .The internal volume of 315 liters, a compartment with adjustable humidity levels, A +, maintaining the temperature up to 14 hours, thoughtful organization of the internal space. This unit boasts the highest quality and durability of materials, stylish appearance and well-designed system of freezing and storage of products.

Liebherr G 4013

The most capacious model rating and "star" reviews - freezer. The net volume of the camera is more than 400 l, 25 kg / day - the power declared by the manufacturer, the preservation of cold - 45 hours without electricity, deep freezing to 32 °.The steel case, convenient internal containers, low noise level and profitability are all distinctive features of this model. We can say that in its nomination it is the optimal combination of the price of the device and the quality of workmanship.


Excellent narrow and light freezer .Ideal for placement in the hallway or in a small kitchen. The width is only 60 cm, the total volume of the chamber is 290 l, the autonomous preservation of cold is 18 hours, the energy efficiency class is A +.This model is distinguished by the display, protection from children, low noise level - 40 dB, as well as low price, simplicity in design and management, stability of work.

Zanussi ZUF 11420 SA

The most popular built-in freezer .Differs in volume of 98 liters, quiet operation, keeps the cold for about 18 hours, has a super-freezing mode. It can freeze 18 kg / day, it is built into a niche with a width of 60 and a depth of 55 cm. The harmonious combination of "price and quality" of the model.

ATLANT M 7203-100

The best vertical freezer .Volume - 198 liters, energy class - A +, power 16 kg / day. Keeps cold up to 32 hours. Compact, but effective model from a reliable manufacturer. High build quality, reasonable functionality, practicality - all this distinguishes this freezer from others.

Our rating of the best freezers of 2017-2018 has come to an end. Now you can choose the right unit for freezing, based on our recommendations and a list of the most popular models. Make the choice deliberately, and then your purchase will be able to prove themselves in the best way!

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