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Organic and mineral fertilizers for strawberries help to increase the yield and improve the taste of berries. There are generally accepted recommendations for the use of these fertilizers.

Strawberry care should be taken throughout the entire growth period. In early spring, the soil is fed with a water extract of mullein, tree ash, bird droppings. They are introduced evenly, in small doses.

A complex non-chlorine fertilizer is used as a mineral fertilizer. Its main components are nitrogen and potassium, which are necessary for the plant during its growth. The presence of a complex potassium fertilizer increases yields and protects strawberry bushes from various diseases and the influence of insect pests. Nitrogen provides the plant with the necessary reserve of forces for unimpeded growth and fruitful fruiting.

The main advantages and benefits of spring strawberry feeding with mineral fertilizers:

  • You can feed strawberries on any soil;
  • Yield increases after fertilizing;
  • Resistance to diseases and pests, as well as an increase in the size of the fruit;
  • Acceleration of flowering and fruiting period, due to the accumulation of essential vitamins and sugars.

This type of fertilizer is introduced for strawberries when planting not more than 30 g. After being introduced into the soil, it is recommended to dig up and plant a strawberry bush in the top-fed place. Then it is necessary to water a little plant. In early spring, when the last snow comes down, it is necessary to deposit from 20 to 30 grams / 1m2 of area, and after flowering - about 15g / m2.

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What fertilizer is needed for strawberries?

Growing strawberries is quite an interesting and painstaking process that requires appropriate knowledge in the use of certain types of nutrients. So what kind of fertilizer is needed for strawberry:

Organic fertilizer for strawberry

Chatterbox from compost. It is created from rotted grass and compost( remnants of spoiled vegetables and fruits, various types of waste, food, leaves) by mixing with water. It is used for watering the soil, while the remaining solution remains on the surface in the form of mulch by small islands.

Slurry. This type of fertilizer is based on the calculation of 1l.slurry / 8 l.water. Then he insists a few days to the mixture became liquid. After readiness, you can add strawberry to the fertilizer. Watering is necessary so that the mixture does not fall on the leaves of the plant, since this can lead to its burning out.

Manure humus. It is used to create a solution of completely decomposed excrement and litter for pets, with water. Manure humus is used as a fertilizer for strawberries in the fall after harvest, and before planting strawberry bushes in spring. The solution has a positive effect on the root system. Manure humus remains on the soil surface in the form of mulch.

Litter chicken( bird) .Concentrate of this organic fertilizer can be purchased at the store, and can be diluted at home with water in proportions of 10x1.The resulting solution needs to stand for about two days. After the substance is infused, you need to pour it into the soil so as not to fall on the leaves.

Important to know! In concentrated solution using bird droppings there is a large amount of nitrogen. Summer residents need to be careful and use it with a sense of proportion and in accordance with the recommendations for use.

Humate( contains potassium and sodium). This fertilizer is laid out between rows of strawberry bushes on dry rotted grass or hay. It helps to improve the taste of strawberry fruit and reduce the capacity of nitrates. The humate is made from the extract of peat, silt, manure, plant residues. Sold in the form of powder in specialized stores of garden and garden products.

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Ash wood .Excellent organic fertilizer, which is a worthy substitute for mineral fertilizer unit fertilizers and potassium salt. It is applied in the form of powder and crumbles with the calculation of 150g / 1m2 of area. You can also use it as a liquid( half a liter of water / 50g of ash), each bush is watered separately.

Mineral fertilizers for strawberries

Mineral fertilizers for strawberries are needed in the same way as natural organic fertilizers. They will contribute to the rapid growth of plants and increase yields. For this purpose, ammonium sulphate, urea, ammonium or sodium nitrate( nitrogen fertilizers) are used.
This kind of fertilizer is needed to achieve high-quality yield( the berries become large, red, bulk).Urea is easily dissolved in water, so one tablespoon of urea is enough for 10 liters of water.
Fertilize strawberries for the first time in early spring. Pour 0.5 l. Per bush.

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Strawberry fertilizer after harvesting

Strawberry fruits appear relatively early. Full harvest ends in June. Usually, after this process, the bushes are very weak. It is necessary to apply fertilizer to feed plant life.
Before supporting strawberry bushes with fertilizers, it is necessary to remove dry shoots and yellowed leaves, and also replace poorly fruiting bushes with new ones.

A good fertilizer after harvesting is a solution of ammonium mullein( 2 spoons of ammonium and 2 cups of mullein / 10 liters of water).This solution is poured strawberries( 0.5 liters for each bush).
After a certain period, the soil must be fed with wood ash powder, scattering about 200 grams / 1m2.
Nettle fertilizer also has a positive effect on feeding strawberry plants after harvesting. It is made from cut shoots of nettle and boiling water. The whole composition is poured into the container and infused for 3 days. This bio-fertilizer is poured into the ground throughout the strawberry plantation.

Well, the best fertilizer for strawberries is a complex organic fertilizer - green manure bean and manure. This compound will provide the plant with a sufficient amount of nutritional support substances. Effectively apply it together with complex mineral fertilizers.

Following all the recommendations on the use of basic fertilizers for strawberries, you can get a good result by increasing the yield several times.

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