DIY Multicooker Repair Redmond

The first sign that distinguishes the technique of imaginary foreign manufacturing, interpreted by the forum users as showing the affinity of the CIS, is non-repairable. Disassembling, you will break the decor part, you have to buy a special tool, endless tricks. Western personal computers did not award such a tricky( bad) security system. It seemed that static voltage could burn out the lion's share of the periphery of the motherboard. Both screws of the Redmond home cooker, covered with a colorful warranty sticker( easy to soak off), are extravagant. Shielded by the film, you have to put a home cooker in a double boiler( just kidding).The delights are designed to deceive the cunning rukostogo Russian peasant, easily bypassing the three degrees of protection. The impression formed by the product deteriorates. Today we are discussing repairing the Redmond multicooker with our own hands.

Disassembly of the Redmond home cooker Multicooker

Below we consider the features of the Redmond multicooker. Bypass expensive models - we believe, not everybody has one of them - we will work on a standard one that is sold at a reasonable price. A typical set of programs, the average cost, uncomplicated appearance.

Multicooker Redmond

Household Multicooker Redmond has a complete lack of screws and screws on the outside. Improves appearance. The body consists of a plastic bottom rim girdled with a metal wall. The screws do not attach to the base( hidden by an intricate label explaining the warranty period, forget - decor), plastic teeth. To prevent the pair of cooking from soaking the paper, it is carefully covered with a transparent piece of plastic. Good - food does not stain paper. Consequently, the Redmond home cooker will look great. It is easier to wash the case, liquid products are allowed without fear of losing the right to guarantee.

Underline. The screws discussed constitute the element of decor. The base is fastened with hidden teeth covering the perimeter.

One crosshead screw, the second provided with a triangular hole. Reminds an Egyptian pyramid with only a smaller number of faces. Moreover, the standard nozzle three slot, the separation angle of 120 degrees passes. Break the head by all means. Avoid crushing, otherwise the wall of the home Multivarki Redmond will bend inward, the presentation will be lost. Foresight delights, causing a slight contempt for the ingenuity of the designers. Both screws insert triangular, making it difficult to access. Non-standard head is more expensive, the only screw is not enough to hold the wall in place. Delightfully, thought out to the smallest detail, repairmen do not stop! The triangular bolt from the inside is fastened with a nut to the wall. The bottom is simply glued, sits on plastic teeth( when you first meet with the technique, without knowing the features, you will break the head, you will lose the right of guarantee).

That's why it was impossible to make out the Redmond home cooker. Even knowing the focus, it is extremely difficult to crush the equipment without damage. Repairing a Redmond multicooker with your own hands is likely to spoil the presentation.

From the bottom, the cover is fixed with one screw to the inner shell of the case by the bracket, a sandwich is obtained:

  1. Bottom.
  2. Exterior Walls.
  3. Interior walls of the working compartment.

The bottom is made of plastic, glued to the outer walls of a thin sheet of steel. Rolled onto itself, forms a cylinder. Easily bends, breaks. The inner walls of the casing are formed by high-quality steel, strong, shaped like a bowl larger than the one in which they are prepared. In the middle of the bottom there is a hole where the main button wire goes. TEN is a washer( figured cut out disk), is attached to the compartment with three screws, equipped with lock washers. One contact goes to the plug connector, the second comes from the board of the switching power supply unit containing the relay, controlled by the central circuit.

To fasten the main button on the TEN drive, there is a steel cylinder to which the die is attached. Between it and the main button spring. Sensors Multivarki Redmond two. The first took a fancy cover( upper), the second from the bottom. The first is hidden between the wall. Under the plastic loop are three conductors:

  1. Two signal.
  2. Grounding.

Last needed in case of getting inside the steam. Experimental lovers are informed: if the main button is filled with croup, the damage will cause a halt. The disk of TENA hangs over emptiness. Aside, at the edge of the bottom on four racks there is a power board. Located at some height from the surface of the electronic filling down. In addition, the top is protected by a flat cover. There is a hole in the bottom of the home multicooker Redmond, so if you spill a liquid, you should wet the table with a high degree of probability. Close the plug, socket. The current will immediately go to earth if the device is properly connected. Otherwise, as long as the fuses blow, the home ones will suffer. Take note: spilled liquid inside, avoid taking hands at the same time:

  1. Wet table, battery.
  2. Housing home multicooker, kitchen faucet.
  3. Bowl, gas pipe.

Approaching a home multicooker is dangerous as long as there is food. It’s safer to cut out the switch of the access box guard, rather than risk life. Stop trying to pull the plug, it can become dangerous.

There is also step voltage. The cook should avoid touch potential. From the place of breakdown of the cable, laid under the ground, depart goose step. The heel of the forward-arched foot is attached to the toe of the standing. Security is provided. On the way, the current forms a potential difference on the surface. Voltage drops evenly in length. The longer the step, the higher the potential difference between the legs. The probability of breakdown of insulation, represented by the soles of shoes, increases, a person will get an electric shock. The principle operates in the kitchen until the fuses are blown out, or the dangerous appliance is turned off by an automatic switch.

In addition to the voltage of a step, physics introduced the voltage of touch. The points of electric shock will be the hands, the body. The most dangerous path of the current passes through the heart( hand-to-hand) area.

The electric circuit of the home multicooker Redmond

Forgot to remember the thermal fuse! It is not known how many models of the Redmond home cooker, support the protection from the empty inclusion, the hostesses are sure: the specified action should be avoided. From the plug connector, the terminal goes directly to the case, fastens in three places:

  1. The walls of the compartment for the bowl.
  2. Sensor in the lid.
  3. Outer steel cylinder.

With the proper electrical connection of the Redmond home multicooker to the euro socket with side lobes, nothing bad will happen during the breakdown. If there is no grounding, get a chance to get an electric shock. Until the fuses are knocked out, the person will surely die, collapse, get a thrashing. Not one installer took the battery, working as an electric drill, never ended up doing anything good. Thermal fuse is attached to the compartment case with a steel bracket pulled by a bolt to the wall. On top of the wire is protected by a fabric cuff. Thermal fuse inside.

The power supply board with the transformer is connected by one conductor directly, the other through a thermal fuse with a plug connector. An overheated device will certainly be turned off. Specified happens at empty loading. The smartest home multicookers can switch off according to sensor readings, cheap protective options are deprived. Pay attention: the wire of the lower sensor is protected by heat-resistant fabric. Will save isolation from breakdown at a casual contact of TENA.

As for the Redmond home multicooker pulse power supply, there is no fuse. We believe that because the TEN is powered by a relay directly with a 230 volt network, electronic boards do not need high voltage and current. And then put the trivial diode bridge, after the secondary winding with a resistor, a capacitor for filtering pulsations.

"Smart stuffing" is on the electronic board located on the inside of the side wall of the case. In it is the value of a home multicooker, everyone can assemble a switching power supply, equip a relay with his own hands. There is no special indication for the repair of the power unit, it’s bad that there is no slot for the fuse. It would be possible to connect a light bulb, evaluating the reaction, to judge whether the malfunction of the Redmond home cooker was eliminated. Alarming one thing. Judging by the lack of fuses, nothing in the home multicooker Redmond can not burn. It's good!

Hopefully, the Redmond multi-cooker has been painted in excess. We apologize that without a photo, another time we will fix the process. Independent repair of the Redmond multicooker is rarely required, unless the cook is defective. Brand quality design disgusting. By the way, they did not say how to remove the inner case. Placed on plastic teeth on the curved edge of the side wall of the plastic upper frame. This is difficult to read, but take the Redmond home cooker in your hands, the question will clear up. Here's another thing. Purposely, the edge of the side wall of the Redmond home cooker is sharp. When you remove the teeth, most will cut. Such a. .. protection from clever!

Having such a description at hand, readers, of course, will repair the Redmond multicooker. Harder to get a new heater. In some designs of the electric kettle spiral coiled inside. Well, that Redmond does not do this with multicookers.

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