How to check the transformer

  1. Logo of the company-manufacturer. The official site of the plant will be able to gather a lot of useful information. The problem is limited to the cessation of enterprise existence. You understand the liveliness of the issue for a collapsing country. The second stage concerns the search for a short digital marking, we will puzzle the search engine: Yandex, Google. Great chance of immediately finding the characteristics, as well as the electrical circuit of the device. Then nothing is easier than to ring the transformer, to determine the presence of a breakdown, the integrity of the windings. We remind you that the insulation resistance( per magnetic conductor, for example) is at least 20 MΩ according to existing standards. Applies to any adjacent, electrically isolated windings. Having bought a Chinese tester, lovers can do the measurements themselves.
  2. Product name is considered a key factor. It is required to understand: different classes are meant for their goals. It is permissible, of course, to use an input transformer, forming a galvanic isolation, at the same time understanding the resulting result. In devices, the voltage is usually not standardized separately, the operation is meaningless. The secondary winding of the current transformer is connected to the corresponding coil of the control measurement device. Voltage is assessed separately if necessary. The label contains the words "transformer", "autotransformer".Immediately make out the meaning. Yandex will help. For example, an autotransformer is distinguished by the absence of a galvanic isolation between the primary, secondary winding. In fact, when driving electric trains, it is convenient to arrange autotransformers at intervals, to remove the voltage by a typical method. The trajectory of the current will significantly reduce losses. The distance between the source and ground( through the rails) is reduced. There are many other types of transformers. The type is determined, we find the GOST of the corresponding class of the device, then we move, equipped with reliable information support. Concerning this class of devices we find: marking is carried out in accordance with GOST 11677-75.Differs GOST, according to which began consideration, due to different scope. GOST 11677 - international. Consequently, it is clear: even for one class of products the tag is hung unequal.

    Elementary Transformer

  3. Serial Number will help to get technical support. We know for sure that in Taiwan, in China, there are specialists who know English, we strongly recommend that you try to contact if you have problems. For Soviet products information would rather be useless.
  4. Type designation will help disassemble design features. For example, we meet TZRL.According to GOST 7746-2001 there are tables( 2 and 3), leading to decoding. As for the first letter, it characterizes the word "transformer".Bad luck - the tablet is devoid of decryption of the letter Z. Surrender? We visit Yandex, soon we find: Z means - "protective."Further simple: the letter O according to the table - “reference”, L characterizes the cast type of insulation. We find the climatic modification U2.Interpretation is carried out according to GOST 15150, category of placement of type 2 GOST 15150. Having information in hand, it is easy to find the distinctive features of a transformer. Concerning the future placement, they decided to check the transformer for a reason. Surely prepared a warm place that meets the specified standards.
  5. Useful information regarding regulatory documentation. The standard according to which the transformer is made is indicated by a label. It remains to open the document, decrypt the inscription. In each case, there may be slight deviations of the notation; the search engine will help you to understand( Yandex, Google).

    Varieties of transformers

  6. The date of manufacture is indicated by soft aluminum plates. The information is useful if you want to contact the manufacturer’s technical support.
  7. The nameplate provides a wiring diagram for the windings, pin numbers( colors, other conventions).According to the information, nothing is simpler than finding faults in transformers. Even if the nameplate is half-erased, try to find a sign of a similar device. Further, it is permissible to redraw, print the necessary information. On specialized forums, amateurs willingly share similar information. Wait a little sad. Finally, we will learn a lot from reference books. Find using Yandex. Look for electronic versions of books, network resources suffer little accuracy. The search string contains file extensions: djvu, pdf, torrent. Do not worry about copyrights, the book is being downloaded for review. We looked, deleted. It is impossible to transfer the received information, of course. Got a brochure developed by ABS Electro, giving the necessary information on the product. Inside some devices are thermal relays, some other elements. Therefore, to ring the transformer ten times more complicated than a private. In consumer electronics, there is often a 135 degree Celsius fuse, hidden by the turns of the primary, secondary winding, a truly complex product will surprise experienced researchers. By the way, thermal fuses sometimes adorn the magnetic core, the tester showed a winding gap, look for protective elements.

    Current Transformers

  8. Rated frequency Hz is not available if the network complies with standard( industrial).High-frequency transformer should not be used instead of the usual. A different winding resistance is expected, the characteristics will change. The transformer will not work properly, it will become more heated.
  9. The operating mode specifications are indicated if the nature of the transformer’s operation is beyond the scope of the term “continuous”.According to accepted standards, the device is able to work indefinitely. Otherwise, an operating cycle is given. After a certain period of activity, the transformer will need rest. Otherwise, it will burn, the protection will operate( relays, fuses), or the winding will fail due to overheating.
  10. Rated full power kVA is indicated for meaningful windings. Good to know: HH means low, HV high voltage. It is easy to understand, having studied the transformer of the welding machine. The electrode current is large, the voltage is low. The coils are formed by a thick wire, the resistance is small. Rated full power will allow to coordinate the source with the consumer. Suppose it is worth low-voltage equipment, you need to quickly pick up a transformer. Avoiding puzzling, you should compare the power: consumption, the permissible secondary winding of the transformer. Aspects clear up. The maximum power consumption of equipment below the working( nominal) secondary winding of the transformer.

    Current Transformer Label

  11. The voltage rating of the main secondary winding is a characteristic that makes it clear whether the transformer is working. Enough to secure the absence of a short circuit, turn on the primary winding in the network. A tester( calculated for the specified range) will be measured. Much more reliable measurement of resistance, attempts to calculate the transfer coefficient.
  12. In voltage regulators, transformers with a variable number of turns are more often used. Special slider bypasses the secondary winding, removing the desired voltage. The labeling of some transformers contains limits for voltage changes. Of course, it is taken into account by the verifier. By the way, more often in this place lies a transformer malfunction. Or closes the adjacent coils, or poor contact slider. Found a break fix.
  13. Rated currents of windings will sometimes allow, without looking to pick up the component parts of the network. For example, automatic protection. Many devices provide options for maximum load current. It is useful to measure the value of the ammeter, you need to connect the consumer. Clearly, the short circuit of the secondary winding should not be done.
  14. The short-circuit voltage of the secondary winding is indicated by the nominal percentage. It is clear that, in contrast to the ideal source of energy studied by teachers of physics lessons, real instruments are powerless to produce indicators. Therefore, with a sharp increase in current, the voltage drops rapidly. Percentages are given relative to the nominal value. Calculate a specific value yourself, enlisting the help of OS Windows calculator. Should we try to organize a short circuit with our own hands, we find it difficult to say. Risky: cork will knock out, the transformer is subject to danger.

Have a transformer two windings, four outputs, it does not cost anything to ring. The problem is due to a significant difference in real structures. The transformer is equipped with a plurality of secondary leads to obtain the desired voltage ratings. The entrance side is not easy. Sometimes two separate transformers are wound on one magnetic circuit. How to assess the suitability of use? Let's see how to check the transformer.

Transformer Testing by the Chinese Tester

Not every transformer is manufactured to be powered by a 220 volt network with a frequency of 50 Hz. In industry, the measurement industry, higher education, other devices are used. Observing inappropriate characteristics, using devices in industrial circuits would be a bad idea. Therefore, first, we pay attention to labeling. It is conducted in accordance with GOST.The problem appears: an individual document has been issued for each type of transformer.

Symbols of power( GOST 52719-2007) transformers

Hopefully, told about ways to troubleshoot transformer faults. The main thing is to find out the cause, then each one turns around its own axis. The simplest( often the only) solution to the problem is to rewind the defective coil. It is made by wire, bought on the market, to count the number of turns - a separate art. Easier to make a request to the forum. In response:

  • will give a link to a specialized computer program;
  • will share their experiences;
  • will advise.

Note the legend, the list of parameters, determined by the type of transformer. Not necessarily identical to those listed in the VashTehnik portal overview.

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