Autumn work in the greenhouse: we clean and fertilize the beds

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This year we put a small greenhouse in the country and even had time to get a crop of tomatoes and cucumbers from it. Tell me, what can fertilize the ground in the fall in the greenhouse? We are engaged in greenhouse cultivation for the first time, we still have no experience, so we don’t know much yet. We will be grateful for the advice.

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse requires a special approach, since there crops grow in a limited space. This leads to depletion of the soil, so it is important to bring nutrients to the greenhouse beds annually. Otherwise, to get a good harvest from the greenhouse will not work. No less important is the fertilization of land in the greenhouse in the fall, while preparing it for wintering.

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However, before proceeding with the application of fertilizers, it is necessary to process the greenhouse to destroy various fungi and infections.

Preventive measures in the greenhouse

First of all, you should gather all plant residues on the beds, take them out and burn them, and wash the building itself. The same applies to gardening equipment( rakes, choppers, shovels), it must also be removed, cleaned of the ground and washed with soap.

When the greenhouse is removed, it is necessary to disinfect the beds themselves. To do this, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Spill the soil with boiling water and cover them with a thick film for a day. Repeat the procedure two more times. All three treatments should be done within one week.
  2. Sprinkle bleach( 100 g per 1 square meter), shed with a solution of potassium permanganate and dig up.
  3. Inject Fitosporin or Trichodermin into the soil. Plant green manure( mustard is the fastest growing).

Preparatory work in the greenhouse must begin until the air temperature has dropped below 10 degrees Celsius.

Autumn top-dressing of greenhouse beds

After the preventive measures, it was time to directly fertilize the soil in the greenhouse:

  • sprinkle wood ash over the beds( at least 50 g per square, with increased soil acidity up to 200 g);
  • shed the soil with a solution based on superphosphate( 20 g per bucket of water);
  • pour potassium sulfate at the rate of 15 g of granules per square;
  • spread on beds of rotten compost, manure or bird droppings;
  • to dig.

Instead of separate mineral components in the fall, complex preparations can be used in the greenhouse, for example, nitrophoska. In a dry form, it is applied at 50 g per square. To prepare the solution, with which the beds are then shed, it is necessary to take two times less than 10 liters of water.

We clean and fertilize greenhouse beds before winter - video

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