How to feed the surfins and pelargoniums?

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I love flowering plants, and every summer, decorate your terrace with hanging pots surfiniyami and standing on the floor baskets with a variety of pelargonium varieties. Tell me, what fertilizers can be used for pelargonium and surfinia? I want to inflorescence was as much as possible, and flowering lasted forever.

All houseplants need regular dressings, but this is especially important for flowering specimens, because the lion’s share of nutrients is spent on tying the buds. Beauties such as pelargonium and surfini are no exception. Growing in a limited space, and even blooming for a long time, these plants require timely replenishment of nutrients. Even under the condition of planting in a nutritious soil after a certain time, the flowers use all the reserves of microelements in it.

This directly affects not only the overall development, but also the quality of flowering - it becomes scarce and short, and sometimes even completely absent.

To date, florists have no problems with the choice of fertilizers for geraniums and surfinia. Flower shops sell many complex preparations with a balanced composition of trace elements specifically for flowering plants. They, more than anyone else, need not so much nitrogen, but potassium and phosphorus.

Potassium and phosphorus help to set more buds, prolong the flowering period and help avoid chipping of the inflorescences.

Liquid forms of fertilizers

The most common fertilizers for regular dressings of pelargonium and suffrinium are concentrated solutions. They are used to prepare a watering solution and they are watered with plants once a week.

It is also possible to spray the flowers, but to do this, reduce the concentration of the solution by half.

The following fertilizers have earned a good reputation:

  • Agricola Fantasia;
  • Greenward;
  • Gilea.
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Powder preparations

Soluble fertilizers also have the necessary set of useful substances. Despite the dry form( powder or small crystals), they are dissolved in water without residue.

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Among these drugs, the following should be noted:

  1. Planton .Dilute 1 tsp.powder in 5 liters of water, water once a week.
  2. Blank sheet .It can be applied to the soil in a dry form when planting( 1 measuring spoon of the drug per 5 liters of soil) or used for watering twice a month by preparing a solution from 0.5 measuring spoon to 3 liters of water. A weaker solution is also good to spray pelargonium and surfini on the sheet( 1/4 spoon per 5 liters of water).
  3. Master Agro .Water during the growing season with a solution of 5 g of the drug and 2 liters of water no more than 3 times a month.
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There are a lot of similar preparations, and all of them will help the grower to enjoy the beautiful flowering of their pets. The main thing - do not forget about them and regularly "drink delicious"!

Pelargonium fertilizing with planton fertilizer -

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