Top 10 Low Cost Sewing Machines

  • Contentsfar from their counterparts, which can be found except in antique shops or on dusty grandmother's attics, which cannot be said. Today, devices designed for sewing, are able to do literally everything. However, multifunctional models of good quality are quite expensive, and not everyone will allow themselves to use them for domestic needs.

    The selection of models submitted by manufacturers is large enough, and in order to make it easier for novice dressmakers to purchase equipment, we have prepared a rating of the best low-cost sewing machines for the home. Based on user reviews, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of popular models and we hasten to tell our readers about them. Of course, one should not expect any special “coolness” from these machines. However, in its price range, the models presented in our review occupy a worthy place.

    Brother LS-2125

    Inexpensive, high-quality and very easy-to-use sewing machine from a reputable manufacturer. It provides 14 different modes of operation. This is quite enough for both minor repairs and individual tailoring of exclusive products.

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    For novice dressmakers, it will be interesting to make loops in semi-automatic mode. The control of the machine is simple and intuitive. The unit copes with almost any kind of matter.

    The body is made of high quality plastic, the internal parts are molded, durable. There is a convenient wide bottom panel, part of which can be detached to form a hose platform. This design allows you to easily handle the narrow details of clothing.


    • does not require special skills;
    • intuitive controls;
    • soft foot pedal;
    • electromechanical control;
    • there is a reverse mode;
    • work area lighting quality;
    • 14 sewing operations;
    • not too noisy;
    • well suited for beginners;
    • semi-automatic looping;
    • in the kit immediately goes a lot of legs.


    • on thick fabrics works with force;
    • is not possible to work out the "creative" details.

    Janome JB 1108

    This type of machine is suitable not only for home use, but also for use in a small studio or clothing repair workshop. Build quality and strength of parts allow you to withstand sufficient loads. In this case, the machine is very functional. For example, one of the features is the ability to sew with a double needle, which, in general, is ideal for working with a knitted fabric.

    Electric sewing machine, controlled by a foot pedal. With its help, simply adjust the sewing speed. Performs 19 operations, which is quite good for inexpensive equipment.


    • wide functionality;
    • build quality;
    • sleeve pad;
    • good equipment;
    • reverse;
    • semi-automatic hinges;
    • proper desktop lighting;
    • available instruction in Russian;
    • all the necessary adjustments are installed very easily.


    • quite noisy;
    • short thread holder( large spool falls);
    • there is no adjustment of pressure on the fabric;
    • does not always do well with very thick materials.

    Toyota JetB 224

    If you are planning to buy an inexpensive, but practical and reliable model, pay attention to this typewriter. It is distinguished not only by good functionality, but also by a stylish design solution. The body of the unit is made in black.

    For its value, the functionality is just perfect - as many as 24 modes, plus adjustable foot pressure on the fabric. There are no special delights here. However, the device copes with various types of matter. A dressmaker will need only to set the correct settings.


    • stylish design;
    • silent operation;
    • beautiful decorative stitching;
    • "omnivorous" by type of fabric;
    • can be sewn with a double needle;
    • convenient threading system.


    • not too bright lights;
    • there is no automatic deferment of loops;
    • does not provide a holder for a second skein of thread;
    • missing knife for automatic fabric cutting.

    Singer 8280

    A very easy-to-use sewing machine is a great solution for novice dressmakers. Management is simple, electromechanical. There is a reverse button. To solve the problem, you can choose one of 7 operations. Provided secret and obmetochnaya line, there is a semi-automatic execution of loops.

    Positive qualities:

    • perfectly performs simple “home” tasks;
    • clear and easy operation;
    • conveniently adjustable;
    • has a compartment for accessories and a protective case;
    • swinging shuttle;
    • lighting work area;
    • sleeve pad.


    • is quite noisy( can be treated with proper lubrication);
    • not a lot of functions;
    • long cord to the pedal and to the outlet;
    • small size.

    Pfaff Element 1050S

    Incredibly simple, but at the same time high-quality sewing machine. With it, you can easily hem trousers or stitch a pillowcase. Sew a new dress is also not difficult. For this you can use as many as 11 operations. It may not seem enough to professionals, but for everyday household needs you will find everything you need. To manage the machine is easy, even an aspiring expert will cope.

    Main advantages:

    • the ability to work with different types of fabrics;
    • looping semi-automatic;
    • smooth operation;
    • reverse;
    • is quiet;
    • is an elastic and hidden line;
    • is the backlight of the work area;
    • sleeve platform;
    • great price.


    • shortish wire.

    Husqvarna Viking E 10

    Continues the TOP of the cheapest, but reliable sewing machines unit with a very original name. The device has an electromechanical control and reverse system. There are 21 operations to choose from - excellent functionality at low cost. Beginner masters will surely please the performance of loops in semi-automatic mode. The machine copes well even with very thick fabrics.


    • is light and comfortable;
    • "omnivorous" in fabrics;
    • is not too demanding on the quality of the thread;
    • is easy to use;
    • wide range of operations;
    • semi-automatic looping;
    • desktop lighting;
    • reliability.


    • banal design;
    • is not a very high quality case;
    • pedal cord is not very long.

    Comfort 835

    This sewing machine is one of the best in its price segment for a variety of proposed operations. There are already 52 of them here. There is a huge selection of decorative lines that will satisfy both beginning masters and professional seamstresses. For work with various materials smooth adjustment of speeds is provided. Making loops semi-automatic, for embroidery zippers provided a special foot. Unit settings are very simple and straightforward. You do not have to spend a lot of time studying the instructions.

    The machine is quite compact and weighs only 5 kg. These moments greatly facilitate the process of transportation. All handles and levers are conveniently and intuitively understandable. A soft protective case is provided for storage. There is a hose platform and illumination of the working area.


    • bright design;
    • the breadth of the proposed operations;
    • hinge semi-automatic;
    • easy installation of the desired settings;
    • convenient location of switches;
    • sleeve platform;
    • has a storage compartment for sewing supplies.


    • based on user feedback, this model does not have any special drawbacks.

    Elna EasyLine 12

    Inexpensive and fairly simple sewing technique. In the presence of 14 basic operations, including the overlock function and knitted stitching. It has a pleasant appearance, does not irritate the eyes during work. It copes well with different types of fabrics, it works quietly and quickly.


    • virtually silent operation;
    • "omnivorous" in fabrics;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • nice design;
    • 14 different operations.


    • is not very wide equipment;
    • does not provide a threader.

    Janome Jem

    Excellent sewing machine, which is very popular among consumers. In the presence of 13 different operations, including the execution of loops, sewing on the elastic and a few patterned lines. For individual operations in the kit there are several different legs.

    If you choose the right settings, the machine copes well with various types of fabrics. Of the interesting features - the system of fast winding threads.


    • high-quality assembly;
    • silent operation;
    • steel "insides";
    • the presence of a hose pad;
    • retractable pencil case for storing various small items;
    • pedal grooved, foot does not slip;
    • is a reverse system;
    • semi-automatic looping;
    • copes well with different tissues.


    • poor equipment( few legs);
    • can only use the feet for this model( original);
    • lighting can not be turned off as desired.

    Brother LX-1700

    One of the best models in terms of functionality and quality of materials used. For convenient work, a puncture stabilizer and 17 different operations are provided. This content is sufficient for most tasks.

    The machine copes well with various types of matter: it does not get stuck on thick tissues and does not “chew” the lungs. There is an opportunity to disable the material feed mechanism and the reverse system. For safety of work there is a bright illumination of the working area.

    The front panel is removable and acts as a compartment for storing small items. At its removal the convenient hose platform is formed. The unit is quiet and does not jump on the table during operation.

    Positive qualities:

    • many operations;
    • hinge semi-automatic;
    • comfortable work area;
    • backlight;
    • stable position on the table;
    • soft protective case;
    • is quiet;
    • ease of management.


    • not a lot of legs;
    • missing thread threader.


    To choose the right “your” sewing machine, it is best to start not only from financial possibilities, but also from experience with such a device, as well as from the tasks set.

    If you need for ordinary "household" problems, one of the models presented above is quite suitable. And those who are planning to make a living by sewing will need a more elaborate technique, more expensive and with a wider functionality. We hope our TOP-10 cheapest, but reliable sewing machines will help you make the right choice.

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