Calculation of the power of the refrigerator in kW

When measuring and taking into account the power of the refrigerator there is a snag. The compressor does not operate continuously, but operates in intervals. The usual scheme of work looks like this: for some time, freon circulates around the circuit until the thermostat detects that the temperature inside has reached the set point, after that the device turns off and stops consuming energy. Do not forget - for asynchronous motors, the speed of rotation is capable of changing, they require a higher rated current at start-up. It is possible to calculate the power of the refrigerator in kW from a number of positions - the payer or the user of the electric generator. There may be other necessary areas.

I am a payer of bills of the energy company

The case is simple, the manufacturers count on it. For this purpose, the European Union adopted a law about 15 years ago, obliging manufacturers to indicate brightly the electricity consumption of household appliances. The label is present on the devices, showing the consumption of the refrigerator per day or year. The average value allows you to quickly calculate the consumption of the refrigerator.

The main consumer of electricity in the refrigerator is the compressor. The energy class of the refrigerator was graduated from the letter A to G, in order of deterioration. Manufacturers began to produce equipment, the parameters better than the first class. The following notation is used:

  1. A +.
  2. A ++.
  3. A +++.

Plus means energy savings relative to class A by 10%, two pluses - 30%, three pluses - 50%.Note, the figures are very averaged, in fact there are whole ranges of values ​​that the power consumption of the refrigerator is capable of accepting. Do not think that the two devices A + have no differences. Today, a worse A + refrigerator is considered to be unpromising. By the way, class D is considered the benchmark, and refrigerators marked with the letter A should spend no more than 55% of this value.

Typical consumption for these models is 400 kWh / year. It is easy to calculate - will be released within a thousand rubles. In fact, the figure depends on the displacement of the equipment. Accurate formulas for calculating will not help much, just learn - the power consumption of a refrigerator of considerable dimensions of class A + is sometimes higher than that of a small device with the letter A. On the label, as a rule, two values ​​- annual and daily. In refrigerators with two compressors, the parameters are indicated for the engines individually or in total.

Buyers interested in freezing power. Take this opportunity to tell. Those who think: we are talking about getting ice, and the figure of 20 kg / day means that this solid will turn out at the exit, they are mistaken. In fact, the measurement takes place on special plastic bags weighing 1 kg, 500 and 125 g in the form of a parallelepiped. An unimaginable liquid consisting of four components is poured inside. Let's try to describe the mixture:

  1. Water - 75%.
  2. Emulsifier with an unpronounceable name - 20%.
  3. Salt - 5%.
  4. Antiseptic - 1%.

Further depends on climate class. For refrigerators N, the tests are carried out at a temperature of 32 ° C, the bags are kept in the same conditions. For a tropical climate( T), the external environment should have a temperature of 43ºС.Packages are placed in refrigerators and freezers, there objects must freeze. In refrigerators up to + 5ºС, in freezers up to minus 18ºС.Packages are placed in a special way, without touching each other. To understand - the liquid has reached a predetermined temperature, a special sensor is placed inside.

I am the owner of the

diesel generator The consumption of the refrigerator is calculated before purchase or installation, so as not to incapacitate the generator. Let's discuss the presence of two compressors. Whatever may be said about the model, the consumption of the engine tandem exceeds the single. But modern refrigerators have protection against simultaneous switching on of engines, it is worth clarifying this in advance with the manufacturer. Especially dangerous is the very first start, when the engines turn on simultaneously.

What are the peculiarities of asynchronous types of electric motors? Engines flexibly regulate the speed, they are used in refrigerators and lifts. Where necessary when moving from a place to issue low speed. Feature of asynchronous motors - at the initial moment can consume power up to 8 times higher than the nominal. But generator makers are smart guys. Typically, the diesel unit is equipped with a characteristic - long-term overload. For an entire hour, the engine is capable of producing 10% more power than the average on the passport.

The figure is indicated on most sites selling products. But there is an important characteristic, usually silenced, - a short-term power overload lasting a few seconds.

Choose a diesel generator with a parameter equal to or close to infinity. Such devices for a short time can withstand a short circuit at the contacts. Such characteristics allow you to bear the instantaneous load of the start of asynchronous motors, t nominal many times.

How it looks in practice. The power of the refrigerator in kilowatts in normal mode is 1. It means that when starting, the equipment will consume 7-8 times more current. Get 7-8 kW.Such a load is short and will have to pull the diesel unit. Take comfort in the fact that, in principle, the refrigerator does not apply to powerful consumers, working from virtually any source of energy. Of course, the capabilities of the latter must comply.

There are refrigerators with linear compressors. This is a method of engine control, in which the movement of freon never stops. Remember, at the beginning, they considered the principle of operation of a typical refrigerator? Not all models work in a stepped style on the principle of rest-jerk. Others evenly maintain the temperature, while their energy consumption is clearly less than that of the former, since the efforts to create a cold are distributed more evenly. Perhaps the regime is unprofitable, the motor is always under load, but experts say: the opposite is true. Uniform weak motion is less harmful.

Why invented linear compressors? The engine makes less noise. Quiet fridge is not so annoying. Are you afraid for generator power? Tip: Take a refrigerator with a linear compressor. The price is not junk, but the result will please.

I would like to note: a number of manufacturers in the case of power consumption give an average figure. If the passport is 400 kWh / year, this does not mean that the instantaneous parameters can be calculated as follows:

400/365 days / 24 hours = 45 W.

This is an average figure that includes the rest time. It is not suitable for the calculation in kW load diesel unit. Required to find the instantaneous value. How to do. Find out the type of motor in the product, call the manufacturer or write a letter. Ways enough. It is recommended to try to measure the amperage of the operating refrigerator by plugging an ammeter into the outlet. An experienced electrician will easily measure, and a newcomer will use the information on a specialized website. For linear compressors, the formula is valid. Plus in the piggy bank to innovators.

I am the owner of the old wiring in the apartment

The case is hard, it is impossible to establish the ability of the shutter speed network. The refrigerator is not considered a powerful consumer, but remember the conversation about asynchronous motors, plus electric cookers and heaters in the kitchen. In this case, we recommend refrigerators with linear compressors, less burdening home network.

Consider, unlike the generator, the network will probably not tolerate asynchronous motor tricks. It is better to install the cables with new high-capacity copper wires.

Notes on the system NoFrost

Please note that refrigerators with the system NoFrost have an increased consumption of electricity. Inside there is a pair of additional fans for blowing the evaporator with motors that consume energy. Doubt, take the model without the NoFrost system. It is better to focus on the energy class and the value of the average power per day or year.

Lighting and control devices do not consume much power, therefore, do not pay attention.

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