A beginner beekeeper simply needs a marker for bees from China

There are hundreds of them, and she is only one. However, the prosperity of the bee family depends on it. To find this one, the beekeeper cannot do without a special marker from China. It is necessary to put a contrast mark on the back of the bee-woman, and this will provide the apiary's owner with productive and rational care of his “ward laborers”.Until now, many argue about the dangers of this procedure. Nevertheless, no weighty arguments in favor of such an assertion have yet been found. Especially since thousands of manufacturers offer safe ink for this.

The choice is obvious.

European professional nurseries, which are engaged in the breeding of purebred specimens, the marking of queens is given the main place. It is important to remember that the period of activity of this empress is two years. Then she grows old and loses her productivity. So, striped-striped insects can choose for themselves a young egg-laying, and the beekeeper may not even be aware of this. Therefore, be sure to mark the female. Special marker will help to do it efficiently and quickly.

This is why it is remarkable:

  1. There are no toxins in the dye.
  2. Dries quickly.
  3. Does not emit a pungent odor.
  4. A certain pressure is created in the marker, so when drawing it is not necessary to press on it and even draw a line. A sufficient amount of ink accumulates in the core.
  5. The diameter of the mark is from 1 mm, and the thickness of the line is about 2.5 mm.
  6. Bright colors. The most catchy is considered a white shade. Available in 8 colors.
  7. The cap sits very tightly on the base, as a result, the ink does not erode.
  8. Acrylic paint is resistant to water, sunlight and other chemicals. The saturated color of the label remains for a long time.
Read also: Podmor: how to use tincture for medical purposesTo do this, he does not need to catch it. This can be done directly on the comb, separating the female with a special ring. The paint has a water base, which allows you to immediately erase the point if the beekeeper made a mistake or caught the wrong bee.

Professional beekeepers use different colors to indicate the age of several queens. There is a special international color marking system. Basically, many people use white, yellow, blue, red and green shades.

Issue price

The quality of the product depends largely on the manufacturer. Brand products are always worth more than the rest. Some types of markers come with the possibility of refueling, which makes it possible to use it for years. Imported online stores sell these products for 195-220 rubles / pcs. However, the economical variant can be found on the website of AliExpress. The Chinese alternative costs only 113 rubles. In this case, do not forget about the constant promotions and weighty discounts from sellers. But the quality characteristics must match the description.

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