"Invisible" support for climbers in the form of a grid from China

Many have long been working on the beds of their greenhouses and “sill plantations”, yet the opening of the garden season is still ahead. In this regard, you need to thoroughly prepare for it. The country site without flowers and fruitful cultures loses all "charm".Therefore, millions of farmers invest a lot of money and energy in their garden. To optimize this time-consuming process will help the grid for climbers from China. It not only allows flowers and grapes to grow "vertically", but also helps the gardener to create exquisite landscape design in his "thirtieth kingdom."

Practicality for both the gardener and the plant

It is no secret that such devices increase the crop yield several times, since they provide the plant with the right conditions for luxuriant growth. Moreover, manufacturers made a mesh of durable material - nylon. The fibers are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, so they do not rot and do not fade in the sun. In this regard, it can be used repeatedly. However, in the winter, such weaving is better to remove. At temperatures below 15-20 degrees, the rope deteriorates.

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The color of the openwork grid is green, so the vegetation will merge harmoniously with its support. This device has the shape of a square. The length and width of the web is 1.8 m, and the dimensions of each cell are 10x10 cm. Such grid features contribute to:

  • abundant illumination of the leaves;
  • good ventilation, which means there is no danger for the occurrence of the "greenhouse" effect;
  • creating original ideas for decor.
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To fix this grid a gardener will need fasteners. If he plans to nail her to the wall, then you can use nails or hooks. In another case, it is better to make the basics of wood / metal and tie this openwork canvas to them. Some gardeners use arbors or pergolas as supports. This is an ideal option, because during the flowering period such wooden structures take on a fabulous look.

What should be: flowers or fruits?

The strength of the rope, from which the net is woven, allows the gardener to use it for growing all kinds of plants. First of all, it should be used to translate design ideas. On such unusual "easels" flowers will look amazing:

  • climbing roses;
  • clematis;
  • Kobei;
  • Ipomoea;Sweet peas
  • ;
  • actinidia;
  • honeysuckle;
  • Wisteria.
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A canopy of this nylon mesh can be built near the main entrance, which will serve as a living shelter from the heat. Many of these devices are quietly used for growing fruit crops. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and even grapes feel comfortable on such bases. Moreover, the gardener will be very convenient to harvest from such a canvas.

Now it remains to know the price of the issue. Cheap tapestry nets are sold at each specialty store. The cost of 10 meters of this material is 1,220 rubles. On AliExpress this grid, but of better quality, can be found for only 200 rubles.(almost 2 meters).

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