Tefal do it yourself iron repair

Tefal avoids producing regular irons. All steam. One of the few companies that introduced wireless models on the market. Let's say with some confidence: Tefal shares first and second place with Philips in this segment. The only wireless irons overtaking Russia. The design is much different, the basis is formed by the former fundamental elements. The soles are the same. Conditioning the similarity of the heating elements. It is not surprising that many do their own to repair Tefal iron do-it-yourself. The leader of sales of the domestic market.

Construction of iron

Starting with the simplest Soviet irons, the design includes the following elements:

  1. Body with regulator.
  2. Sole.
  3. Spiral, rolled in the sole.
  4. Electrical Connection Kit.

Boiler with TENG

The iron is equipped with two removable parts. Sole, rear wall with cord. Always put the bolts, the art is to find fasteners. The old Soviet head irons were hidden under the regulator's knob. And to remove the latter was sometimes a problem. More often it was possible to make the necessary slotted screwdriver, actuated by skilled hands. The back wall could be attached with a bolt or just snap into place. In the latter case, the connection became short-lived. But behind the back wall you can find the block where the power cord is attached. Malfunction cable provokes 20% of faults. Accordingly, we call the veins immediately.

Repair of irons is convenient to carry out, rejecting the Chinese tester. The regulator changes the tension of the bimetallic plate. Turn the knob, try to understand whether the sensor is working, how smooth it is. If hollows were formed, some areas do not pass electric current badly, it will be immediately visible. Of course, the regulator is deprived of irons, equipped with the function of automatic adjustment for the fabric, in most cases, like half a century ago, a round rotating die is located under the handle. And what a sole.

Loosen the bolts, get access to the heating element, the mechanism of the regulator. In modern irons, the hull hides at least two interesting details:

  1. Water boiler.
  2. Sprinkler.

Thinking about us iron Tefal

The first takes an arbitrary place, determined by the design. The second chose the nose. Of course, away from the sole. The scheme of action is as follows:

  • reaches the desired temperature of the sole;
  • automatically flows liquid from the reservoir;
  • under the action of temperature, water becomes steam;
  • steam blow is reset by a special button, pumping a little more liquid.

The calorific value of the soleplate below infinity. Between the two steam hits will take time. There are schemes where the emissions are separated by short time intervals in twos, triples. As with semi-automatic shooting. Then - an indispensable pause. There are devices with pre-heated water boiler. Clearly, there is no boiler inside, the water heater, however, is worth it. Higher temperatures make it easier to get steam. Looks great wireless irons FreeMove, working cycles. Heating - 4 seconds, work 25 seconds. Heat is stored by the sole, water( water accumulators of heat on the basis of private house pools will help explain the principle of action).The process is controlled by automatics, enough energy has been accumulated, a green light starts flashing, indicating: you can start ironing.

You can talk about wireless irons separately. The design is slightly different from the usual with steam. Many manufacturers have attached the option of fastening the cord, but the feature of Tefal irons: wireless means no wire.

Maintenance of standard iron

Before you start repairing Tefal iron with your own hands, track the light display. The models have built-in light bulbs and diodes to help catch the meaning of the problem. Network, which does not want to burn, shows: no power. The case is probably spoiled by the cord. Heat does not burn, faulty: contact, spiral. Easy to check. In good condition, the resistance of the heater is calculated according to Ohm’s law. Take the power of the passport, the current voltage of our country is 230 volts. We divide the first by the square of the second, we obtain the desired resistance in ohms.

Modern iron contains thermal fuse. The accessory has chosen the sole, tears the connection when the parameters exceed the norm. Irons that adapt to the type of fabric are free from lack. Allowed to leave included on the ironing board, will cost. Another thing - a broken scheme. Fuses are bimetallic and wire. The latter are called disposable: require replacement. Preserve electric kettles, the trigger is set to a lower temperature.

The iron refuses to heat - having verified the integrity of the cord, we examine the heating element with a tester. Automatics of complex irons fails, get a dial. Check the relays, thyristors controlling the power unit.

Pay attention to the thermostat. Brush the contacts of the mechanical slider with graphite of a simple pencil. Improve glide. The simplest regulator changes the response temperature of a bimetallic relay. Complicated - forms a resistive divider, performing a rheostat. This is not the best method, some of the power is lost. Graphite fearlessly transfers heat, will serve as lubrication. Contacts can be cleaned with fine sandpaper.


. Descale the iron from the scale. Many reviews are devoted to this topic. We recommend a little-known effective method. It will take a clean pan, where the length of the iron will go. Get strong vinegar.

5% solution pour a centimeter into the pot. Inside, put three coins, so as not to overlap any of the holes in the sole. We put the iron on top. Naturally, disconnect the device from the outlet. Water boils, cools. Repeat the cycle 2 - 4 times, rinse the sole afterwards. Most irons are self-cleaning. Fill the inside of the water, holding the sole horizontally above the sink, press the button, allowing the fluid to drain. The recipe cleans the holes of the iron, the lower passages. Conducting the procedure periodically, clean the coins, to avoid the appearance of rust on things.

Try to use distilled water. In addition to the typical filter grandfather method. Boil the water! Salt stiffness will collect the electric kettle spiral, dirt is not as terrible as on clothes. In irons with boilers, vinegar is used in a regular mode for periodic cleaning. The tool is universal, manufacturers of steamers, steam cleaners, other household appliances like to recommend. Remember: you can not clean the vinegar rubber things. It concerns washing and dishwasher gaskets, water heaters. Sprinkler rubber parts contains. Vinegar is harmful to the knot. Will cause premature aging of the product, wear parts. Independent repair of Tefal irons will lead to a new headache.

Sprayer is sometimes necessary to clean. Water refuses to splash through the spout forward - the hole is blocked. Avoid using vinegar, citric acid, chemicals. Carefully use matches, pins, other small things, buy anti-scale washing, dishwashers. Removes sediment formed by powders, conditioner on the tank walls. Means for cleaning dishwashers, washing machines are perfect for the spray. Clean the rest with acetic acid. It is useful to read the instructions, the practice shows: the paper usually goes directly to the basket.


Repair of irons with a steam generator is fundamentally no different from ordinary. The buzzword simply means a water tank with a valve actuated by an automatic, a button. The location of the holes of the soles allows you to explore the built-in steam generator. Lined edge: from the tank water just drips into the center. When the holes dotted the surface, there is a flow heater or boiler inside. On the way to the bottom, the water becomes steam.

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