Sizes of built-in refrigerators

People have become accustomed to built-in dishwashers and washing machines, and now the fridges have been adjusted. If the rest of the devices size is defined rigidly, among the latter devices there are "kids" of one and a half meters and above. How to hide the equipment if the height of the built-in refrigerator is 177.5 cm, and the volume is 287 liters? The authors decided to visit the website of the company Bosch and find instructions for installation of equipment. The dimensions of the built-in refrigerators often do not fit into the lower section of the kitchen unit, think about where to hide the whopper.

Dimensions of built-in appliances

Often, appliances in the kitchen detect fixed dimensions for embedding. Height:

  1. Under the tabletop 85 cm.
  2. In the compartment - 81.5 cm.
  3. Instead of the bedside table - 87 cm.

Dishwashers have a compact family of 45 and 60 cm in height. The width of the built-in refrigerator and the depth differ: they start around 60 cm andgo down. There are quite a few models in nature under the table-top with a height of 82 cm. It is more difficult to attach a body as tall as a man.

Bosch KIL82AF30R

Built-in Refrigerator

The width and depth of the KIL82AF30R built-in refrigerator are of no particular interest. At the base, the square is 55x55 cm. The height is 177.5 cm. We chose a model for special consideration, it is interesting to present it with a built-in one.

In the unit with the energy class A + and touch control features are not noted, we immediately take up the instructions posted directly on the official website of the company. In the picture of the installation manual we see the first and important remark omitted in the technical statement on the website.

It turns out that ventilation is carried out with air going up along the back wall, penetrating from under the bottom. Under the compartment for the refrigerator provides a niche cross section of 20 square centimeters. Moreover, the wall of the hardboard is absent, because a similar ventilation channel rises up along the back edge of the device. The cross-sectional area is also 200 square centimeters. From the instructions it follows that the kitchen set is obliged to stand on its feet, no need to break the plinth under ventilation.

To work, you will need a bunch of tools, in particular, a TORX20 screwdriver: an asterisk at six corners with concave ribs. A screwdriver under the cross here is not guessed to apply. Pencil, ruler, scissors, centimeter. In addition, a wrench for 13 and a drill. Cabinets need to perforate.

The bundle suppresses in abundance, it is not for nothing that everything in the figure is signed and numbered. So, first we hang the door on the required side:

  1. This is done with a screwdriver, under the internal screw, loosen. Remove the door. Screws do not unscrew to the end, leaving a gap of 5 mm. Then just take out each loop from the slots. This is done not to lose fasteners.
  2. To change the side of a canopy of a door, the hinges are changed crosswise. The lower right will become the upper left, the upper right will be the lower left.
  3. Now we unscrew the fasteners and, without moving them by 5 mm, we drive them into the holes on the opposite side.
  4. The door is outweighed in a similar way, which was shot.

About embedding so far no words, read on the installation instructions to the refrigerator. Now it is proposed to re-hang the freezer door:

  1. Carefully remove the door from the hinges. Judging by the instructions, barehanded.
  2. We carefully pull out the handle from the bottom, move it to the opposite end until it clicks.
  3. We take out the cylindrical hinge element on top of the door, move it to the opposite end.
  4. Insert the door of the freezer in the opposite direction.

Embedding the Bosch KIL82AF30R

refrigerator In the third step, finally, they offer to start a niche inspection. Dimensions correspond to the body of the built-in refrigerator - 178x56x56 cm. It does not hurt to measure the dimensions of the niche. The compartment is assumed to be plane-parallel and perpendicular. In another way, the icons in the picture do not turn to be called. The instruction is of average quality. Having all the fasteners in your hands, you can figure it out, but the pictures are difficult to understand. Surprisingly for the company, laying out mostly excellent documentation. The approximate meaning of operations:

  • On the hinges of the main door there are on the side of the hole. There fasten half of the split parts, which in the future will allow mounting to the cabinet.
  • We close the hanging screws of the door with the panels that come in a set, the holes from the old canopy on the other side are complemented with similar ones. This is done for aesthetics.
  • A plank with holes, where fixing screws for the ceiling of the furniture compartment pass, is planted on the upper face of the case.
  • At the ends of the door at the top and bottom, details are fastened for future fixing of the decorative panel.
  • We skip the power cord of the built-in refrigerator to the outlet, hang it on the string, but do not plug it into the network.
  • On the lower edge of the cabinet, on the side opposite to the hinges, an additional part is mounted for mounting the screw in the floor of the furniture compartment.

  • Cabinet moves inward. The upper plank from step 3 rests against the ceiling, the detail from the previous step - into the floor. Screw the first two screws vertically into the ceiling, the second screw into the floor of the compartment and bend the part in half inward until you hear a click.
  • The fasteners mounted in the hinges for the built-in refrigerator are screwed in by two screws into the wall of the cabinet.

Hanging a decorative panel for the Bosch built-in refrigerator KIL82AF30R

The panel is hung in several ways according to the instructions, but the paper is designed for many models. Our, goes under the designation "small a", by the way, this also applies to previously completed steps. Measure the height of the compartment with a centimeter from the bottom of the floor to a small gap in the curved part, reinforced in the upper part of the door of the built-in refrigerator. The mounting screws on the upper end are designed to ensure the position of the part at 5 mm from the top edge of the door. According to the testimony obtained, we draw a horizontal line on the panel. So, the suspension of the decorative panel:

  • Remove the bent part from the door and go to hang on the decorative board with the help of two brackets numbered 4a and 4c, put on immediately until the FIRST click. For positioning useful line drawn earlier. Slit the item falls exactly on the mark.

  • Drill a panel accordingly to the depth of the mounting screws. Mount the brackets 4a and 4c together with the part for the suspension. Now we hammer carefully inside to ELSE ONE click. Means the fasteners got up correctly.
  • We hang the panel on the door, adjust the height of the level or place, close the curved part with a special decorative strip. Fasten the board with screws to the parts mounted in step 4 of the previous paragraph. Then each closes to a click.
  • Under the upper corner of the body of the built-in refrigerator, opposite to the hinges, we hammer three wedges from the kit, ensuring fixation with respect to the furniture.

Bosch KIL82AF30R built-in refrigerator is installed, it remains to include a socket. When the operations are over, the work does not seem so difficult as at first glance at the wiring diagram, where they forgot or did not consider it necessary to number some of the details.


Specially did not look at how to install a built-in refrigerator with a height of 82 cm. After finishing work with a dishwasher and a washing machine that you want to connect to the water supply and sewage system, this will seem like children's entertainment.

The main thing - to choose the size of the built-in refrigerator. From reading it becomes clear that the installation of products is not easy. If you do not want to remove the basement, and the legs of the furniture are not there, the Bosch KIL82AF30R built-in refrigerator will have to be abandoned.

Because of these nuances, we recommend that you first study the embedded object, then buy it. Requires clear and clear installation instructions. It’s bad if the online store has a built-in fridge without a manual. Have to regret the purchase. You'll have to either return to the store with a replacement for another model, or mount incorrectly, which will adversely affect the service life.

Do not want readers to suffer. If it is decided to take Ariston, the built-in refrigerator is obliged to stand right in the place. First, we measure the available compartments in the kitchen, mark the features like the basement, put them in a notebook, then go to the online store for instructions.

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