What to buy a steamer for clothes

Had to hear complaints about hand otparivateli. Simple "kettles" can not give a decent pressure. Housewives thought it would be possible to iron the house, including furniture, supposedly with a hand-held steamer with a capacity of 0.7 liters. It's time to once again talk on the topic of the day. At the same time, readers decide which one to buy a steamer for clothes.

Manual Steamer Steamers

The ordinary teapot is in first place in the 2014 sales ranking. The question is why? Let's talk in order.

Manual Steamer for Clothes

Manual steamers are of two types:

  • The first differ little from electric kettles. Try to buy a Master Steam Steamer and see a similar sample of household appliances. On top of the container with the heating element is simply attached brush. The pressure in the manual steamer is obtained only through narrow holes. And keep in mind the nuance. In Europe, the voltage is predominantly 240 V, in Russia in the outback 220 V is nominally, but in reality it is 190. It turns out that the power of the manual steamer, on which performance directly depends, decreases proportionally. The latter leads to loss of performance. After all, the amount of produced steam, nothing else, creates pressure. Using the device at reduced voltage, prepare for a reduced quality of ironing. The authors are not surprised by the reviews, where electric kettle-steamers are scolded.

Hand Steamers are used locally or for thin fabrics. For example, there is a nightgown of a complex shape, which cannot be ironed because of the abundance of ruffles, ruffles and other female trinkets. We take and begin to wield a manual steamer. Where required, we approach the fabric, sometimes we climb and work from the inside. We drive until we get the desired result. In the process, small drops are deposited on the clothes. This is a normal occurrence expected from a manual steamer. The droplets will soon dry, leaving no trace.

Steamer for cleaning

The second use of electric kettle type steamers is based in the area where small furniture is cleaned. For example, something fell on the sofa, not vacuumed. It is believed to take up the steam cleaner, complete with brushes. First, process the stream, then clean up. Combining the methods of using the manual steamer, we will achieve the desired result. Moreover, the ability to use a manual steamer is not given from birth, it needs to be worked out persistently and purposefully. This is not a bulldozer, rolling mountains, and a small scoop to clean up difficult places where large equipment simply can not get. It is necessary to hold the hand otparivatel vertically, it is more convenient to process the side walls of the furniture.

  • The second type of hand ‑ steamer tries to replicate older brothers. Inside is a small boiler. This is a tank( made of copper or steel), surrounded by the heater outside. Water is periodically sprayed inside( with a button), immediately turning into steam. Immediately you can not sprinkle a lot, not enough energy. In a good steamer there is a sensor, not allowing water to get inside until the boiler warms up sufficiently. As a result of the tactical move, the steamer shoots jets with a fervent hiss, and the pressure is much higher than that of teapots. Such a hand otparivatel already able to cope with serious folds, but on a small surface.

Manual Steamer

The work period between refills at manual steamers is extremely small, the ironing speed is low. These are convenient small devices, they quickly heat up before starting work and are not too noisy. Hand otparivateli are used in business trip, a trip. Comfortable, do not take a lot of time. From the above I would like to decide that the first type( electric kettle) does not reveal advantages, but the opinion is wrong. In the specified hand otparivatel allowed to pour water from the tap. Although it is not recommended to do with a high content of hardness salts, there will be stains on the clothes. In terms of service, steamers are more convenient, visually easy to control the cleaning process.

Some representatives of the second type, for example, Compact Steamer from Conair, have two modes of operation, one is extreme and gives a strong jet, but provides a rapid increase in scale. These devices are better used for ironing - not for furniture, although they are quite suitable. Electric otparivateli believe the lot of the ladies who put in order fine lace.

Fixed steamer for clothes

Stationary steamers for ironing clothes

Want to buy a steam steamer, where to start the choice? If you do not need to iron the curtains around the house - a maximum of two rooms - and upholstered furniture will cost, take a stationary model, for example, Philips. This steamer is good resistant. Others are equipped with a reinforced double stand, on which it is not terrible to hang a whole closet( so as not to throw it on the sofa or bed).Ironing is a crowd. In principle, a good otparivatel shoots through the fabric, folded in layers, there is no need to hang out things one by one. Iron the whole hangers, if only the power of the jet is enough!

In order to estimate the jet force, the manufacturer gives in the passport the parameter: vapor pressure. A typical value of 3.5 bar, the higher can pierce four or more layers of fabric. Of course, it all depends on the thickness, type of material. It is difficult to say in advance how many sheets can be treated with a steamer per pass. The way is not new. Tefal cordless irons allow you to fold the fabric in many layers, which reduces the time spent.

It is useful to estimate the power consumption of the steamer. Almost all the energy goes to heat the water, therefore, other things being equal, the simple rule works: the more - the better!

A lot depends on the type of brush: the number of holes, the total area. The best steamers show a series of heating steps. In simple models there is a boiler from copper or steel. There at a constant speed or at the touch of a button, water turns into steam. On the way to clothes, passing through the hose, the flow cools. Condensate falls, pressure decreases. To prevent a situation at the exit of the brush, an additional heating element that heats the water. This is how normal parameters are supported. An example is the GM Q7 Multi Steamer-Steamer. Watch the commercial and understand.

If you need to buy a professional steamer, pay attention to management. Uncomfortable to constantly bend over. Because professional steamers are controlled by foot. Remind Samsung vacuum cleaners. Labor productivity rises. A professional steamer differs in that it is designed for a working day. Able to work without interruption, manage to fill the water. In addition, a good device shows protection against scale; far from every locality tap water is permissible to be used for treating clothes.

Much depends on the strength of the steamer body. During the work day, the foot control allows the device to kick with its feet. The steamer is required to pass the test. As for the configuration, for professional models relies, at least, a comfortable glove to protect the palm. Sometimes you have to stroke on the fly, holding the fabric.

For a long time, steamers were too expensive to interest the buyer. However, let's say the same about any innovations in the world of home appliances. Today, the Rovent steamer is available for sale at a price of 4,300 rubles, which is not too hard for an average Russian to afford. Therefore, the only difficulty is the quality of the water. There is a piece of paper in the set of any decent steamer that allows you to make an express analysis. The manual provides data for the further operation of the device. This is either the ability to work the steamer with tap water, or the need to purchase purified.

The choice is easy to make on the Yandex Market. Right so you can buy a steamer for clothes Sauber, Grand Master or Endever. Convenient - immediately visible stock shopping. We hope that now readers will be able to decide which garment steamer to buy.

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