What is drip defrost in the refrigerator

If earlier refrigerators were manually defrosted, over time, manufacturers invented another technology to get rid of ice buildup on the walls. Models from the middle price segment are equipped with drip type systems or crying evaporators. Now in the offices are not formed blocks of ice and snow. In the article we will find out what drip defrosting is and how it functions.

ASTMthe Bosch, Atlant or Indesit refrigerator depends on the type of defrost system installed in it. There are three main types:

  • Manual;
  • Automatic:
  • Semi-automatic.

Manual. The principle of operation is as follows: the equipment is disconnected from the mains, the products are taken out and they are waiting for the thawing of frozen ice to occur. Water is collected in the lower pan, which must then be emptied. Therefore, the owners of early models had to defrost for a long time.

Automatic. Installed in drip type refrigerators, as well as No Frost models( LG, Bosch and others).How does it differ from manual defrosting? In the first case, the moisture is collected on the walls of the chamber and forms a crust of ice and snow. In the second drop of moisture collected on the inner wall, and then flow into the tank.

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The drip system consists of:

  • evaporator;

  • compressor;
  • capacity.

The principle of operation of the automatic type( or Direct Cool) - freeze-thaw. The consumer sets the desired temperature on the thermostat. The condensate is frozen, and after reaching the desired temperature, the node is turned off. Then a defrost occurs, and drops of moisture flow down the wall.

As soon as water accumulates in the pan, it is heated by a motor and turns into gas.

Do I need to defrost No Frost cold stores? Their work is similar to a drip, except that the cold air in the compartment is accelerated by a fan. Therefore, there is almost no condensation on the walls.

Semi-automatic. Refrigerators of this type perform defrosting independently, but for this the user needs to start defrosting.

Pros and cons of drip systems

Which refrigerator is better: Frost or drip? Consider their differences, strengths and weaknesses and compare.

Drip type


  • Convenient automatic defrosting. No user intervention is required.
  • Affordable cost of equipment.
  • A wide range of models.
  • Surround Cameras.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Moderate noise at work.
  • Low probability of breakage, since the defrost passes naturally.


  • This system is equipped only with refrigeration compartments.
  • The back wall is covered with a thin layer of ice until a defrost is activated.
  • The "crying" type needs more frequent defrosting than Know Frost.
  • Likelihood of blockage. If the drain hole is clogged with crumbs, small debris, there is a possibility of water leaking onto the floor.

  • Temperature distribution is uneven.

No Frost


  • Thanks to the fans, the cold air is distributed evenly through the compartment.
  • The system is located both in the freezer and in the refrigerating chamber.
  • After shutdown, the temperature quickly recovers.
  • You can enable the “Quick freeze” mode.
  • No ice forms in the compartment.


  • High cost.
  • The presence of a large number of parts increases the likelihood of failure( depending on the brand and reliability of parts).
  • More energy consumption( depends on the energy efficiency class, A, A +, A ++ equipment works economically).
  • Increased noise due to fan operation( depends on sound insulation quality).
  • Products quickly become discolored, therefore it is recommended to pack everything into food wrap or cover it.

Which refrigerator is more reliable? As you can see, there are pluses and minuses everywhere.choose based on personal needs.

Rating of refrigerators with drip defrost

Present the best models, according to customer reviews.


Popular two-chamber model, budget thanks to the "weeping evaporator."Management as simple as possible, electromechanical. Energy class B, consumes 405 kW per year. The freezer is manually thawed.

The total volume is 249 liters. After a power outage keeps cool for 14 hours. The noise level reaches 42 dB.Case dimensions: 60x67x145 cm.

Price - from 13,000 rubles.


Refrigerator with two cameras. Freezing is located below, manual defrost. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with a drip system. Economically consumes energy - 226.3 kW per year, belongs to the class A +.Able to freeze up to 4 kg per day.

RK-102 maintains the temperature offline for 13 hours. The total volume of the compartments is 285 liters. LED lighting in the camera saves electricity. Noise level at work - 40 dB.

Case dimensions: 60x63x162 cm.

Cost - from 14,000 rubles.


This is a two-compartment refrigerator with a drip system in the refrigerator compartment. The freezer needs manual defrosting. In addition, the manufacturer offers technology NatureCool, which maintains sufficient moisture for the safety of products. Since there is no forced ventilation in the compartment, the model works quietly - 38 dB.

When a power outage the technician will keep the temperature for 22 hours. The effective volume of the chambers is 351 liters. It belongs to the energy class A +, consumes 291 kW per year. There is a possibility of supercooling and super-freezing. Case dimensions: 200x60x63 cm.

Cost - from 31,000 rubles.

It is worth considering: despite the automatic operation, the unit must be washed and cleaned once a year. Use soft sponges and gel products without abrasive particles. The ice formed on the wall cannot be removed by itself, otherwise the camera may be damaged.

We figured out what it means to drop the defrost system and what are the advantages of similar models. Consumers say that the equipment is convenient to use, and the price is more than affordable.

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