How to gently fold the tension sheet on an elastic band

underwear A sheet with elastic is very convenient to use, but some people have difficulty folding it. I want to fold the laundry so that it takes up little space and does not wrinkle. This can be done easily if you take care and do not rush.


Most housewives simply wind the tension sheet into a roll, and some crumple at all, as necessary. From this, she quickly wrinkles and takes up too much space in the closet. It turns out that there is a way to fold it evenly.

  • Run your fingers into the two corners of the sheet and stretch it along the length.
  • Now put one corner in another. As a result, you have two corners hanging on one hand.
  • With your free hand, lift the next corner from the bottom, stick your fingers into it.
  • Slide this corner into the noose of the other hand.
  • Perform the same manipulations with the remaining area.
  • Shake the resulting rectangle, lay it on a flat surface( desk or bed), smooth out wrinkles. If done correctly, the gum will be held from two adjacent sides.
  • Fold the sheet up and down.

As a result, you get a compact little pad. The point is to shove all the angles into one.

If the words are not entirely clear, then you can watch the video. In fact, in folding sheets on an elastic band is nothing complicated. It is only necessary to know the sequence of actions. The first time you need to do everything slowly, carefully examining the corners. The more you add, the faster and better you will get it.

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If you cannot master the folding technique in any way, then just fold the sheet into a tight roll and tie it with a ribbon or a ribbon. Compact rolls can be put vertically or put in a box for linen.

A few tips on storing linen

Two or three sheets with elastic can be folded into one pillowcase. A set of linen is also placed in the pillowcase, which makes it easier to find the right thing and makes storage even more compact and neat.

Those who like impeccable order should immediately buy several identical sets of clothes. In this case, you will not be difficult to replace the pillowcase or duvet cover, without violating the harmony of colors and patterns.

Winter sets of thick and soft materials, such as flannel or terry cloth, it is better to fold separately. When warm days come, they can be pushed into the far corner.

Not only chest of drawers are suitable for storage. Linen can be placed in cardboard boxes and put them on any shelf of the cabinet. Sheets should be changed at least once every 10-14 days and washed immediately. Storing even new linen in plastic bags is not allowed.

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