Which steamer is better to buy

Praise Kitfort. In English, the steamer name is Clothes Steamer, you will not confuse it with a steam generator, steam cleaner. What is different steamer? The brush looks like a vacuum cleaner, but steam jets come out, the bristles are often missing. Steam cleaners show attachments aimed at cleaning. Without stubble nowhere, sometimes a rag is used to wipe off dirt. Which steamer to buy, where to apply?

Vertical ironing with an

steamer The iron manufacturers boast the possibility of vertical ironing. Steamers are used for this purpose, in irons - an additional option. Compare the seedy hand otparivatel Phillips with a steam generation capacity of 24 g / min and the best Azur iron, where the steam blow reaches 180 g / min.

Vertical ironing of the dress with an

steamer. You will see that due to the special design, our ward will overtake any expensive iron by the quality of work. The whole thing is not in the amount of steam, but in its pressure, and the brush of the steamer is specially made so that the parameter is increased to the maximum.

The second point is the mass of the device. Iron, as a rule, detects a mass of 2 kg. Try, girls, with such dumbbells to work out fitness near their clothes. Probably, then in any room do not want. The Steamer is a completely different story. The brush here is not heavier than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner, and the entire volume of water is in a separate case. The difference from the steam generator is the following:

  1. The steam generation unit can be mobile to facilitate ironing of furniture, curtains, or fixed for clothes( Philips).
  2. The steam generation unit is equipped with a stand, it is convenient to position the hanger. Six thick. Buy a steamer with a stable casing. Phillips lets out the stationary cases feeling perfectly on a floor. Other steamers are equipped with a double reinforced stand to hang the entire wardrobe at once in various ways.
  3. The steamer hose is thick. Sometimes a cord goes inside, for additional warming up of the brush. It prevents condensation to settle, which is critical for clothing.

    Steamer with

hose. The steamer is specially made to produce long, directed, strong jets of steam. Tefal says: the steam generator provides 6.5 bar of pressure at a speed at a peak of 360 g / min;will not compete with the steam because of the weight of the ironing. The steam generator is needed for horizontal ironing. Vertical - an additional option.

Steamer Parameters Power Consumption

Steamer Power provides instrument performance. A manual Philips steamer with a steam generation rate of 24 g / min gives a strong jet suitable for vertical ironing.

What distinguishes a steamer with low productivity? Processed a small area. More power consumption steamer - higher ironing speed.

Steam production rate and pressure

Inside the steamer - boiler, under the pressure comes a pair of steam. The strength of the jet is important. Let us explain:

  • There are two brushes with the number of holes of the same area that differ by half. The force of the jet is greater where the holes are smaller with the same outlet pressure of the boiler.

The smoothing effect depends on the force of the jet, on the total area of ​​the coating the speed of processing the linen. The parameters depend on the power consumption of the electric current - speed directly, pressure indirectly. The last parameter determines the quality of ironing. The rate of steam generation determines the speed of work.

Enclosure and racks of the steamer

The rack is an important part of the steamer. On the rack hang linen. Check the stability.

Case and stand of the steamer

Types of steamers according to the body:

  1. Stationary, suitable for ironing. Stand on the floor, often supplied with reinforced racks, allow you to handle the entire wardrobe.
  2. Movable leans on several wheels, roll over. Equipment fails until it dries out.
  3. Hand Steamers are small, comfortable. Use in the closet without removing items from hangers. It will take a lot of time to iron the curtains with a hand-held steamer.

Take a model with a large bowl to fill the steamer less often.


Steam generators The Tefal comes with an Ultimate AntiCalc scale protection. Look for a device with sediment control techniques. According to the rules, distilled water is refueled into the steamer, it costs a round sum.

Steam generator

Without anti-scale measures, damaged clothing with patches of sediment will cost more than the device. The note concerns terrain with hard water. In Khabarovsk, the rule does not work, hardness salts are missing. Domestic pollution - a separate issue.

Which manufacturer of steamers to choose

Kitfort( Germany), Vaposteam( Italy), Sauber( Sweden) are popular, we can see Steamfest, Roventu, Singer on Amazon. Praise Jiffy. The first three brands are sold in Russia, Steamfest is also available. The network has shops with a Russian interface, where they offer to buy steamers. Prices are lower than Kitfort on Yandex Market.

When ordering for e-bay, take models that are suitable for 220 V 50 Hz. It is easy to attach a plug to a new one, with the engine or boiler the focus will not pass. Waiting for you a grand collapse of the device when first turned on. On e-bay there is a cheap product, delivery is more expensive. Really buy a Super Jet Steamer at a factory price. E-bay operates in almost all countries of the world.

The professional steamer is distinguished by its large resource, excellent performance, convenient operation( often pedal).The price is different. We recommend reading Russian-language reviews, reviews on foreign sites before buying. Customer reviews are helpful.

Today there are Russian developments in the market of steamers. This is the Grand Master, a reason to support domestic producers. Made in China, in quality they will hardly yield to Germany.

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