What water heater to buy

It is easier to decide which storage water heater is better to buy, on the Yandex Market. The class is perfectly presented and described( an analogy with biological species suggests itself).Exactly worked parameters. Others worry theorists to account for subtleties. Simple parameters of storage water heaters are presented on the Yandex market with an excess. The site gives an opportunity to navigate among the global crowd of technology. There are powerful tools for sorting, the ability to set a price. Taken together, it will ultimately decide which storage water heater to buy.

Storage water heater

How to search

Search methods are limited to areas:

  1. Electronic catalogs.
  2. Contextual advertising on social networks and sites.

Prompt manufacturers and dealers know how to win public. Clicking on the links, get a cheap product. However, beware of fakes and copies with a low level of quality. Read the reviews carefully.

Manufacturers of storage water heaters

First look at the Yandex-market of manufacturers. Popular are collected on the right side of the two columns. Let's pay tribute to the Yandex Market for patriotism. Among the popular manufacturers is the St. Petersburg brand Neva, which does not deal with storage water heaters. So, first advice: look at the ratings is critical. Apparently, in the described case, the leaders showed sales in the global segment of water heaters. The basis will allow you to navigate and not take the goods from obscure firms.

Pay attention to Haier. This little-known Chinese manufacturer in Russia is the world leader in sales of individual segments of household appliances. Meanwhile, part of the market has reached the United States, where foreign brands do not favor. There is no difference in manufacturers. Just expensive models are equipped with electronics, budget ones represent a tank with heaters placed inside, the system is controlled by a thermostat.

The border between expensive and cheap water heaters is an area of ​​6500 rubles, where the simplest models are replaced by electronic ones. It becomes possible to set the temperature to a degree, and the current glows on the board. Instead of a thermostat, there is a sensor, inside there is a small control board. Here begins the comfort, the typical water heater gives a single temperature, which is inconvenient.

Water heater

Power storage water heaters

For example, we do not want to use a mixer, but we want to wash with body temperature( 35 degrees Celsius).Let's see how much power the water heater needs to take to meet the condition.

In winter, the temperature of the tap water is 5 degrees Celsius. The flow rate when washing the shower is within the range of 3-3.5 liters per minute. Carry out the calculation:

N = 4200 x 3.5 x 30/60 = 7.35 kW,

where 4200 is the specific heat capacity of water;3.5 - consumption in liters per minute;30 - temperature difference at the inlet and outlet( 35 - 5) in degrees;60 is the number of seconds in a minute. Now look at the counter. It is seen that the desired cumulative models are not made. The undocumented feature of storage water heaters is to accumulate energy. With a power of 2 kW in 8 hours, the water will be heated to 35 degrees:

L =( 2000 x 60/4200 x 30) x 8 x 60 = 457 liters.

If a temperature of 65 degrees is required, in less than 8 hours, half the water will be heated, 228 liters. That's enough for a big family and a bachelor. We see that with relatively small power water heater cope with a huge amount. Therefore, the parameter is not essential. Typical values ​​are between 1.5 and 2.5 kW.We recommend to take on smaller power to apartment owners, so as not to overload the home network. The device works for a long time, let's see how much time it takes to heat the water in half an hour while the household takes a shower:

L = 1500 x 1800/30 x 4200 = 21 liters.

At a flow rate of 3 liters per minute, a tank with a volume of 100 liters will be needed for half an hour, and another 21 liters of water will be heated in the indicated time. Not bad, considering that 25 liters is considered the norm per person. For 8 minutes, everyone will have time to take a shower. We remind you that the water temperature will be( in winter) 35 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, at 65 degrees, the difference doubles, the amount of additional heated water drops. It turns out 10.5 liters. We add that 65 degrees - hot water, it is necessary to dilute.

Notice that, choosing a 2.5 kW water heater, for a short period of time we get almost no gain. For example, instead of 21 liters of warm water, 35 will be released. This is no reason to take a powerful device. Over the long term, the gain will be significant, but it has already been shown that over a night( 8 hours) 200 liters of water will be heated to 65 degrees. We recommend taking 1.5 kW electric storage water heaters. But other household appliances in the house will remain, panel overload will not occur, will not beat out traffic jams. People prefer to buy a storage water heater, rather than instantaneous.

Hot water storage tank

Based on the established practice, it is recommended to add the tank volume for family members in the amount of at least 25 liters per person. With the condition: wash undiluted water. The size is enough for 8 minutes of procedures. And it is recommended to save water: while lathering, turn off the tap. As a result, 25 liters per eye is enough for bath attendants without any problems with weight or health.

Volumes of water heating tanks

Water with a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius( at Ariston 75) can not be washed. Must be diluted. For comparison, please note that, according to Russian standards, water with a temperature of 60-75 degrees flows from a hot riser. See that you have to dilute. How to calculate: for example, from a cold riser water flows at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius( winter conditions).Need water with a temperature of 45 degrees( significantly hot), and in the tank 65 degrees. We find the right amount of cold water from a simple proportion:

5 X + 65 * 25 = 45 *( 25 + X);

40 X = 500.

Where X is equal to 12.5 liters. In total, it turns out 37.5 liters from the original 25. So, from a tank volume of 50 liters, you get 75 liters of ready water. That's enough for 25 minutes of showering three people. See, the calculation depends on the needs. If you like it hotter, substitute the other figure in proportion and get that you need a tank capacity of 60 liters and above. Solve the problem at an arbitrary temperature and any number of people.

Add water here that will have time to heat up during use. It is shown above that with a device power of 1.5 kW, 10 liters of water with a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius will accumulate in half an hour. You will wash longer, the figure will increase proportionally. For an hour - 20 liters. To summarize, the volume of the tank of the water heater depends on the parameters:

  1. The number of people in the family.

    Water heater operation

  2. Individual preferences for the water temperature of each.
  3. Shower time.
  4. Thrift family members.

It has been shown that a 50-liter water heater with a thermostat limit of 65 degrees and a power of 1.5 kW is enough for three people to gently wash themselves with water at 45 degrees. Provided that the mixer water is supplied from a cold riser temperature of 5 degrees. Ariston water heaters work up to 75 degrees. So, 50 liters for three is enough already in abundance. Bosh has a higher frame. In boilers, the temperature rises to 95 degrees Celsius.

Readers have a question about how to withstand temperature. Having maintained the temperature correctly, we obtain the calculated modes in practice. First, you can try to buy a thermostatic mixing valve in the store: a three-way valve, where hot and cold water comes in, results in an output stream of a given temperature. In this case, put in the bathroom tap( as for cold water) with a lamb. By setting the settings once, use the years! And no one burns. For this, in fact, the product was invented.

How to choose a storage water tank cover

Those who want to buy an Electrolux storage water heater will be struck by the curious design of the site. Rulers are represented by icons, fresh marked with the word New. On the site of Electrolux it can be seen that modern manufacturers themselves do not know which tank coverage is better. Moreover, trivial heating elements are combined with stainless steel, and “dry” with enamel. The second type eliminates the need for cleaning, but the dignity of the audience has not been tested. Enameled tank is more expensive than steel. Recall that inside there should be a magnesium anode to combat electrochemical corrosion.

Finally, they ask why it is cheaper to buy a storage water heater Termex than Ariston. The point is the name, plus proprietary technology.

Choice of gas storage water heater by E-katalog

Do not trust advertising. Statistics on the popularity of household goods is difficult to track. Stores do not rush to publish sales reports. Despite advertising and reviews, customer preferences are little known. Wishing to take into account public opinion in solving the problem of what gas storage water heater to buy, you are welcome to E-katalog.

E-katalog has not yet gained popularity among the population. The site offers a detailed list of statistics.

Gas water heater

At first glance, the site resembles Yandex Market. Here are some thematic topics. To get to the right, enter in the row "water heaters".

At the bottom of the page is the heater rating for November. Charts showing customer preferences as a percentage are presented:

  1. First, a dozen popular water heaters and a round sales chart by manufacturer are given. And it is impossible to say whether there is an accumulative gas water heater in the top ten. Therefore, for the collection of information to the creators of the site 5+, and for presenting information with a three-point minus. You need to be hardworking to sort through the names, patiently examining each model( when the report creators could do it on their own, following the fresh tracks).
  2. Secondly, the popularity of the type of energy carrier used and the type of water heater are given. In the first place, electricity, but annoying that the storage model persistently called boilers, causing confusion.

    Accumulative gas water heater

  3. Finally, in conclusion, it is proposed to look at the type of installation, volume and type of heating element. As for heaters, indeed, are popular dry( the official name of the type).Presented, moreover, electric water heaters. The gas tank is heated by a burner and gases passing through the central pipe.

Gas storage water heaters in our country( unlike America) are still unpopular. The advantages of gas storage water heaters:

  • Rapid heating. Gas water heater gives 10, 20, 30 kW by increasing fuel consumption and internal design. Let's go ahead and say that E-katalog contains models based on natural fuel only. Cylinders are not suitable.
  • Gas water heaters do not require electrical power( if the ignition is not electric).Batteries that power the electronic unit will not harm a person if the insulation is broken. This will avoid a number of inconveniences during installation.

Gas water heater connection

Disadvantages of gas storage water heaters:

  1. Communications from pipes should be carried out.
  2. Combustion products should be ensured.

Choosing a gas storage water heater

A storage gas water heater is selected, if there is something to divert combustion products, there is a centralized supply of natural gas. For ordinary nine-storey car unit is bad. Before buying, consider how to install the equipment. It is taken into account that chimneys are not laid through residential premises.

Gas storage water heater is relatively cheap and will heat the tank relatively quickly. A family member is taken 25-30 liters. And for women, increase the figure by 10 liters. It turns out that families of two people are satisfied with tanks of 50 liters, with children they buy containers from 80 liters and above.

Does not interfere with the schedule of taking a shower, in the case of gas water heaters waiting for good news. Power devices starts from 7.5 kW and stretches to infinity. Such indicators are enough for the operation of the water heater in flow-through mode. Turn on and wash until you get bored. At least a whole day. And the pressure is set decent.

Note that according to E-katalog it is difficult to pick up the device:

  1. The flow rate is shown per liter / min, but the stream temperature is not indicated. Limit characteristics are not visible. Unknown temperature near water.
  2. There is no power, which makes it extremely difficult for the pros( like reviewers) to choose.

How to search for gas storage water heater

For searching by parameters, it is convenient to use the Yandex Market. The main thing is the detailed( not always accurate, sometimes chaotic) characteristics of gas storage water heaters. When you go to the site type in the search box "water heaters" put a couple of options:

  1. Type of water heater - Cumulative.
  2. Heating Method - Gas.

Choosing a water heater

Do not call hot water boilers. The Yandex Market lists the manufacturers of gas storage water heaters, and it is possible to understand( by putting and removing jackdaws) who produce the right type of equipment.

Examine the counter. The choice of gas water heater is no different variety. At the price of units more expensive columns( flow models).The price level is comparable to electric cumulative models. We believe that the equipment has the necessary degrees of safety, before the final decision on the question of which gas storage water heater to buy, specify whether there are:

  1. Protection against reverse thrust.
  2. Protection against flame extinction.
  3. Protection against the inclusion of an empty tank.

This is the required minimum. Find out whether the device is open or closed. In the latter case, the air is taken from the street through a coaxial tube. Hence, the need for such a pave. More often holes in the wall. The permission of housing and public utilities, the redevelopment plan will be required, it must be possible to carry out work in terms of the interior of the premises. It is important to know what gas storage water heaters are and to assess in advance the possibility of installation.

Ariston will cost a bit more, Baxi is cheaper. Be sure to take a model with a magnesium anode. We hope that readers have already decided which gas water heater to buy.

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