Phosphoric fertilizers for tomatoes: types, names, use

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This year, tomatoes were not very good. Familiar advised to make phosphorus. Tell me, what types of phosphate fertilizers( their name) is better to use for tomatoes?

Phosphate fertilizers play a key role in the development of plants, including tomatoes. They provide the energy needed for metabolic processes. As a result, tomatoes grow better, form a strong root system, green mass, form high-quality seeds, and also bear fruit well.

A characteristic feature of phosphorus is that plants take only the necessary amount of fertilizer from the soil. Exceeding the dosage with the introduction will not be disastrous, but the lack of phosphorus will stop all development processes.

Signs of phosphorus deficiency

Signs that tomatoes lack phosphorus are:

  • leaf color purple;
  • leaf shape change with their further fall;
  • dark spots on the lower leaves of the bush;
  • inhibition of crop growth, causing the bushes to grow low;
  • weak root system poorly retains plants in the soil.
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Rules for applying phosphate fertilizers

When applying phosphate fertilizers follow the following rules:

  1. Fertilizers in granular form are applied in close proximity to the roots. It is impossible to scatter them on the beds above, because phosphorus does not dissolve in the upper layers of the earth. It is better to make a digging garden or in the form of a liquid infusion during watering.
  2. Autumn phosphorus application will have the greatest effect: during the winter it will be fully absorbed.
  3. With the continuous application of phosphate fertilizers the result will appear in the third year.
  4. When using phosphorus on acidic soils, they must first be calcified. To do this, 1 month prior to the introduction of phosphate fertilizers in the beds sprinkle lime( 500 g per 1 sq. M.) Or ash( 200 g per 1 sq. M.)
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Tomatoes, their use

Depending on the composition of phosphate fertilizers can be divided into three types: mineral, complex and organic.

When growing tomatoes, the following phosphate fertilizers are used:

  1. Superphosphate. Bring in at the transplanting of tomato seedlings per 1 well of 20 g of the drug. Or make liquid dressing at the beginning of the flowering period with a solution consisting of 100 g of superphosphate and 10 liters of water. On one bush enough half a liter of solution. Read: fertilizer superphosphate application in the garden!
  2. Diammophos. Contains up to 52% phosphorus and up to 23% nitrogen. It is applied once either to the well when planting seedlings, or as a liquid solution during flowering.
  3. Potassium monophosphate. Contains 50% phosphorus and 34% potassium. For the season enough two dressings. Used for foliar fertilizing( 15 g per 1 sq. M.).
  4. Nitrofoska .A solution of 1 tsp.drug on 1 liter of water watered seedlings two weeks after disembarkation.
  5. Bone Meal. Contains up to 35% phosphorus. Bring in when planting seedlings of tomatoes( 2 tbsp. L. In the hole).
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Gardeners use compost prepared as organic phosphate fertilizer with the addition of certain plants containing phosphorus( wormwood, feather grass).

Phosphate fertilizers: application for cultivated plants - video

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