Which steamer to choose for home

Today it is fashionable to keep the house in perfect cleanliness, here already a vacuum cleaner and a rag will turn out to be bad helpers. They are ideal when you need to remove the shock layer of dirt. If there is little dust, you need a tool that performs the task more efficiently. We imply a steamer with steam cleaner functions. The device and clothes will be able to stroke, and get out of the apartment.

Steamer for home from Grandmaster

For a steamer with the features of a GM - Q7 Multi steam cleaner( price from 9,500 rubles), the Grandmaster approached seriously. Let's talk about the merits of the device.

The case is not much different from the modern vacuum cleaner with a bag. The main thing is inside. The GM - Q7 Multi steamer features three steam heating stages. From a transparent plastic tank with a capacity of 2.3 liters, water enters the boiler.

For reference. The use of the term authors is not clear. The boiler means heating the water from the primary boiler where the heating element is placed. In this case, the flow is not in contact with the heating element. The boiler is TEN, the water is already heated from the boiler. For example, the pipeline is wrapped around its body.

On leaving the boiler, the water goes through an additional heating stage before leaving the case. The hose is equipped with thermal insulation. Otherwise there would be a chance to burn yourself. Under the protective layer of the hose passes an important element - the electrical wire for the third heating stage in the brush. This prevents the formation of condensate on the metal surface, from which the steam comes out, the maximum possible temperature of the working jet is achieved.

About the Grandmaster Steamer with Steam Cleaner, let's say that the unit kills germs, bacteria, and fights allergens. The clothes are fluffy, the smell of sweat and grease stains are destroyed. However, high temperatures mean increased safety measures when working with the device. There is a chance to get burned. If the kit does not include a special protective glove, we advise you to buy it separately.

Due to its special design, the base of the vacuum cleaner brush is not removable. Only the nozzles change:

  • adds bristles to clean the furniture;
  • mount for steam mop rags;
  • nozzle with a bracket for ironing the arrows on the pants.

Do not be afraid of non-compliance with hygiene, the nozzle completely covers the base of the brush. As a result, the model becomes truly universal. It is allowed to clean floors and glass, in the latter case, the wet surface is dried with a dry cloth. Outside the handle base of the brush is plastic, it is convenient to take for it, the weight is almost not felt. The steamer model with GM - Q7 Multi steam cleaner functions is designed for vertical ironing. It turns out easy to handle curtains, furniture. The device is positioned as a steamer for cleaning the house.

For reference. Vertical ironing is the process when the folds are straightened by weight without touching the clothes with a brush, due to the action of a jet of hot steam. At the same time, many microbes and bacteria die, glossy spots are destroyed and unpleasant odors disappear. The speed of vertical ironing is high because the hanger is fixed on a special telescopic rack, which is included in the kit, mounted on the steamer body. However, the device takes time to reach a healthy state.

Super_Jet_21_BJ"> Typical Home Steamer 3A - Super Jet 21 BJ

Home Steamer 3A - Super Jet 21 JB is considered a typical member of the family representing the specified instrument class."Vacuum" body with two rear bearing and two shunting front wheels is relatively stable and centered. The mount for the telescopic stand and the hose is made in the same pattern on the basis of a plastic nut that needs to be turned clockwise. The disassembly process is reversed.

The hose is reinforced with a special steel helix, without any frills, in particular, the heating steps in the brush. The steamer stand consists of four segments, each fixed with a plastic lock. It is not required to fold the fixture to its full length. The tripod serves two purposes:

  1. The point of suspension of the brush in the state of preparation for work and breaks.
  2. Suspension point for vertical ironing.

Folding hanger is included, the video is hard to see how to use it correctly( there is no loop for hanging).The brush comfortably fits into the “horns” of the tripod tip and hangs in the air without the help of a housewife. It is allowed to use the appliance as a household humidifier. True, the microclimate parameters will have to be controlled by other methods.

Included is an auxiliary plate. We consider the device to support the back side of the shirt when using the steamer on the weight. We are pleased with the presence in the set of a special mitten for the second hand, so as not to burn yourself. Latch for ironing arrows attached directly to the brush, for wool is the nozzle with a pile. Parts are made of plastic, which prevents condensation from settling. Grandmaster's output elements are made of shiny stainless steel. This increases the weight and durability of the product.

The crossbar with clothespins for trousers looks elegant, so that when ironing, do not fold the item of clothing in half. The steamer is designed exclusively for clothing, curtains and furniture. The possibilities of a steam mop are absent in the device. The filling tank is transparent, it is easy to visually monitor whether it is time to replenish stocks. To drain the excess water after work, a special hole is made.

Cleaning is done with a 50% vinegar solution. Required:

  • rid the system completely from water;
  • pour the solution into the tank;
  • turn on the device on the operating mode, hanging the brush on a tripod;
  • after half an hour the cleaning is finished.

If there is an excess of vinegar solution, it is necessary to drain it according to the previous scheme through a special steamer valve for the house. Then the device is re-washed with clean water. For similar purposes, it is permissible to use a special powder from the company Super Jet, and an impressive result is guaranteed.

Steamer for home Philips

The best home steamer for clothes is Philips. The company has a mass of stationary models, not intended to move around the house. Therefore, the rack is high and durable. Designed steamers with two vertical parallel telescopic racks, on which the whole crossbar is based for hanging mint clothes. Iron and slowly clean the closet.

The stated stationarity allows you to work with maximum comfort, without fear that the steamer will go to the side. Allowed to handle furniture, curtains and pillows. By the way, the latter destroys the unpleasant smell, penetrating deep into feathers and down, plus causes ticks, kozheedov and other pests.

Inside the case there is a compartment for brushes and heat protection glove. No need to look for affiliation during the process. A typical Philips steamer for clothes for home demonstrates five modes of steam, which allows you to process silk, leather, fur, linen, cotton, any clothing with rhinestones and folds.

Curious accessories. Among them, in addition to the traditional plastic plates for collars and pockets, there are devices for creating folds and ironing arrows. The difference is obvious: the steamer brush comes close to the fabric, which is not typical for this class of devices.

Results of the

The Kromax products are widely represented on the steamer market. There are no obvious differences from the models already described. The best steamer for the house is bought from a reputable manufacturer, and the usage details have already been explained. We add that typical Kromax representatives are not intended for floor cleaning. For the action is used more often the adjacent class of equipment - steam cleaners.

By the way, Philips recently entered the market in this segment and immediately occupied a niche of clothes. The devices of the company are aimed at effective ironing. There are models that are controlled by the foot, which brings additional convenience and brings the device closer in functionality to professional steamers. In general, the indicated class of the device does not differ much from the standard iron in steam generation power, but the special design allows to cope more effectively with vertical ironing.

Choosing a steamer for the house, ask where the service workshops are located and study the conditions of warranty service.

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