How to make a fridge

Making a refrigerator on your own is difficult. Recently, a review was given where Shivaki's thermoelectric models were discussed. They are based on the Peltier effect, but they cost so much that it is unlikely that you will be able to buy three powerful CPU coolers with this money to do it yourself. Just do not recommend to suffer, take a ready-made refrigerator. For 50 liters of capacity will have to pay 7,000 rubles, this is an acceptable option. If the prospect is not scary, let's proceed to consider how to make a fridge out of available tools.

Refrigerator with their own hands from the split system

Often people are interested in: how to start the split system in the winter for heating. The solution to the problem lies in the right approach. Everyone has heard that the efficiency of split-systems( as well as refrigerators) is much higher than 100%.The indicator is highly dependent on external conditions. If the temperature outside the window is much below zero, how to get the heat from there? It is much easier to create a refrigeration room - not just a refrigerator - from where the external unit of the air conditioner will pump heat. Take, for example, a cellar in a private house.

Creating a refrigeration room in the house.

It will be necessary to renew the heat. We take and pump out energy without thinking where it comes from. As a result, the refrigerator will reach colossally low temperatures, which is bad for the products and the structure of the building. Approximate calculation:

  1. It is required to find an equilibrium point in the absence of heating by a split system at a given minus( low positive) temperature outside. Measurements are carried out in rooms and an improvised refrigerator.
  2. Estimated volume of accommodation and subfloor. Suppose we have a refrigerator half the size of the heated area. This means that if the temperature rises by 10 degrees in the subfield, it will become colder by 5. If not enough, partition off the storage space for products.
  3. It is not bad to estimate the heat loss coefficient. As you know, leaks are directly proportional to the temperature difference between both sides of any wall. The direction depends, of course, on the gradient( a vector of decreasing or increasing magnitude).Let us re-describe the method of finding.

Suppose that in the winter in the room the temperature was set at 16 degrees at a certain value outside. Let it be light frost outside. Minus 5 degrees Celsius. Turn on the oil heater 1.5 kW at maximum mode. After an hour and a half, we look at how much the temperature has risen. Let's say it turned out 18 degrees Celsius. This is the lower threshold for SNiP, we want to get 20. Obviously: linear dependencies, it will take 3 kW of power to heat the room at minus 5 outside the window. Moreover, in cold weather the required resources grow in proportion to the difference.


A rough example, at a latitude of Moscow you need a total of 120 watts per square meter.3 kW is enough for a number of large rooms. For the barracks, for example, the calculation is correct. The floor space is 120 square meters, the volume is 300 cubes. For example, in a subfield 10 times less: 30 cubic meters. So, there 3 kW will create an effect of minus forty degrees, with the same losses. This does not happen. In the subfield, a different temperature distribution:

  • through the foundation heat goes out;
  • through the overlap enters the inside.

It's winter. Suppose you want to get in the subfield minus 18 degrees, but due to the influx of heat there is +8.We make an assessment. It is obvious that the dependence of heat loss in all directions through the walls is linear. Suppose we brought the temperature in the barracks to +20 degrees, now we put the heater in the underground. An hour later there was +25.We carry out the calculation. Every 1.5 kW of heat changes the temperature by 17 degrees Celsius. Consequently, with the deprivation of the premises of 3 kW followed by a decrease of 34 degrees. Total, the temperature is minus 26 degrees Celsius.

Not bad, but there is a minus: you will have to equip the split system with a “winter” package. And if you get inside the refrigerated evaporator, taking a condenser to the barracks, the complexity is exhausted. The disadvantage is that not every kit will pull the indicated power. In addition, the equipment is supposed to be regulated. The latter is more convenient to implement with the help of a thermostat in a residential area. The second disadvantage of the solution: the conditions in the subfield will depend on the outdoor temperature. Advantage:

If there is cold outside the window, there is no room for heat, in the case of a subfield, we draw the inexhaustible energy of the mother earth.

Of course, the depth of the subfield is assumed to be significant, the foundation and the blind are insulated in the correct order. The result is a direct connection with the Earth. The idea is not new, heat pumps are already actively used in Europe. Summarizing, the principle of operation of a refrigerator of any type is based on an analogy. This is a heat pump, due to which the efficiency exceeds 100%.

Air conditioner unit in summer

How to make a refrigerator in summer

In the heat you want to cool in the living room. The earth still remains an inexhaustible source of energy, taking away the surplus. You just need to ensure good contact of the condenser with the soil, but away from the cellar. Now heat needs to be pumped out of the basement and from the living quarters. Consequently, the system is not self-sufficient without an additional condenser. It is better to have the device in the area of ​​groundwater. What has been said directly intersects with the concept of typical heat pumps that exchange energy with the earth.

The contact with water is denser, it is clear that not every steel will fit for the purpose of being in a wet environment. Because heat pumps are expensive. For this reason, they are not sure that a simple man in the street will be able to make a refrigerator according to the above scheme. It is much easier to remember about the household needs of any home. What do people want to do all year round, regardless of the weather and the state of the economy? Eat, sleep and maintain personal hygiene. For two of the three goals need hot water, in the summer takes heat. For brewing tea is not always required 100 degrees Celsius. The split system condenser is heated in the heat to at least 70. The temperature is enough for bathing procedures or tea drinking.

A liter of water is equivalent in heat capacity to a cubic meter of air. Estimate prospects independently: the usual cylinder on 100 liters is capable to cool the whole apartment. In addition, it will remain, than to wash. In winter, among other things, it is customary to use the energy of wastewater. We do not think that this is the best solution for high-rise buildings, but for some cottages it will do. The idea of ​​energy saving is not new. Taken from the experience of industrial enterprises.

Homemade Refrigerator

Making a refrigerator with your own hands is not too difficult if you wish and ability. Options designs weight. To communicate with nature, filling split-systems is more suitable, rather than factory-made refrigerators. The latter are simply not intended for the indicated experiments. On the case there is a sign indicating the climatic version. From it you can see the temperature range from 16 to 43 degrees( divided into sub-ranges N, T, etc.).

Air conditioning is also not fit any. Requires a model that can operate at low temperatures. To create the freezer, you will have to buy the old “winter” set:

  1. Compressor speed controller of the outdoor unit.
  2. Heated crankcase compressor.

Meaning: make the outdoor unit function at low temperatures. Snag in oil. At a constant temperature below zero, it is permissible to fill the winter. You need a low viscosity oil, motorists will understand. If the number does not work with the external unit of a typical air conditioner, because summer operation is also planned, the method will just fit for making a refrigerator. Clearly, freon will have to fill up again, without options( almost).We believe that the reorganization of the system is impossible without the typical difficulties.

Leaving aside articles and ideas on refrigeration bags, freon and thermal electricity are the only options available to make a refrigerator. This will require a basic knowledge of oils, types of refrigerants, the principles of operation of the compressor, condenser, evaporator. Something you can find on the site, other technical issues are often discussed on the forums.

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