What built-in refrigerator to buy

Built-in appliances are made for the type of furniture. For example, the standard is the height of kitchen cabinets 80 - 85 cm. Gas stoves are made in a similar style. It happens that manufacturers do not maintain the standards with the required rigor, any embedded equipment shows the means of adjusting the height. Width and depth do not change. The reader will now decide which embedded refrigerator to buy. And we will help.

Embedded household appliances

There are a lot of instructive videos in built-in household appliances in foreign languages, but not in Russian. Remember - American kitchen furniture a little deeper than domestic and European. The difference is 5 - 10 cm. All other cabinets of the lower kitchen row are the same. Only the height varies, respectively, the trimmer legs of the devices allow you to customize the size for a given.

Built-in refrigerator

Therefore, initially:

  1. We measure the depth and width of the compartment. If possible, for sure. This is an important size, it will not succeed.
  2. Two types of built-in equipment are offered: with and without decorative panels. Almost all dishwashers are first class. With a refrigerator, you need to decide whether the appliance will close the door of furniture or other solutions are needed.
  3. Height is measured from floor to table top at four corners. In a notebook write the smallest value. If you take the built-in dishwashers, the majority of only three legs, the refrigerators in a different way.

A minimum of 2 cm should be subtracted from the depth. Withstand the width as precisely as possible. In the future, the decorative panel is adjusted to the size of the furniture, and the dimensions of the board are difficult to change.

Let's start looking for the dimensions of embedded refrigerators for quite real data.

Kitchen compartment compartment parameters:

  1. Width 48 cm.
  2. Depth 55 cm.
  3. Height 68 cm.

These are typical parameters for installation on the base( not on the floor).If there is no such low height, as an option, it is possible to cut a part of the section and try to fit the technique on linoleum. Let's get started

Market review in search of the built-in refrigerator

Traditionally, we suggest using the Yandex-Market electronic catalog( http: //market.yandex.ru/).We ask in the search bar Refrigerators, immediately offer to choose Location. Specify embedded. Now it is necessary to use the Width, Height and Depth parameters to get the desired search result. In our case, there were 4 models. All appliances, as expected, without a freezer, do not fit the dimensions of the compartment. The furniture is cheap and made without standards. However, there is no need to retreat half way. Let's see what got.

We study the instructions. Let's get acquainted with the order of embedding. We remind you that such household appliances include complete installation instructions that require detailed examination before purchasing in order not to sit in a puddle. The drawing shows the requirements and limitations that can go against the existing kitchen environment.

Refrigerator Smeg ABM32

  • The instruction Smeg ABM32 says that the distance from the wall to the back wall is at least 2 cm. It suits you. Let's say more - this model will sink in a compartment 55 cm deep with its own refrigerator size of only 42 cm. It is bad that a plinth with an area of ​​200 square centimeters is assumed for proper ventilation of the equipment. How to do, the manufacturer does not care. Two options were suggested: ignore the fact or rely that there is enough air, the dimensions of the device are noticeably smaller than the dimensions of the compartment. Trouble does not end. .. It is required to leave the distance from the tile apron of the wall to the bedside table with the size of 5 cm.

If we do not follow the installation rules, we will not understand the warranty. In addition, it will be necessary to install a sloping partition on the top of the refrigerator to the table top, so that the cooling air channel gets an additional wall. It turns out that the option is not suitable, but it will suit people who bought kitchen tables with legs 4 cm high. Then a passage of 200 square centimeters appears, there is no reason to worry.

Size, installation requirements, furniture design play a decisive role.

  • Refrigerator Indel B Iceberg 42 is the largest in size, and the price, on the contrary, is relatively low.13 thousand rubles against 19 thousand for Smeg ABM32.The first surprise, about which manufacturers in RuNet do not write, but the official website( http: //www.indelb.com/) indicates that the company is engaged in the production of equipment for hotels. Minibar Indel B Iceberg 42 belongs to this category. Is the device suitable for the nightstand? We took a brochure from the 30th model( in English) to see the installation requirements. Refrigerator adsorption, but requires a ventilation gap. The device is 2–4 cm from the wall, the area of ​​the lower stroke is 240 square centimeters.

Refrigerator Indel B Iceberg 42

Difference from the previous model in high legs. The manufacturer assumes that the stream will flow between the bottom of the compartment and the refrigerator. There is hope. Begin to evaluate:

  1. The height of the device according to the catalog is 52 cm.
  2. Obtaining a channel area of ​​240 square centimeters between the legs of the device, a distance of 5 cm from the bottom of the compartment is required. Option passes. We explain. Saw off a strip of 5 cm floor compartment from the door. We put the refrigerator in place. Let it hang over the “precipice” of the front, or move back. The last option is possible, there is enough space: depth 49 cm + channel 5 cm + 2 cm clearance. Formally, 1 cm less, in practice, the legs of the refrigerator do not go directly to the front panel. Technique can hang at 1 cm.

    It remains to decide how to direct the flow under the refrigerator. You will need a sealed channel, and the thrust will be formed due to the temperature of the condenser on the back wall above room temperature. We believe that the easiest way is to modify the door by nailing the cut off part of the floor to it. Of course, you have to cut a little. The side walls of the channel will have to do independently, in the instructions, however, it is written that the refrigerator is for free embedding. Do I need a bar at this price, decide, we just showed the features of embedded refrigerators on a specific example.

    Conventional Built-In Refrigerator for Kitchen

    Let's clarify the difference between a minibar and an ordinary model - in modes. Usually in minibars the temperature is regulated from 0 to 18 degrees. Inside it is permissible to store products, medicines. Ask your dealer for a brochure with the installation option( http: //www.indelb.com/media/files/ 29_IndelB% 20ICEBERG_it_uk% 20maggio% 202013.pdf) for this account does not contain data.

    Possible difficulties when installing the built-in refrigerator

    If the furniture is nonstandard, a number of difficulties are likely. Making a choice of the built-in refrigerator, prepare. For example, the legs of the device may be below 5 cm. Put small strips under the legs - the parameters of the built-in refrigerators are not always strictly consistent with actual conditions. The same applies to the channel. We'll have to cut hardboard, planing, gluing, screwing. In unusual cases, the installation is an art.- We try not to spoil the appearance of the kitchen.

    In order not to be confused about what kind of built-in refrigerator to buy for non-standard furniture, it is better to look in advance at headsets that meet the requirements of embedding. For example, when the table top in separate sections hangs directly above the floor. Household appliances are built into such places. It is better to take a set without a base, with legs. Then much is simplified. Sometimes it is permissible to put the refrigerator in a vertical cabinet, and cut a hole for air flow in the side. Possible options.

    So, the main characteristics of built-in refrigerators are dimensions. Installation techniques are similar. It will be difficult to buy a sealing gum for the refrigerator, manufacturers of exotic equipment. Therefore, the advice - take the products of famous brands, with official sites in Russian. Otherwise buy a handle for the refrigerator will cost in the price( including shipment) device.

    Do not forget to ask the dealer installation instructions. Some cunning ones keep the document for themselves and impose a contractor for the installation of embedded household appliances.

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