Features of standards, or which refrigerators are the most reliable

The size of the warranty period for a refrigerator is a talking figure. Once on the forum, it was mentioned that now the maximum period for servicing household appliances is a calendar year. All the way around, including the situation with refrigerators! Year - the minimum statutory period for warranty service. If 1 year is given, it is worth looking at a similar refrigerator last: the manufacturer is confident that after a short period of time, the equipment will break so often that it is pointless to support it. The answer to the problem, which refrigerators are more reliable, look in the area of ​​warranty service periods.

Warranty on the engine of the refrigerator

Recently, considering the air conditioners of Mitsubishi, they noted that inverter control helps save and makes work quieter, this is also true for refrigerators. As a result of the transition to a new type of engine technology becomes more durable. If you take refrigerators, Samsung has already implemented an aspect in practice, providing a 10-year warranty on the power plant of proprietary equipment.

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Compared with the sounded indicator of other brands( especially domestic ones), the picture will become clear.

Looking for the size of the warranty period of the refrigerator:

  1. When buying in a store, the seller is trying to impose post-warranty service. Consider the wrong side of the proposal. The shop concludes, on its own initiative, a contract with a repair center( sometimes located in the basement of a neighboring house) for the repair of refrigerators. For any year of warranty dealers are trying to tear off the extra money from the buyer. Remember, this warranty is not related to the reliability of the refrigerator. The seller does not care how often a specific type of home appliances will break. The contract for a refrigerator prescribes a mass of exceptions for often failing parts. Types of warranty two. And attention to the store does not need to pay when deciding on the reliability of the refrigerator. However, if the local service centers are closer, and the work is done no worse than the brand ones, it is worth considering the issue from the point of view of the speed of the repair.

    Refrigerator in the kitchen

  2. Branded warranty directly indicates how confident the manufacturer is in its own refrigerators. The long life of the inverter motors is indirectly confirmed by the 10th year for which Samsung has forked up. When buying the specified refrigerator, the buyer is confident in the long operation of the device. Unfortunately, the inverter motor is not able to operate from 220 V; an electronic control unit and a driver for the supply voltage for the compressor motor are built into the refrigerator. This is an additional factor in reducing reliability. According to science, the probability of failure of individual modules are added up. Before buying it is logical to look at the forums that they write about specific brand refrigerators.

Certificates of Refrigerator Compliance

A significant role in establishing reliability is the availability of certificates. The part is considered mandatory, the second - voluntary. What is the mystery here?

A small built-in refrigerator

Certificates of independent laboratories confirm that refrigerators comply with the standards. Moreover, it is better that research sites are guaranteed to be located away from the cronyism system. For example, Korean manufacturers prefer to take certificates in Germany. This immediately shows to the world that the fact of corruption is excluded, it is the Germans in this regard ahead of Europe( if you do not believe, look at the map of the perception of corruption).

If we take refrigerators for consideration, similar certificates are known:

Old-style refrigerator

  1. Instruments must comply with regulations. For refrigerators, GOST R IEC 60335-2-24 is recognized. International standard, today is the 2012 version. Document posted online. Within the document, it is proposed to investigate the phenomena: leakage current, moisture resistance, abnormal operation, mechanical strength. Questions excite millions of users. We recommend looking at which laboratory issued a certificate of conformity. Of course, I want to see the German.
  2. A number of technical regulations have been derived. On the territory of the Customs Union, no TR of refrigerators is applicable. It is easy to verify at http: //base.garant.ru/5425755/, where a full list of documents is given. We remind you that the link indicates the notorious Customs Union, it is only Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. As for European and other foreign products, different certificates are acceptable, drawn up in English( as generally accepted).If the document is in stock, the refrigerator is an additional plus, the paper speaks of the manufacturer’s concern for the products.

    European Refrigerator

  3. The certificate of compliance with the regulations of the Customs Union is to some extent related to the previous paragraph. This is necessary when there are several technical regulations( and other regulatory documents) for the product. The paper confirms that the product meets the standards of the said organization.
  4. The certificate of origin of goods shows where the products are made, much depends on the location of the assembly. They say that the Turkish assembly Bosch is lame, it is noted that a release was registered by the plant from St. Petersburg, when the mounting foam stuck out on the back wall. This is a respected concern, what to say about the domestic assembly of cheap brands. Certificate of origin varies in forms. In particular, CT-1 operates in the territory of 10 countries located in the territory of the former USSR.Interesting form A, common in the territory of the European Union. For more information on the certificate of origin of goods, please read Wikipedia https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% D0% A1% D0% B5% D1% 80% D1% 82% D0% B8% D1% 84% D0% B8% D0% BA% D0% B0% D1% 82_% D0% BF% D1% 80% D0% BE% D0% B8% D1% 81% D1% 85% D0% BE% D0% B6% D0% B4% D0% B5% D0% BD% D0% B8% D1% 8F.
  5. Refrigerators are subject to mandatory certification in the sense of fire safety. Check here http: //base.garant.ru/185093/, which contains the text of the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of 2002.Recently, the document is no longer valid, but any manufacturer has the right to be certified voluntarily. Of course, this is an additional plus for refrigerators.

The more certificates there are for the equipment, the more extensive the information for reflection. They said it right on the forum, the equipment is taken not for a year or two, so the question of which refrigerators are more reliable is required to be solved without haste. Otherwise, you will spend more money on repairs than you save on the name of a little-known brand. Information about the poor technical support of refrigerators is possible to dig in advance and not to step on other people's rakes.

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