How to choose an electric meat grinder with metal gears

  • What to look for before choosing?
  • Plastic or metal, that is the question
  • A little about the power of the meat grinder
  • Important factors for choosing
  • Meat grinder via the Internet or how not to buy a cat in the bag

Right now your head is filled with one single question: what are meat grinders electric with metal gears and how to choose them? Then we go to you! Spending just 10 minutes to read the article, you will save yourself from unnecessary expenses and disappointments. Your sleep will be calm and your nerves will be fine. Perhaps we will begin.

What to look for before choosing?

No matter how trite it may sound, but before you start choosing an electric meat grinder with metal gears, you need to decide for which particular tasks you are acquiring. To process meat( of any kind), it is enough to get a simple unit with a metal gear. Well, if you plan to process meat, fish, seafood, then you should think about buying a more sophisticated machine.

For those who daily sculpt culinary masterpieces, a great solution would be a super-meat grinder in which there is not only gears, but also a lot of different nozzles. Such a thing will be something like a food processor. With it, even into the fire, even into the water. ..

And also the presence of additional features attracts those who want to save, and those who do not have enough space in the kitchen to fit all the kitchen utensils. Yes, in general, and it does not matter what reasons made you pay attention to this or that electric meat grinder. After all, your comfort is paramount.

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Plastic or metal, that is the question

Choosing a meat grinder with metal gears is not so easy. But after all, nothing is possible, especially for you. So, what else can you say about this unit?

Of course, what materials are used for its manufacture. Usually it is either metal or plastic. As you can see, nothing new. So just move on to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the materials.

Of course, if the meat grinder body is plastic, its effectiveness will not change due to this( provided that the product is made by a proven manufacturer).After all, the main thing is what the working bodies are made of, on which, strictly speaking, the main burden rests. Note the tray first.

It is better that it be made of metal, since plastic does not tolerate “bathing” in a dishwasher and is more susceptible to mechanical stress. But here is a matter of taste and wallet. Tray tray, but other details: a knife, auger, a disk, in general, everything that is inside the meat grinder, everything should be made of high quality stainless steel. Yes. It is high, otherwise there is simply no point in buying a design.

Units with metal gears - these are satellites in the formation of you, as a cook for many years. Such a thing will be for you a reliable support in the processing of mass products, from which you can cook a bunch of dishes. Your family and friends will be delighted.

Domestic electric meat grinders with metal gears is a sought-after household item. Of course, you can do without them. What for? After all, with her something better! But if there is a plastic auger in the meat grinder, then it is generally better without it. As practice shows, such a unit does not live long.

The auger is connected to an electric motor using drive gears. And if there gets a “bony tidbit” of meat, the gear blades will instantly turn into. .. plastic crumb. Yes, it will not harm the unit, but it will tickle your nerves.

Not every electric meat grinder is equipped with spare parts. And to buy new ones, you need both money and time. Also, do not forget that breaking something spoils the mood.

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A little about the power of the

meat mincer "Mincer" with metal gears with different power behaves differently. For example, a 1400 W device( by the way, this is the maximum), in just one minute, will finish with 2 kg of meat( with veins and cartilage).Planning to choose this "monster"?

Think carefully. Typically, the equipment of such power is in food enterprises. In fact, there is nothing to do with such a “collar” in a tiny apartment. Yes, and it is unlikely you will find a place where to place the unit.

800-1200 W - these are meat grinders, capable of finishing in one minute from 1.5 kg of meat. Low-power "babes" from 450 W, although they seem miniature, do their work.1 minute of work = 1 kg of meat.

For home use, it is better to choose a simple, concise device, but with a reverse. This feature will save you while cleaning the meat grinder. The rest of the "chips and frills" you by and large to anything.

In addition to choosing the best meat grinders with metal gears , , pay attention to the choice of the mesh through which the processed product passes. They, of course, must be metal.

Standard set of any meat grinder - 3 grids with holes of different diameters. The fine mesh is used to prepare a homogeneous elastic mass. Medium - for minced meat. A large mesh is used to process hard meat.

Important Factors of Choosing the

The meat grinder with metal gears is necessarily equipped with knives, which you should also pay attention to. This part should be made of quality steel, which can be of two types:

  • "Standard".Ordinary, but durable blades that will serve you faithfully and at least the period specified in the passport.
  • Suite. These are knives that are sharpened in the process of working without human intervention. The service life of this device, though not eternal, but you will not part with it for many, many years.

As you guessed it, the gear is not the only element of the meat grinder. In addition to the main components, manufacturers pamper their customers with a mass of various interesting nozzles, with the help of which one can prepare exquisite( or not so) dishes. Here it is the passport of the unit and the imagination to help you. Be creative!

Historically, all electrical devices are to a certain degree noisy. And the more powerful the unit, the “louder” it behaves. Although in fact the noise level does not exceed 60-80 dB.Of course, you may not like it. But it's tolerable, right?

Meat grinder via the Internet or how not to buy a cat in the bag

When you have made your choice, you can start searching for the desired unit. Remember that the gear( and all other details) depends on its quality. So do not be stingy and buy a device made of metal. Well, then everything is simple.

Choose a store, set the parameters in the appropriate fields and choose the model that suits your needs. But before ordering goods on the Internet, “feel” it. Go to the nearest home appliance store and ask the consultant to show you the selected device at work.

There you will see a complete set with your own eyes, as well as be able to study the device passport. By the way, prices on the Internet and offline stores have long ceased to differ. Therefore, you can make a purchase on the spot.

And even if you leave the store without a purchase, you will know what exactly is included in the package of the model you like. It will not be possible to deceive you anymore. And now a few recommendations on interaction with the online store. Of course, you yourself know everything perfectly well, but there will be nothing more to refresh them in your memory.

  1. Be sure to check the integrity and equipment of the goods at the place of receipt. It doesn’t matter if they brought you the purchase home, or they sent it by courier. First inspection, money later. If you pick up the goods at the post office, pay, and, without departing from the window, check the purchase.
  2. Do not throw away the check. By law, you have 14 days to test a product. If you are not satisfied with something, it is better not to tighten and return it as soon as possible.
  3. If you brought the equipment or electronics "from the frost", do not turn it on immediately. Let it cool for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, you risk being left with nothing. After all, such a failure is not included in the warranty service.
  4. Never pay money to the organization that you came across for the first time. Too much divorced in the network of one-day shops.

We considered the most important. To the question: what are electric meat grinders with metal gears and how to choose them, we answered. And that means it's time to wrap up. Thanks for attention!

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