Why does the refrigerator not turn off

If the refrigerator turns on and off, the reason may be a short circuit on the working winding. The current in this case is large, the start-up relay operates after a short period of time. We have already raised this hot topic, today we offer a plan: we discuss why the refrigerator does not turn off, then we tell how to get rid of the misfortune. It is not always possible to get the right sensor, knowledge will be useful here. So let's get started.

refrigerator operation diagram Typical

refrigerator operation scheme The heart of the refrigerator is the engine that drives the compressor, regardless of the type of motor. The asynchronous motor has a starting winding, where the voltage is supplied shifted by 90 degrees, only for the period of the rotor promotion. This task takes the starting relay. To the windings are not burned, it is required to trace the dissipated power. The task involved in a protective relay. Sometimes the starting and protective relays are combined in a housing, the device is called a start-up relay. It becomes the cause of non-stop engine operation.

Inside is a thermostat. This is a generalized device that monitors the temperature inside the compartments. Usually, the parameters of the evaporator of the refrigerator compartment are monitored. In models with an abundance of sensors, the actual cold room plus freezer evaporator falls here. In the described home appliances electronic brain, thermocouples, thermistors and other semiconductor elements, capable of changing parameters depending on temperature, become sensors. This list is an additional reason that the refrigerator does not want to stop.

A possible source of trouble is freon leaked out, therefore the rotating compressor is not able to go to the specified mode. In the simplest models, the process of working out is able to last until the motor stops the start protection relay in order to avoid overheating. And this is not the only reason when the signs are similar.

Freon circuit of the refrigerator

For example, if there is water in the freon circuit, the liquid will turn into ice at the outlet of the capillary tube and will clog the course for the refrigerant. The signs will be exactly the same. Difference: after an hour break in work with defrosting the chambers, the refrigerator will adjust the work - not for long. Exactly until the moment of the formation of an ice block.

The cause of the incessant operation of the refrigerator is any sticky relay. Finally, the unit cannot be operated in conditions other than the passport. There are a number of versions of refrigeration, try not to violate the conditions. As you know, heat loss through any barrier is directly proportional to the temperature difference on both sides. Consequently, under a certain mode of the freezer and the refrigerating chamber, leakages grow in a similar way. At a certain external temperature, the compressor cannot compensate for the loss with its own work. As a result, it will start to continuously buzz, but the refrigerator will not work.

In refrigerators with NoFrost, the temperature is evaluated by semiconductor sensors. If the damper drive breaks down, it is difficult to predict the response of the device, but the temperature in the corresponding compartment will not decrease, and an error code will appear on the display( a clever technique for self-tracking).According to the manual will be able to quickly understand the cause of failure. It is clear that simple Atlants do not know how to do this, they will have to look for a source of trouble on their own.

How to troubleshoot a non-shutting down refrigerator

If the refrigerator is running continuously, first estimate the temperature in the compartments. It's hard for a freezer, look for a low-limit thermometer. It is recommended to see if ice forms in the refrigerator compartment.

Put a small glass of room temperature water in the compartment and be patient. It is allowed to use a saucer. Please note that in NoFrost refrigerators the climate in the compartments is extremely dry. Take a layer of water is not small, otherwise the result is difficult to notice.

If the temperature in the refrigeration compartment is clearly below zero, check the thermostat settings and make sure that there are no deviations. Sometimes, the guests have changed either the children. So, in the icebox, the settings are normal. It means that the order with the freon circuit, but the thermostat or the starting relay are faulty. Rather, the first than the second. How to check? Easy and simple, unwrap the fridge.

How to check the operation of the thermostat of the refrigerator

The thermostat in the refrigerator is a box with a tight membrane, to which a thin long tube leads. In Atlanta, you can see how it comes out of the box of the settings panel in the back wall area and goes to the place where the evaporator readings of the refrigerating chamber are taken. Inside, there is just a relay that opens the contact when the temperature reaches the specified readings. If the phenomenon does not occur, perhaps the sensor just broke. Repair is hardly possible.

Refrigerator thermostat

The refrigerator is already standing to the back of the master. Look down at the compressor, black hermetic steel tank the size of a head. On top of sometimes fixed tank for collecting water. Carefully remove the part, do not spray the electrical circuit. A thermal switch with a cylindrical starting capacitor is located on the side of the compressor. Usually left. The relay has a removable cover, under which the contacts are located. Standard - within 7:

  1. Grounding.
  2. Power cable phase.
  3. Power cable zero.
  4. Thermostat Phase.
  5. Zero for the internal electronics of the refrigerator.
  6. Power light compartment.
  7. Grounding for the internal electronics of the refrigerator.

The contacts do not necessarily correspond to those described. The point is that the signal allowing the work comes from the internal cable. Easy to trace the eyes. Take a camera and take a picture of the contact group. The photo is useful in the subsequent assembly. Disconnect the internal cable. Now ring the power cord:

  • The petal to the ground must ring with unpainted steel( !) Body parts.
  • Each plug pin must ring with a proper pair on the relay.

Paging contacts

Now call the terminals of the plug between them. A break is expected. If the tester shows dozens of ohms, the relay probably closed. Readers ask, is it permissible to turn off the refrigerator through the thermostat and check the gap? Answer: it is possible, but for thermostats that support shutdown, two groups of contacts are likely. If the first one works, it does not mean that the second one is working. However, flipping the thermostat between different modes is possible. Suddenly fix themselves.

There are no thermostats in the refrigerators NoFrost. Their role is performed by electronics, which take readings from sensors, standardly three: on the evaporator, in each chamber one by one. Such devices are expensive, they show a display where the error code immediately reflects. Otherwise, do the same. Disconnect the internal wire and see if the compressor will turn on. Finally, it is possible that the principle of adjustment is different, and when broken on the side of the internal cable, the refrigerator, on the contrary, works. Easy to check by disassembling the relay. Climb up and see. Previously easy to find electrical circuit details on the Internet.

The thermostat is replaced by the same. The cost of "analog" devices( a box with a tube) varies around 700 rubles. As for thermocouples, there are analogues of any value, as long as the characteristics are similar. Mainly concerns the slope of the dependence of the output voltage on the temperature. The schedule is taken online, and from a number of sources, because errors and juggling are possible. Finally, in thermistors, the temperature depends on the resistance, but the meaning is the same - it is possible to find an analogue according to the characteristics. It is important to correctly cover the entire range of operating temperatures, which will remain outside, there are not so important parameters.

Add, if the temperature in the compartment is below the norm, quit in the freon circuit. Of course, the chassis of the compressor is able to refuse, in any case, need to re-fill. Judge:

  1. If freon has leaked out, refuel is required.
  2. If the water is inside, you have to clean the system, then fill it up.
  3. If the compressor is broken, will have to be replaced. Refueling is required.

According to the regulations, you need to install a new filter drier before refueling. In addition, you will need soldering. The process of replacing freon is considered problematic. It costs money. In the case of cheap models, than to think why the refrigerator does not turn off, it is easier to buy a new one. If a refrigerator that goes on the market at a high price does not turn off for a long time, the repair is justified. Follow the regulations.

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