For fast and high-quality painting using spray gun from China

For any man, a car is a friend, comrade and brother. Nevertheless, emergency situations happen in life, which leave a bitter mark on his iron steed. The driver can unsuccessfully drive into the garage or, accidentally giving back, "kiss" the next car. And if the cottage is located in the distant outback, then the entire board of the car is engraved from the stones, which are littered with a rural road. Therefore, the summer resident must buy a spray gun from China for the "treatment" of the vehicle and not only. In addition, using the device you can paint any surfaces and parts.

Paint Sprayer Device.

Paint Spray Gun belongs to the HVLP series. The peculiarity of this product in the unique structure of the air ducts. The mechanism creates a pressure of 0.7 atm. The output is up to 3 atm. Due to this, the device sprays paint with a precision of transfer to the surface up to 70%.The rest of the substance goes just to the atmosphere.

The droplets exit the sprayer at low speed, thereby forming a primitive cloud around the instrument. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the dye from a distance of 12-15 cm. Still, do not linger with it, otherwise there will be drips.

Because of these features, the device consumes from 360 l / min of compressed air. In this regard, he is able to cooperate only with powerful compressors. In addition, filter elements are installed on the system that remove moisture and oil from the instrument. The gun itself has the following technical characteristics:

  1. Working body. The size of the nozzle is 0.8-1 mm, which allows the use of nozzles of different caliber.
  2. Bowl for loading paint. Tank volume - 125 ml, height and diameter - 60 mm. It is twisted tight lid on which there is a hole for ventilation. At the base of the barrel is attached nut and sealing ring.
  3. Handle. The length of the holder is 10 cm, and the width is 3 cm. At the same time, there is a hollow on it for the index finger. The metal button has a smooth ride.
  4. Package. In the set there is a filter for the bowl, as well as a nut in the company with a fitting to attach the hose. Moreover, a brush is attached to the device, which is used to clean the parts and assemblies of the gun.
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The tool is quite weighty. For its manufacture using high-quality alloy. Assembly parts worthy. This is evident from the fact that they all work as if on springs, without any backlash.

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Overview of the working parts of the sprayer

At the bottom of the handle there is a special screw. With its help the consumption of air is regulated. On the back there is the same lock, but for the material used. On the side there is a part that is responsible for the size of the nozzle when choosing a torch. The head that protects the nozzle is covered with nickel. No matter how the parts are made, before using it is important to disassemble the unit and rinse.

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You can buy cheap paint sprayers on the website AliExpress. There it costs 838 rubles. Yet customers are surprised that the device is completely unlike the Chinese. Several details rely on him, for which you can pay only 323 rubles. At the same time, online stores sell such tools for 2 507 rubles and more.

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