How to clean black, colored or white leather gloves

Leather gloves are considered to be one of the most practical, convenient and presentable options. They are perfect for any image, harmoniously fit into both women's and men's wardrobes, so their popularity does not fade. In this article we will look at how to clean leather gloves at home, while maintaining their appearance.

How to clean classic models in dark colors

Black leather is much more practical material for gloves than, for example, light shades. Wash them in a typewriter or manually can not, however, as ironed. You can use an extremely delicate method of cleaning using a small amount of water.

One of the most common and effective methods is the use of ammonia solution. Cotton sponge is dipped into diluted alcohol and the entire surface of the product is gradually processed. As the pollution sponges change. When the gloves are cleaned on them, you need to once again walk with a napkin slightly dipped in cool water.

With difficult stains and stains, you can use a mixture of gasoline and turpentine( 2: 1).After the procedure, wipe the gloves with a damp cloth and dry in fresh air. The method can be used for complex processing of gloves, and for removing contaminants in certain areas.

How to clean white leather gloves

Perfectly cope with the function of "detergent" regular egg protein. It is whipped into a thick foam and it is treated to light skin. When the protein is slightly absorbed, its remnants must be wiped off with a flannel napkin or a cotton sponge. White gloves after such a procedure retain a light shade and do not change it.

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Strong contamination can be rubbed with a bulb, and then treated with a mixture of milk and egg protein. Such a cocktail will not only remove stains, but also soften coarse skin, return it elasticity. The method is so universal that it can be used even for patent leather and perforated leather.

How to clean colored leather gloves

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It is convenient to clean colored skin at home from dirt with a crumb. To do this, soak the bread in a small amount of water( for light shades, you can replace the water with milk) and the resulting composition is treated with gloves. After a few minutes, remove the crumb with a slightly damp cloth.

For colored skin at home, it is worthwhile to have revitalizing sprays that can effectively cope with scuffs, micro-cracks or small scratches.

Keep in mind that the means for the care of leather shoes can not always be used for gloves: the material in them is thinner and more delicate.

If you plan to use such products at home, check their effect in advance on an imperceptible area of ​​skin. For material processing, choose soft flannel napkins or sponges with a wide base.

Keep in mind that any method of cleaning makes the skin noticeably rougher, so stock up with the means to soften natural skin. These can be special aerosols, creams or lotions for various types of skin. Houses can also be used for these purposes:

  • nourishing face cream( not moisturizing);
  • castor oil;
  • colorless cream for shoes or wax-based bags.

Experts do not recommend using vegetable oil( especially sunflower oil) or glycerin to soften natural leather products. The fact is that under the action of these compounds, the skin softens, but not for long, and later it will be completely meaningless to use these methods: the skin will become overburdened and will no longer be restored.

Also, the use of oil or glycerin contributes to the discoloration of gloves, they may remain oil stains or stains. Glycerin destroys the natural protection of natural leather from the aggressive or destructive influence of the environment.

Before cleaning leather gloves, make sure that you can dry them well. This is best done at night. To dry wet gloves, batteries or electric dryers can not be used: the skin may lose its shape, it will become harder, lose its natural shine.

Naturally, for the same reasons, you cannot use a tumble dryer or a program in a washer-dryer. An ideal place for drying is a well-ventilated place away from household heating appliances.

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